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Demons [Jinns] The Gods of the Gentiles

Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

We have wrote extensively on the matter, there is much knowledge in the Joy of Satan website, but this research here will put the put the coffin tomb on the hoaxes that “Satanism” or “Demonology” has anything to do with Jews. Quite intrestingly, the jews admit on their own, that this has nothing to do with them, and that their existence is contrary against all of this. However, naive people with not much capacity to differientate, and those with hangups with christianity, cannot see this, but evidence can speak for itself.

To begin with, one can NEVER take the “English” bible as a reliable, occult text. It has been dumbed down for “Goyim” (Enslaved Gentiles, meaning animals in hebrew) consumption.

If one reads the Greek Texts, or the Ancient Hebrew (Torah) one easily understands that not only there is no “God”, but many other details that I will only touch here but will be on their own enough.

God is nothing but the Atman [The all-presiding consciousness] of the universe, personified as Brahma (Abraham is actually an anagram of this to tie in the hoax story) and the jews pretend THEY are the atman, or as thus “God”, who supposedly dictate the decrees etc. From the line of “Abraham”. Anyone can use “God” or this force to create, destroy and do anything alike, if one knows the means [magick].

Those who are completely adept to the use of this force are called “Gods” themselves, and the jews try to blame him of “wanting to rise above God”. The Demons and anyone else are above “God” in this case, and as thus they are Gods. “God” is a generic superconsciousness that doesn’t do harm or good, and it just manifests here as natural laws. Nature can destroy or create and this is irrespectible to human beings. Animals are just as ruled by “God” completely, while Humans have the capacity to “re-unite with God” or the Atmic level of consciousness. The jewish programs ensure this will never happen for the Demonic Gentiles, and they are an injection to destroy this capability of humanity.

This is why Satan “rebelled” against “God” in the bible, and enslaved “God”. The jews just however place themselves and their alien company as “God”, while they claim the “all-powerful” powers of the Atman, but apparently, they are not and they never were all powerful. As thus they are on a war with “Satan” and this ties into the ET stories that humanity has come to understand in this age, but always knew.

What is the Torah? Admittedly, its a spiritual weapon given to the jews by an alien intelligence, in order to wipe out the Gentile people.

From the book “Bible Code”, “The Sealed Book”, p.113 (translations may vary in pages) [1], in regards to the alien writters of the Torah:

“The God that helps Moses (The jew), says Mails, “was powerful enough to know what would happen in the future, but not powerful enough to dictate what was to happen“.

In another place of the same book, its openly stated that the Jews were in communication with aliens (which will be proven later are hostile to us, as all of us here know):

The Bible (Torah) that God instructed to Moses, wasn’t anything but a computer program. To begin with it was written on a rock, and was written then on papyrus. Then it became a book. In the Codex (of the bible) it is however mentioned as “The Ancient Computer Program”. […] What this Bible Code (Torah) proves is that it was a communication with another intelligence, something that scientists nowadays seek, but it has already happened […] the discovery of an alien device or of one alien message on or near the planet Earth.”

So what are “Angels” all in all? Let it be explained by a Rabbi what they are. Aliens, and for those that are not aliens, they are sort of like astral computer programs or astral borg thoughforms, that are part of the Jewish Torah program, generated into a reality by the faith of the “believers”:

[2]”This second method is how the entities, which Torah refers to as angels, come to Earth. In most cases when these entities appear, as was the case with Avram, they are referred to as men. They look like human beings and act like human beings; they even partake of a meal, eating human food. Their identities are somehow intuited, but if not for such “spiritual” sensitivity, their true identities would go unnoticed, as it was in Sodom.

When messengers from G-d come to Earth from whatever domain, abode or planet of their origins, they use some means of transportation that transports their essence, and enables that essence to materialize in a compatible form for life, here on Earth. As such, their perceived form would be that of a gaseous or plasma form, or possibly just mere matter-less energy. Yet, while we see them as they are embodied here, and while we may perceive them in their gaseous or plasma mode of transport, this by no way concludes or confirms that their indigenous form in their domains of origins are anything of the kind. To us, an angel is a messenger sent for a reason to accomplish a purpose, but then what? Is the angel/messenger no more than a computer program, designed to mindlessly perform a function and that’s it, then to return to the oblivion from which it came? Are angel/messengers no more than some super advanced form of “alien” artificial intelligence, merely programmed and limited by the boundaries of such programming? If this is so, it would explain why some Sages have commented that angels have no free will. Yet, we see through Biblical example, and later Midrashic teachings, that angels do rebel against Heaven, and challenge the accepted order.”

