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ISIS Jewish Hoax

Islamic State did largely come out of the Syria conflict and its this conflict that allowed them to rise to where they are now. The majority of the rebel groups fighting in Syria are proxies of Washington, Israel and the Saudi’s the trinity of Jewish power. The rebels are mainly foreign fighters and are trained in Jordan and moved across the boarder. Israel has been aiding the rebel proxy forces giving the camps, hospitals in the Golan Heights and arming them. As well as air strikes against Syria forces with their air force. Back in spring of 13 Israel used a small grade, tactical jewculur weapon on Damascus. As part of this effort.

The jooz neocohen’s or neocon’s. Set a purposeful policy for Iraq that did everything possible to create a corrupt, backwards and weak new Iraq and push it into destabilized state. The polices had people pull their hair out in be wonderment. It was not incompetence it was purposeful. The plan for Iraq was its permanent dissolution as a Nation from the start. The Jews didn’t put all that effort into getting two wars against Iraq to rebuild it into a powerful nation that could turn on them. Of course they played a lot of trash talk about liberating Iraq and restricting and rebuilding it. Its all nonsense. Part of this was to put a Shia dominate, corrupt government into power that repressed the Sunni’s ever further. This was crucial to the current situation and Islamic State rise to power. This is also a Sunni liberation movement now.

The national lines of Syria and Iraq are also artificial they where created by the British after taking the region from the Ottomans. They never cared to factor in tribal and ethnic regions. Iraq was always Sunni, Shia and Kurds and they never liked each other. So put in a decade of major destabilization, ethnic hostilities and meddling by the Jew controlled Western powers such as proxy wars in Syria and Libya. Its only a matter of time before something like Islamic State happened.

Islamic State is taking on the major organized enemies of Israel in the Middle East. The Shia population. Assad is Shia so is his allies the Party of God in Lebanon that has defeated Israel twice and so is Tehran. Islamic State’s mission is to wipe out the entire Shia world. The Jews also want Baathism gone. Its the one ideology that was the realization for creating modern united Arab Nation States that are in the way of Israel. Syria is the last Baathist state left. Libya was also a modernized, progressive state. I read the Green Book of Gaddafi it was a well done book that outlined the social, economic and political paradigm of Libya. I wrote an article in the past on Libya and why the Jews destroyed it. Gaddafi was a good man and moral leader who risked his life to raise his people out of a literal darkage into a new society that was near utopian. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did. Thousands of his people died fighting for this Libya against the Jewish proxies who have destroyed the country and put it into barbarianism. Which is the plan for Syria.

Islamic State also seems to benefit Israel by destroying Iraq and dividing it into a state where Sunni’s, Kurds and Shia will be in constant war. Baghdad was getting too close to Tehran anyway. Its my opinion Islamic State was as stated to be in the last phases of becoming a standing Army and creating a State that will stand. This will put the Middle East into decades of nonstop war within the Islamic world. Of course the Jews might want to help this out by funding and arms. It brings about what they wanted. Islamic State also gives them a propaganda without end and a excuse for further Western military intervention which is the new rhetoric coming out of Washington. Also think false flags like 911. They could pull another one and them blame Islamic State at anytime they want.

So if Islamic State is not created by Israel [my note, it is] it benefits Israel’s agenda.

But it might be the bringing of the end. Its my musing that the situation in Iraq has pushed Baghdad into the arms of Tehran as they need their fellow Shia nation to defend south Iraq which is Shia from Islamic State. Tehran has already sent troops. If Islamic State gets powerful enough and Assad’s Syria is going down and this will result in massive ethnic cleansing of Shia and other non Sunni populations. And leave the Party of God alone between a radical Sunni Caliphate and the Sunni radical’s in Lebanon. Which is only a matter of time for them. And this would leave Tehran isolated and tip the balance of power they seem to need to kept Israel thus Western aggression in check against them. Which means Tehran would be finished. By a collection of the economic sanctions on them and constant warfare with Islamic State which would by this point by a large standing Army of fanatics with never ending Jihad on their mind. Who have sworn to conqueror Iran as well. Think of how bloody the Iraq-Iran war was. That war was Judeo West using Iraq as a proxy against Iran. What would another round with Islamic State be like. The previous war is still strong in the popular consciousness of Iranians. It was devastating.

Perhaps looking at the possible end and near extinction event of the Shia world. Maybe Damascus, Tehran and the Party of God might just decide to unleash everything they have on Saudi Arabia and Israel the two major bases of the war against them in the Middle East. I believe the situation in the Middle East might have finally gone into point of no return. If this happens Israel will use its Sampson option as well maybe not just at Middle Eastern targets but as their leaders brag European targets as well. The Jews are already abandoning Europe on mass. Their already criminally insane leadership might view the end of Israel as the final end and decided to scorched earth policy on the hated Goyim in general.

The big factor is the Abrahamic world all believe there has to be global war in this region to bring about the end of the world and the return of their god. The power of the collective unconscious of hundreds of millions of people the psychic energy of centuries poured into this and the amount of people tried into this program in the highest levels of control and international power might bring this into reality.

– High Priest Mageson 666