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Islam destroying knowledge: Jew controlled ISIS is destroying archaeological sites

Any of you who are new here, and/or still have lingering doubts, worries, and fears related to Christianity, Islam or related programs and their lies- you really need to read the article below my reply here and visit Destroying Our Past.

Look at what the bible really is. From beginning to end, it is a FICTITIOUS HISTORY and nothing more. There is NOTHING SPIRITUAL about it! This is why is has not only conflicted with the sciences, especially paleontology [historical geology], astronomy and all of the others, but has also vehemently attacked and held the sciences back for centuries. I remember when I was a very young girl, 6 or 7 years old, being indoctrinated with that Christian filth, I actually believed this was how we all got here, etc. A few years later when I was pre-teen, I began to think for myself. Sadly, there are many adults who still believe these Jewish lies about how humanity got here as dictated in that nefarious bible which is and always has been a lethal plague on humanity.

Beginning in Genesis, the Jews TELL us all how we were “created” by their so-called “God” and how we got here and all these rotten lies. The Jews believing they themselves are “God” feel they have a right to DICTATE to everyone how we Gentiles are to think, what we can and cannot believe, and all sorts of other things that not only make our lives miserable, but are also very anti-life. Many scholars have wasted centuries and centuries researching that most worthless character jewsus who never existed. Just realize the endless time and wasted energy directed at combating these nefarious kosher programs. Imagine how far humanity would be if time and energy were not wasted on combating this filth. The arts, music, and nearly everything else was hijacked and directed to promoting and perpetuating these Jewish programs. For centuries as can be seen in the arts and music, those who didn’t comply were harshly punished and in many cases, murdered as “heretics” by the Christian Church. Jewish communism did exactly the very same thing. All of the arts, music and related had to promote communism.

Always remember… the Jews take control of both opposing sides and work both opposing sides to their agenda. For example, Jewish Israel openly “allied” with the USA and the so-called “Free World.” The Jewish controlled former USSR would always take up for and support the countries that were openly against Israel. To most people, this is very deceiving. The USSR always took the side of any country such as the Arab countries that were against Israel. BUT, when arming the Arab countries, the Arab countries received inferior weapons and other problems from the USSR that worked to undermine them. All the while most of the world was confused and actually believed the USSR was hostile to Israel, which was a lie. In addition to all of this, no different from their invented Nazarene, they are like chameleons in that they always change in a way and adapt their programs for the times. That rotten bible, because it has so many contradictions and endless verses that can be applied to practically any situation at any time, both for and against, survives because of this adaptation, though the Jews themselves never change in their character, nor in their agenda. Xian preachers can take whatever verses they please and apply them to any situation to suit their evil purposes. That bible was written in typical Jewish style in that like the Jews themselves, it can change itself to fit anything:


The Ubiquitous Nazarene

The Nazarene is made up of nothing but stolen legends, stolen identities and a bunch of meaningless, worthless hypocritical and contradictory teachings. I don’t think there has been a character in all of history that is as fictitious as this Nazarene idiot, and because he is a lie, he can change according to the times. He was invented to be nothing more than a distraction for the masses, with the intention of removing all spiritual knowledge and power from the populace and placing it in the hands of a controlling few to the detriment of the all. Christianity has survived because it always adapted to the times, just as it is doing today. The Christian church finally admitted insidiously that the Earth is not flat. If they hadn’t, they would have never survived. That is just one of numerous examples. Now, the Nazarene has put on a New Age face. The teachings of the Original Gods and ancient knowledge are all of a sudden attributed to the Nazarene. This is whether they come from Egypt [Some double-digit I.Q. individuals have the stupidity to claim he was a “pharaoh.”]

In the 1960’s and 70’s, he was the ideal hippy. Now he is the great teacher of this new age crap and the “threefold” joke, which of course includes those nefarious angels and Judeo/Christian mysticism. During the crusades, he was the Christian warrior, leading the Christian armies to slaughter everyone in their path- “Onward Christian Soldiers.” With Islam, he still exists, but this time, as not the “Son of God” but as a prophet. He seems to be everywhere and conforms to every trend, and every culture. Just slap the ragged poor professional victim on two crossed sticks of wood and there he is. The only thing that *is* real concerning this ubiquitous clown is the suicidal teachings designed to turn the whole of society into malleable slaves. The underlying message never changes.

This is analogous to a harmless looking rodent that brings in lethal parasites that infest the locale like what happened with the Bubonic Plague of the Middle Ages. Because he is fictitious, he can be made into whatever they please as long as it is done insidiously. He can be anything at any time and anywhere. On the one hand, he is celibate and the “Son of God.” On the other hand, in order to adapt with the sexual openness of today, he now has sexual relations with Mary Magdalene. Because new knowledge has come from the Far East, of course, he was there from age “13 until 30,” as there is no written record so they can make up anything they wish. This way, they can attribute a lot of the Eastern teachings to him and claim “the all is one.” Yeah, the “all is one” until someone mentions “Satan” and either there is denial or defensiveness out of these jokers. Because homosexuality is becoming more open, now parts of the gospel of St. John, which were conveniently deleted, claim he had sexual intercourse another male. He can be anything at anytime and anywhere. The Nazarene never gave any direct answers to anything. This way, any bible thumper is free to quote here and there, as they see fit. His parables fit any situation at any time and say nothing. They can be interpreted 100 different ways. Just put him on a stick and start pounding away!