[My note, they put everything in the same box and why will be explained later. Satan doesn’t have anything to do with “Angels” and this is a jewish label for all astral beings irrespectively of if they are thoughforms, aliens, or whatever else.]

So what about the Demons who are the Gods of the Gentiles?

1 Corinthians 10:20
No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God. And I do not want you to be participants with demons. “

The Greek word for Demons, is called “Demonia”. As we have stated many times in the past, and in the works of Plato such as Timaeus, we have “Agathodemonia” and “Kakodemonia”. Agathos means Noble, Good, Light, Beautiful, Perfect, while “Kakodemones” means bad, evil and nefarious, or even dangerous to mankind. Agathos Daimon, the God of Dionyssus and the God of the Dionyssian Mysteries, is actually the Kundalini Serpent, which is the source of the ultimate Good, Good in itself. The beings who are of the Serpent, are called “Agathodemones” and guide humanity, protect humanity, and guide humanity to spiritual elevation.

The Kakodemones are nothing but thoughforms, apparitions, possibly even negative aliens, created thoughtforms by humans and the list goes endless, no different than how one creates an egregore or servitor, or are elemental beings created by hatred and the list goes on. The banishing and exorcism of these beings is important for the safety of humanity. The Greek Gods and the original Gods (The Demons) are not this, as the enemy loves to claim, and all of this is in reverse. They just reversed this to create their own “Culture”. Infact, the jews are in alliance with these evil and despised entity and carry out their purposes such as extermination of all the Ancients etc.

These in the hebraic literature are reversed identities, and the “Agathodemones” of the Gentiles/Greeks (their Gods etc) have been turned into heinous monsters and labelled as ‘demons’ whom the enemy tries to convince everyone are inferior. For instance, the Demon Andras in the Goetic Demons, means in Greek “MAN”. “Andrelaphos” is an Ancient Greek Name and so are many others, so is Asmodeus (Ασμόδαιος). Daimon or Demon just means knowledgable one, and Demon also means Spirit or Astral body. For a Demon to be called a God, they have to be of supreme power, influence and strength as Iamvlichus states. There are grades. The Demons are also sent by the Gods (the superior Demons) to help Humanity and elevate them to the highest levels of spirituality.

The jews call themselves their “god” by the honorary title “Adonai” which comes from the Greek Adonis- meaning Beautiful, noble, and all of this. As with anything else, the jews have stolen this and adjusted this to fit their own ends, from the Greek demi-god Adonis. Ang-EL, like “Uriel” and the rest of the Angelic Garbage, is identifications of mostly jewish origin. These are identifications of the Jews mostly. EL comes from the Egyptian “ηλ” that just means light. “ήλιος” means Sun in Greek, also known as Helios. The shiny one. Anything can be shiny, and this doesn’t mean that this is not nefarious of us or friendly. Anything on the astral that has light. This also implies that the angelic thoughforms were generated by jews, through light, and they were literally created by them. What their own “Angels” are, they project to the Demons and the Gods.

Its the same pattern in everything they do. Make no mistake, jews haven’t only stolen from Greeks, but from thousands of millenia from all Gentiles. This is how they ended up with this system where Asiatic, Greek, Persian, Middle Eastern, Syrian, Hindu etc, entities are shamed alike. However, the jews know, that all these entities are technically the same. What the Ancients also knew to be a fact.

It goes WITHOUT saying that the dreamy, ficticious and lying “Grimoires” that are written by jews of BLOOD, RACE and RELIGION, are based on the backbone of ABRAHAMIC/JEWISH faiths, and are nothing more than their racial hatred expressed in an occult system to enslave and obliterate Gentiles. Those who follow this abominational crap are not only offensive to the real Gods of the Gentiles, but also are creating their own eternal tombstone. The authors of ALL defamations against the Ancient Gods and cultures, were nothing else but jews. Not evolution, not history, not even coincidence. A calculated attack by jews waged on another races, due to this jewish race’s alien origins, which is self-admitted by the jews themselves and proudly upheld.

Thomas Hobbes, the “Philosopher” of the 1600’s, writes openly in his work, the infamous “Leviathan” [3] :
[Book IV, CH 45-46]

Hobbes admits here that what is nowadays known as “SATANISM” (he calls it Demonology) is the par-excellence religion of the Gentiles.

