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Yawm al-Qiyamah: all stolen from Paganism

The “al-Qiyamah” is but a one in many names it is called. Here are some more: the Day of Separation, the Day of Encompassion etc. These are stolen alchemical terms: separation and coagulation. All “Day of Judgment” is stolen description of the alchemical process of out-filtering dross and filth of the Soul.

Many of the terms describing this day are translated as a natural disaster or cataclysm, which corresponds to an upheaval of energies, and was described as such in ancient manuscripts.

“The hour of judgment will not come until two great armies battle, suffering great losses and yet professing the same faith; until about thirty liars appear, each of whom will call himself Allah’s messenger; until Allah raises from men (disappears) religious knowledge; until earthquakes are frequent; Until time quickens; until there is confusion (trials); until murders become more frequent; until you become bathed in luxury, because your wealth will be so plentiful that the owner of the property will worry because no one accepts his offerings, and when he tries to give alms he will be answered: “I don’t need it”; until people are competing to build tall houses; until a man passing by a grave says, “I’d rather be in his place”; and until the sun rises from the west. And when it rises, people will see it and believe all as one, but that faith will not help them.”
– muhammad.

A great many of these things are obviously curses, such as murder. And many are turned into curses, such as natural disasters and calamities, which in their Pagan origin were not curses. Such are all kinds of floods and wars, which are copied from alchemical floods and wars. See more in the book Black Sun of the Slavs:
The Whale Fish
“The End of the World” has been stolen!
Alchemical Swords.
The “Man of War” is stolen!

The other are stolen spiritual allegories, from which, like a lemon, all meaning has been squeezed out and only a meaningless shell remains – which is why the jews call us and all our spiritual knowledge “klipot”, i.e., the shell. For example, “The sun will rise from the West. The reversal of the sun is a very striking allegory of the stopping of time as a process of aging. This moment is depicted on the tarot card Sun in the form of a child as an image of youth. This child is Cupid or Eros – from the word amrita i.e. the elixir of youth. Luxury and wealth are the ancient symbols of alchemical gold.

Al-Qiyamah or the end of the world, the apocalypse of all abrahamic jewish religions is all stolen from the Magnum Opus and the last few cards of the Senior Arcana Tarot. Namely Sun, Judgment, and Peace. The first two represent the stopping of time and the return of youth. They are the primary focus of the Last Judgment in the bible or al-Qiyamah in islam.

Very common threats in the bible and quran, such as “people will see it and believe all as one, but it will not help them”, are taken from Satan’s words that “at the last moment many will want to join, but it will be too late for them.” This is not a threat. It is the knowledge that if a soul does not feed on power for a long time, there will come a point when it simply cannot incarnate and will become defunct.

Although many other threats such as “I will come soon” are meant to terrorize, they originally contained nothing but the need for daily meditation, as stolen from the knowledge that the Death of the Soul is real. As well as the need for deep cleansing before working to awaken the Serpent, for according to ancient legends, over a polluted Soul and an unruly mind the Serpent can do truly terrible things, and the main characters in both Abrahamic tales are stolen from the Serpent.

A very popular “miracle of the end of the world” is the splitting of the moon in half. It is found in Slavic myths about the alchemical wedding of the Sun and the Moon. When the Moon went on a rampage with Dennitza (when Satan’s Serpent, i.e. the Morning Star, touched the Pineal gland, i.e. the Moon), Perun (Lightning of Satan) cut him in half.

This legend goes back to the Babylonian bird Anuzd and the Vedic Gandaberunda. And about the former there is a similar legend to that of the Slavic month. The mighty bird that tore the sky with its claws – an allegory that the jews then stole for their bible – produced a worldwide (energy) flood. Slavic and other birds from time immemorial carried in legends ambrosia, keys to paradise and all sorts of magical things and elixirs of life. The same bird stole the “tables of destinies”, and in order to get them back, the hero used a magic seven-shooter weapon (seven Chakras) to cut its head in two, after which the bird healed itself with the tables of destinies, and its split in two head became two heads. This symbol is now the emblem of Russia, was the emblem of Nazi Germany, an infinite number of principalities and cities of the Middle Ages, the Hittite and Babylonian kingdoms, and many others.

The same legend can be seen in Ancient Greece: when Hephaestus cut Zeus’ head in half, Athena emerged from it and Golden Rain fell.

About the Star of Dennitza (The Morning Star) or the Slavic cult of the Serpent of Satan see in the book Black Sun of the Slavs articles:
Dennitsa / Dazhdbog.
Son of the Dawn.
My Dark Night.

The so-called “Camel Battle”, which, according to legend, was fought around a camel on which “aisha” was sitting, which, like the biblical “Wife on the Beast”, was obviously stolen from the Red Maiden on the White-Burning-Stone or from the Tarot card Priestess.

About the Red Maiden on the White Burning stone, see my book Black Sun of the Slavs, articles:
Paradise on the Mountain
The Female Side of the Soul
The Church and the Black Cube have been stolen!
The “kingdom of heaven” has been stolen!
“jesus christ” has been stolen from Satan’s Serpent

The Ancient Arabs had many Warrior Gods and Goddesses depicted on camels. Serpent deities on moving objects are extremely characteristic of all Pagan mythologies, such as our Baba-Yaga on a stoop or Ivan on the Hunchback Horse or the Grey Wolf.

Goddess on a camel, spear in hand, copy of low relief from Taif, ca. 100 AD.

All the female images of the bible and the quran are stolen directly from the Serpent Goddesses, while the male images are very often from the Serpent Gods. It is from this that all these “se hath come soon,” the ascent of Mount Calvary, the ascension to heaven, and other upward directions.

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