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ISIS is needed to destroy Aryan bloodlines

“This deep seated hatred for and fear of Aryans is so typical of the jewish soul, and islam as we know is jewish to its very core.

Umar Ibn Al Khattab, after slaughtering thousands of the Aireyanem/Aryan Pagan People, sold their women as sex slaves in the islamic capital of Medina. This shows the extent of his sadistic and sick hatred of the Aryan Pagans.

The modern day Yezidi People of Iraq are distant descendants of these Airyanem Vaejah, illustrated in the fact that many of these men and women still exhibit the Aryan physical features such as blond hair and blue eyes:

Yazidi children
Yazidi children

Still today, Umar Ibns hatred of our Aryan Gentile People, or should I say the jewish hatred of our People, lives on as we can see in the islamic genocide of these Yazidi’s currently taking place today.

Note how they use rape and impregnation as a means of destruction.”

– High Priestess Zildar Raasi
from The Islamic Conquest – the Bloodiest Chapter in Human History

As we know extinction of White Race is the old jewish dream which they themselves admit en mass. Now in the article below ISIS itself admits it is designed to destroy “blond blondlines”, that’s why it attacks Yazidi – they carry Aryan genes. Here it goes:

ISIS Kidnaps 300 Yazidi Women For One Purpose: ‘To Smash The Blonde Bloodline’

As if the Yazidis people did not have enough to fear, now over 300 of their women have been kidnapped and ISIS claims they plan on raping & impregnating them to ‘break’ the cycle of blonde children.

ISIS extremists have vowed to impregnate the 300 Yazidi women they kidnapped in hopes of breaking their bloodlines and removing their Aryan DNA. Not only that, but they also hope to reproduce children with their hostages so that they can insert the Muslim religion into the bloodline as an alternative to slaughtering them all. Horrific.

Kidnapped Yazidi Women To Be Raped & Impregnated By ISIS Extremists

As the Yazidi community struggles to survive on Mount Sinjar in Iraq, at least 300 women have gone missing — allegedly kidnapped by the ISIS extremists who want to see thee Yazidis completely eradicated.

The extremists plan to pair up the 30 women with Muslim members of their terrorist groups so that they can be raped and impregnated with Muslim children, reports the Daily Mail.

‘ISIS want to impregnate Yazidi women and smash our blond bloodline’: Fears grow for the 300 women kidnapped from Sinjar

For those of you that don’t know, the Yazidi community is mostly an Aryan race that remains isolated from the Muslims in Iraq. Most of them have blonde hair, blue eyes, and they will only marry and have children with other Yazidi people which has kept their Aryan genetics in tact generation after generation.

Yazidi Aryan woman
Yazidi Aryan woman
Yazidi Aryan woman
Yazidi Aryan woman
Yazidi Aryan child
Yazidi Aryan child

Yazidis adhere to their 4,000 year old faith that’s been passed down and adapted through generations, composing of elements from several different religions. Due to their beliefs, many Muslims categorize them as “devil worshippers” since their religious views which are derived from an ancient faith known as Zoroastrianism, the original religion of Persia long before Islam was dreamed up.

They have survived 72 genocides by the Ottomans who once ruled Iraq and now radical Islamists who have vowed to destroy them. Due to their never ending persecution, their population has dropped from millions down to roughly 700,000, and if IS has their way, they’ll become extinct.

Right from the mouth of ISIS… blue-eyed and green-eyed Aryan sex-slaves costs other price:

ISIS rape and impregnate Yazidi girls to “Smash Aryan bloodline”

Jewish CIA trained ISIS rape and impregnate blonde Yazidi women to “Smash Aryan bloodline”

For more information see videos:

ISIS leader is Simon Elliot, a Jewish born zionist CIA and Mossad agent

Israel’s Connections to ISIS & Their Role in The Paris Attacks – FULLY EXPOSED (Please Share)

Israel Admits MOSSAD Is ISIS.. “MUST WATCH” !!

1. And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
2. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
4. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

[Jewish bible (torah), Genesis 6:1-7]

And there were men from mankind who sought refuge in men from the Jinns, so they [only] increased them in burden. [Quran 72:6]
[My note, burden means pregnancy, meaning these people got pregnant only from Jinn]

And [mention, O Muhammad], the Day when He will gather them together [and say], “O company of Jinns, you have [misled] many of mankind.” And their allies among mankind [the Allies of Jinns among mankind] will say,

“Our Lord, some of us made use of others, and we have [now] reached our term, which you appointed for us.” He will say, “The Fire is your residence, wherein you will abide eternally” [Quran 6:128]
[My note, “the use of others” also known as “exchange” is usually interpreted by muslim scholars as sexual relationship between humans and Jinns]

ISIS genocide Yazidi / Satan’s worshippers / company of Jinns because they are FAIR / White / Aryan – mighty men that are of old, men of renown…