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Islam, Christianity and Communism work together for the Jew World Order

“You strike first, we will answer, and we, as the righteous, will go to heaven, while you… will just die” – V. Putin, about Ukraine
We are not equal. Our dead are in paradise; your dead are in hell.” – disciples of mohammad
[cf. Ibn Ishaq (1955) 380—388, cited in Peters (1994) p. 219]

“I will not raise a finger to save a Russian, who disrespectfully treated the quran” – V. Putin

Jewish Banksters, Jewish Oligarchs, Jewish owned Oil Giants and most rich Jews in the World sponsor “refugee crisis” – PC word for White Genocide.
Proof that islam and communism are the same.
Black mirror.

Christianity, islam and communism are same agenda

Islam is now doing to Europe the same thing Christianity did centuries ago:
destruction of native culture and full genocide

Islam is Communism

Muslim & Jewish Destruction of Sweden, Denmark and Norway:
Full Proof that Feminism is a Hoax

Feminism IS islam:
Crown of Celibacy. The Religion of Betrayal

Feminism IS islam part 2:
the religion that promotes male weakness, dependence and loss

islam is materialism: Big Jew Theory.
Pulsating Universe hoax, kaballah and antimatter fully exposed

Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same:
Full Proof that Christian Leaders of both Europe and Russia are fighting for Islamization and White Genocide

Christianity advocates microchips

Muslim immigration and the Jew World Order [microchipping humans] are pushed by the same people

An Orgy of jews, garbage and feces:
Islam, Communism and Trash Mountains

Black cube of the jew age:
full exposure of “love” tactics of jew age, islam and christianity

All kike programs are united by the same atrocities

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