Of Daemonology and other Reliques of the Religion of the GENTILES. […] And by that means they feared them (the Demons, the ‘heathens of old’) as things of an unknown, that is, of an unlimited power to doe them good, or harme; and consequently. given the occasion of the Governours and the HEATHEN (my note GENTILE) Common-wealths to regulate this their fear, by establishing Deamonology (in which the poets, as Principall Priests aof the HEATHEN Religion, were specially employed or reverenced) to the Publique Peace, and to the obedience of Subjects necessary thereunto; and to make some of them GOOD Daemons, and others EVIL; the one as a spurre to the observance, the other, as reins to withhold them from violation of the laws. […]

The Graecians, by their Colonies and Conquests, communicated their Language and Writtings into ASIA, EGYPT, and ITALY and therein, by necessary consequence their DAEMONOLOGY or (as St.Paul calles it) their DOCTRINES OF THE DEVILS: and by that means, the contagion was derived also to the Jewes, both of Judea and Alexandria, and other parts, whereinto they were dispersed. But the name of Daemon they did not (the jews) (as the Graecians) attribute to Spirits both Good and Evil, but to the evil onely: and to the Good Daemons they gave them name of the Spirit of God; and esteemed those who entered the bodies of their prophets (The jews).”

What does this tell us… The evident. The “Gods” of the Gentiles were turned to “Demons”, and the generic title for those beings “Benefic” to the jews were labelled “Angels”. Just for coverups. What else does it tell us…DAEMONOLOGY IS THE RELIGION OF THE GENTILES. Also, this came from the Aryans, Greeks, and extended into their regions. Egypt was part of this, and jews, have stolen everything from Egypt, to reverse it, corrupt it, and create their own alien “anti-religion” against the one of the Gentiles. Angel means nothing else in hebrew but messenger of “god”, and “angels” can be good (nice to jews) or bad (against jews).

In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons. -Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship

Those who are against Jews, are equated with the Demons, and the Demonic Gods, and they are “remains” of the Ancient Religions, who oppose the jews every step of their way. The leader of which is Satan, Samael, the creator of the White Race as admitted by the jews. All the Gods of the Mixed Multitude, and the “Amalekites” same as other Gentile Races descended from the “Fallen Ones” are to be obliterated and destroyed. To us Gentiles these entities have always been “Agathodemons” like Satan or more blantantly, even Zeus:

Revelation 2:12
“To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: ‘I know your works, and where you dwell… where Satan’s throne is.”

The throne in the Pergamum is the Throne of Zeus, the Ancient Greek God, who ended up in the grimoires as a “despised” Demon, God of the Greeks. For more details check here, and to also read how this relates to xianity and the jews (who created christianity in the first place, from the root of Judaism):

For those who are still naive and think the jews have any problem with “Christ”, then I wonder why they have a NATIONAL HOLIDAY in smearing the Ancient Pagan God that is in their literature known as “AZAZEL”, or the Demon Azazel. While openly claiming Jesus, as the most important Rabbi Kaduri wrote in his deathnote, is the SAVIOR of the JEWS.

“Matthew 5:17 – Rabbi Jesus Talks:

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Torah [Jewish Law] or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them.
For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single yod, not a vav, will disappear from the Torah [Jewish Law] until everything is accomplished.…” [Yod and Vav are Hebrew Letters].”

So, This National Holiday is mentioned as the Yom Kippur. Now, what did “AZAZEL” do that was worthy of him to being cursed in a NATIONAL HOLIDAY of the jews, and like “SATAN” (whose real name is Satanas from the Greek New Testament) be accursed and attacked until forever by the jews? Azazel is also known as “Semihaza” in the hebraic literature.

In the Book of Enoch, Samyaza is portrayed as the leader of a band of angels called the Watchers that are consumed with lust for mortal women and become fallen angels.

And Semjâzâ, who was their leader, said unto them: “I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.” And they all answered him and said: “Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.” Then sware they all together and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. (Enoch 6:3-5)

In the book, “Books of Enoch, Aramaic Fragments of Ourman Cave 4″, edited by J.T Milik” it writes in translation of the original text of the book (p.178):

[These will be my notes]

“And to Gabriel the Lord said: Go to the bastards and the children of fornication, and destroy the children of the Watchers [Those who from the Heavens came to Earth, our literal forefathers known as Demons] from among men, and send them into a war of destruction; and length of days they will not have. And no request from their fathers on their behalf shall be granted that they should expect [binding astral communication] to live an eternal life or that each of them should live for five hundred years [this was the lifespan of the Demonic Seed back then, before humanity was “cast down” in this alien attack]. And to Michael the Lord said, “Go Michael and make known to Semihaza and to all his companions who assosciated with [human] women to defile themselves with them in their uncleanness, that their sons shall perish [Gentiles] and they shall see the destruction of their beloved ones’ and bind them unto seventy generations in valleys of the earth unto the great day [the ‘apocalypse’ or judgement].”

