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Third World War or world jewish state:
full proof that christianity, islam and communism are same agenda

Christianity is the main bulwark of communism both in its soviet form and in modern social Marxist form of today:

“These agencies that are pretending to be churches are getting 4 hundred dollars ahead to go and bring people in from Sudan, from Somalia, from Columbia, from anywhere – any extremely violent, war-torn third world nation. And they are bringing them in and settling them up all over this country. It’s in Montana, it’s in Miami, it’s in South Caroline, it’s in North Caroline – it’s wherever. It’s everywhere…

…You see christian families are starting to adopt Black children, they are starting to adopt Asian kids. And they get this propaganda in churches and from pope – it’s every Sunday.”

– Sencha McCrae, the interview

From the interview of ex-KGB spy Oleg Kalugin by anchorman Dmitry Gordon:

– Ukrainian Patriarch, Philaret was telling me, that no title in Russian Orthodox Church was ever given without approval of the KGB, that any and all leaders of the Church somehow were linked to the KGB.
– Absolutely and definitely right. And I will tell you this. First, I know personally all the post-war Russian patriarchs: Pimen, Aleksey, and nowadays Kirill – actually they are all my pals. But once I told openly and publicly in front of all Moscow about ex-patriarch Aleksey that he worked with KGB. I said: “What you expect from him? he works with the organs”…
Now to Kirill, nowadays patriarch, also my pal, ex-pal better to say. We know each other from childhood. It was when he graduated from his christian academy when I got to know him. Kirill is an old friend of ours – I mean the old friend of us – KGB.
– Church is still working with FSB, isn’t it?
– Yes. All Soviet power was built upon on 3 pillars:
first – Communist party,
second – KGB,
third – military-industrial complex.
Current Russian power is also built upon 3 pillars:
first – KGB, KGB is the first pillar, because the president himself and 70% of his administration…
– …is your co-workers?
– yes, either ex-workers or ex-assistants.
So if the KGB itself is a first pillar, Russian Orthodox Church is the second one, which is always there to help, to smooth, and even criticize when needed.
And the third one then is Russian business, that could find the way to work with them.

– see full video here: Ex-KGB spy: Russian Patriarchs Aleksey and Kirill are my ex-pals from KGB

Putin quote quran when threatening Ukraine with death:

“You strike first, we will answer, and we, as the righteous, will go to heaven, while you… will just die” – V. Putin, about Ukraine
We are not equal. Our dead are in paradise; your dead are in hell.”
[cf. Ibn Ishaq (1955) 380—388, cited in Peters (1994) p. 219]
“I will not raise a finger to save a Russian, who disrespectfully treated the quran” – V. Putin

Aside of respecting quran more than Russian life Russian president is also known for his wish to return Soviet Union:

“the disintegration of the Soviet Union is the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century”
“The integration of the former Soviet Union into a single geopolitical entity is a key priority for Russia”
– Putin, VOLDAI conference, September 2013

While his main ideologist, Alexander Dugin, eurasist, considers nothing of the Western, the civilized and belonging to human rights and constitution should survive. He thinks we all need Islamic Сaliphate ASAP and to get rid of any civilization:

“In fact, this is called wildness.”

The same of barbarism.

This is just a fundamental value.

It is necessary to protect and rehabilitate the so-called this yellow, barbaric, imperial, traditional, religious community: the monarchy, totalitarianism, socialism, all that the representatives of white civilization hate.

We must tell the truth. Yes, Chingiz Khan seemed to kill everyone and did the right thing, because such a law is correct, good, wonderful life. […]

And further it is necessary to rehabilitate in general everything that civilization, note, in the era of modernity, dropped from the ship of modernity. It is necessary to protect Asia, it is necessary to protect yellow.

It is necessary to protect:

– Latin America with its unique experience.
– The Islamic world, the Islamic Caliphate. The Islamic Caliphate is wonderful.
– Black African societies are beautiful.
– Chinese civilization – you can not imagine better.
– The Indian world is a model.
– Samurai Japan – an example to follow.
– Russian tzars – there is no one more humane and more beautiful.

And the whole argument must be rebuilt. Because we must reject the civilizational racism of the West and Eurocentrism. We are the people of Asia, we are the people of Eurasia, the people of India. ”

– the main ideologist of the Putin government, Alexander Dugin.

Alexander Dugin is trying to rewrite history of Russia and prove Russians that they are not White, not “Western”. That they belong to Genghis Khan as much as to their mother and father and that they should refuse any value that comes from logical civilized non-fanatic thinking and return to the Dark Ages with complete power of xianity over any secular law.