That bible is no “Word of God.” I already wrote a detailed sermon regarding the so-called “biblical prophesies” and how the Jews put these into action a very long time ago. Anyone can do this sort of thing. In addition to the sciences being relentlessly and most viciously attacked over the centuries, it has been the very same and even worse with witchcraft. Most of you also know that when science advances far enough, all of the so-called occult can be scientifically explained. It is a sad fact that aside from stupid deluded idiots, fear is a major factor in keeping those Jewish programs thriving, no different from the terrors of Jewish communism. Both of which have mass-murdered, tortured, and destroyed billions of lives with their wars, their “purges” and their direct attacks on those who sought after and stood for the truth.

Right now, we have a chance to really get out from under this hideous and most lethal plague. We have the internet. Do your part in waking people up. There are many different ways. If you are not able to reveal yourself for important reasons, then go to Satan and ask him what you can do. I am aware that not everyone is able to be open, but that does not mean you do nothing. There is always something. Satan will show you what you can do. This may come as an idea, an opportunity, or other. Demons will work with you. We must fight for our freedom NOW and relentlessly or we will all be forever enslaved! A hero only dies once… a coward dies a thousand times.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

ISIS (jew controlled) is destroying archaelogical sites. We have to Fri Mar 6, 2015 7:26 pm (PST). Posted by: “Lolo Bardonik” lolobardonik The jews are destroying our past and they continue to do so.

If you haven’t already read this article on JoS to see the truth:

This recent article is reporting that ISIS (created by the NATO which is jewish controlled is destroying an archaeological site in Iraq. Remember that the area of Iraq is where the civilization of the Sumerians originated Imagine the historical significance and the artifacts, archaeological sites that this area contains.

(the full article is quoted at the end of the post)

These are my thoughts, triggered by reading the mentioned article.


Think about it.

The jews have tried to erase our original heritage and have tried to replace it with xianity, islam, communism and all their bullshit creations. They tried to strip our past in order to remove the knowledge and weaken us.

They are trying to remove the knowledge by killing people who have the knowledge, by destroying books, artifacts and archaeological sites.

And this makes it more difficult for us Gentiles to prove that all the filthy jewish created bullshit are wrong. We know that they are wrong, we feel it inside us, we express it with our whole being. But, our brothers and sisters who are without, wouldn’t be able to see it. The would like to see some proof to start thinking. They are brainwashed by the jewish programs and they would have to see some hard evidence to awaken from this brainwash.

If the jews continue to destroy our past through their funded wars, in a few centuries all evidence would be a part of imagination. What we know as hard facts and are supported by evidence, in a few centuries would become “myths” and “fairytales” for the next generations. The knowledge would be removed from the physical level.

This knowledge though wouldn’t be lost. It would remain in the Akashic Records and in the knowledge of our Gods. But it would be a lot harder to obtain. Because as most of us know communicating to our Gods through telepathy is not an easy task. The same goes for obtaining access to the Akashic records. The person needs to have trained and honed these skills in order to reliably obtain any information this way.

This is the reason, that all of us who have been given the privilege to this knowledge (any part of knowledge) from our Gods, have to preserve it for the next generations. Write journals, write books, write articles, write posts.

Those of you who can do this (and of course are allowed by the Gods to share this knowledge), share it with as many trustworthy people as you can. Share it with people that deserve this knowledge and would honor it’s value.

If you are now allowed to share it write a “black book” or a “grimoire” and keep it in a safe place. This way the knowledge would remain on the physical plane.

Most of us have come to the truth because we had an inner urge to find the truth. Because we were spiritual enough to see the lies of the jewish world. We were guided to some info that helped us realize the truth. We found Father Satan and the Gods of Hell because we “stumbled” to the Joy of Satan site.

Maybe a friend told us about it. Maybe the Gods have given us guidance. The result is the same. We “stumbled” upon the information. We read about it. We started trusting in our spiritual abilities. We started trusting that they are real. We started accepting this “invisible” reality. We obtained the knowledge.

But everything started with information in the physical plane. A site. A book. A person with knowledge. So think about it. What could we do to help the Gods?

Imagine the possibilities.

What would happen if you write a book, a journal, a grimoire, a post on the internet. When you’d be long gone from the physical plane of this world, this information would remain. The Gods could direct a spiritual person to this information. To help this person get initiated in spirituality. To help this person and awaken him.

We are a generation of pioneers. We had to search for the truth, and we’re still searching to obtain more of our lost knowledge. Each of us has it’s own interests. Each of us has it’s own special abilities. While we’re training to advance ourselves and our abilities we obtain knowledge. We obtain knowledge by the Gods. We obtain practical knowledge by training.

This is valuable knowledge.

This is the knowledge that needs to be preserved.

This knowledge is our legacy for the next generations of our Gentile brothers and sisters.

Let’s fight hard and become stronger.

Hail Father Satan and the Gods of Hell


This is the full article mentioned in the start of this post.

These extremists are trying to destroy the entire cultural heritage of the region…”

The Islamic State militant group attacked the ancient archaeological site of Nimrud in northern Iraq and damaged it with heavy vehicles, Iraq’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said Thursday.

It was the latest in a series of attacks:
1. on ancient structures and artifacts in Syria and Iraq that the group has destroyed in the name of its harsh interpretation of Islamic law. Last week, Islamic State militants videotaped themselves destroying statues and artifacts
2. in the Mosul Museum and at the Nergal Gate entryway to ancient Nineveh. The militants captured the city during its offensive blitz through much of Iraq last June.

“The terrorist gangs of ISIS
Are continuing to defy the will of the world and the feelings of humanity after they committed a new crime that belongs to its idiotic series,” the ministry said in a statement on its Facebook page, referring to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh.

Nimrud is the sprawling site of a city founded by the Assyrian King Shalamansar I, who died in 1245 B.C.