So in this passage we see the binding, extermination of the White people, and also that “God”, this alien intelligence that is of the enemy, wants to wage a war of destruction against both humanity, and the Sons of the Gods.

More on the extermination of the White Race by the Jews, the Sons of the Giants:

White Race vs Jews, Lilith, Cultural War, More Allegories

From the same book, the Rabbis openly admit that their ET company has bound the Gods of the Gentiles:

“And what did Semihazai do? He repented and suspended himself between heaven and earth, head downwards and feet upwards, because he was not allowed to open his mouth before the “Holy One – Blessed be he – and he still hangs between heaven and earth. [My note they cannot communicate with Humanity because humanity is spiritually bound by “God”] Therefore, when the Israelites used to bring sacrifices on the day of atonement (YOM KIPPUR) they cast one lot (animal) for the Lord that it might atone for the iniquities of the Israelites, and one lot (goat) for Azazel that he might berar the burden of Israel’s iniquity. This is the AZAZEL (Semihazah) that is mentioned in the scripture. [but the Gods are also cursed as well by the Jews and their “God”/Alien company]”

More on Azazel as posted here, and what Jews celebrate in their NATIONAL holiday for THOUSANDS of years, and who they smear against:

“This is confirmed by the Book of Enoch, which brings Azazel into connection with the Biblical story of the fall of the angels […]

Azazel is represented in the Book of Enoch as the leader of the rebellious giants in the time preceding the flood; he taught men the art of warfare, of making swords, knives, shields, and coats of mail, and women the art of deception by ornamenting the body, dyeing the hair, and painting the face and the eyebrows, and also revealed to the people the secrets of witchcraft and corrupted their manners, leading them into wickedness and impurity;

“There has been much controversy over the function of Azazel as well as over his essential character. Inasmuch as according to the narrative the sacrifice of Azazel, while symbolical, was yet held to be a genuine vicarious atonement, it is maintained by critics that Azazel was originally no mere abstraction, but a real being to the authors of the ritual—as real as Yhwh himself.

This relation to the purpose of the ceremony may throw light upon the character of Azazel. Three points seem reasonably clear. (1) Azazel is not a mere jinnee or demon of uncertain ways and temper, anonymous and elusive (see Animal Worship), but a deity standing in a fixed relation to his clients.

Necessarily their environment subjected them in a measure to superstitions associated with the local deities, and of these latter Azazel was the chief. The point of the whole ceremony seems to have been that as the scapegoat was set free in the desert, so Israel was to be set free from the offenses contracted in its desert life within the domain of the god of the desert.

Azazel would therefore appear to be the head of the supernatural beings of the desert. He was thus an instance of the elevation of a demon into a deity. Such a development is indeed rare in Hebrew religious history of the Biblical age, but Azazel was really never a national Hebrew god, and his share in the ritual seems to be only the recognition of a local deity.

To Conclude, not only the Demons are the Gods of the Gentiles, but also they are good, beautiful, intensively powerful, and have been our guides and literal creators and progenitors. Only with the dawning of the Jewish programs have they been ridiculed, defamed, and reduced to evil or nefariousness.

The Jews are sworn enemies of Eternal Truth (Satyan in Sanskrit, or the Yezidi Shaitan, known to the Abrahamics as the “Devil” or Satan), they call the Truth of the Gentiles eternal Adversary (Ha Satan in Hebrew) and all beings who are our Gods, positive for us, and have helped, or want to help humanity, are sworn enemies of the Jews, their “God’s” and everything the jews stand for and represent.


[1]The book “Bible Code”, “The Sealed Book”, p.113 (translations may vary in pages)
[2]The Writtings of Ariel Tzadok, Kosher Rabbi, http://Www.KosherTorah.Com
[3]Thomas Hobbes, “Leviathan”, Book IV, CH 45-46
[4]”Books of Enoch, Aramaic Fragments of Ourman Cave 4″, edited by J.T Milik”

– High Priest Hooded Cobra 666