Yet he also considers Islamic Caliphate wonderful.

Does Father Dimitri acknowledge that there is no God but Allah?
“Well, of course I admit, sure. Allah is just an Arabic word for god. In Russian – God, in Arabic – Allah. Therefore, to say that there is no god but god, well, who can argue with that? Some unscrupulous people among Muslims say that we believe in three gods, but this is not so. We believe in one Allah. I can read the gospel in Arabic. And there the word God will be denoted by the word Allah, or in Hebrew, Allahim ”- Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov.

The future is for Islam
“These Muslims are much closer to Christ than baptized drivers, who can even come to church once upon a time in Easter. Therefore, these Muslims have the future. They will have a future. They will inhabit this land.” – Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov

“Allah is great. Who can argue with that? There is no one else Allah “- Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov

Putin is building mosques all over Russia.

The ignorant public. The hard working taxpayers who have no time and strength to sit in the net, who work day and night to feed their families – on the one hand; and those who are too lazy and indifferent – on another. They are the only ones who are unaware that all these things are the same kike agenda of destroying the world.

Interview with top Russian kabbalist, Laitmann he explains that so called liberals who are now ruling Europe and pushing it into decay are accomplishing the orders of the higher up jews whose plans are that everyone White die as the only way to impose jewish kabbalah as law and rule the world through it.

-For example, according socialogical research, the influence of mass immigration is this:
out of 60 million population of Germany 18,6 million are not Germans.
[Laitman:] This was known in advance. They decided long ago to annulate all Europe, absolutelly. Once and for all.
– Who they?
– Liberals. Radical ones.
They decided to wipe Europe out of the globe. That’s why they created this immigration. So let us stop lie already that “they did not want it”, that “they did not expect it”, and that “they only thought about all those pour Arabs or Africans etc etc”. Nobody ever thought about them. The only thing They thought about was: how to destroy a thing that was in Europe, say, 50 years ago. And they did it. Successfully. Well done! Today practically nothing is left of Europe. Some time is still needed for development of this, but basically it is clear: Europe has gone.
– We didn’t yet talk about it but…. What is the higher plan here?
– the higher plan is to make a complete mess out of everything. To mix everything
till nothing is left.
– what is so good about it?
– Good? It’s just how liberals wants it to be.
To mix everything in this world so that nothing exists but a mess.
– But I ask you about the plan of the higher one, those who rule liberals from above.
– The plan of the higher one is in accordance with this.
In a sense, let people mix. And then they will understand, that in order to coexist they have to change internally.
– Will they really be forced to go this way?
– Sure. No way for them to avoid it. Probably there will be a war, a lot of wars.
But as a result… Europeans and migrants will come to a very unpleasant condition with one another and they will come to conclusion that one should change from within, that this alone can lead them to right society. And then they will become strong in kabbalah.

Merkel who literally destroyed Germany and made an Islamic state out of it, was brought up in Marxist-Leninist school. The founding father of political islam, Sayyid Qutb, was Marxist-Leninist. And 80-90% of muslim immigrants in the West support local socialist and communist parties. They all work for the same master, and here is this master and his agenda:

Laitman: our agenda is to delute Europe with hostile aliens

-Merkel and everyone else knew exactly whom they were dealing with. There are agents – in Europe and in those places where these people came from. And among those who ship them. It’s not a coincidence. This is integral deliberate policy with a very serious goal of deluting Europe, of giving it different form and outlook.
-Btw regarding Hitler, and that we are responsible for everything. In his suicide notes, when man dies and kills himself – and this he writes: “Centures can pass, but of our ruins of our cities and art monuments the hatred will raise and renew forever against the people that alone is responsible for everything – international jewry
-I totally agree with him. Responsible for everything – yes, this is really so.
-So, 20 April in 9 Universities of Germany the printers suddenly started to work and giving away the leaflets with the following text: “Europe wake up! Europe is flooded with hostile aliens”. And they quoted Mein Kampf the words of old leader of Europe that the jews were responsible for the settling the racially hostile alien elements on the banks of the Rhine.
– Exellent.
– He wrote so – it was so then, and is now repreating itself on the new level.
-It’s just natural.
-And that the jews are resposible for settling on the banks of Rhine!?
-Sure. All correct.

In other videos Laitman shares that he was the one of those who advised European Union for existence and who were the authors of the project. He threatens world war Three if Europeans try to free from this trap. He says openly in most of his videos that the only agenda of jews (to which himself belongs) is building and enforcing one single slave state all over the world. And those who oppose it will get world war – that it is common jewish weapon to force their end on others.


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