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Islam is now doing to Europe the same thing Christianity did centuries ago: destruction of native culture and full genocide

ISIS does the same that inquisition did:

About ISIS

Another reason that Germany has always been attacked so viciously is Germany has always been a stronghold of Satanism in Europe. Germany was also hit the hardest with the genocidal Inquisition where entire villages were wiped out.

Exposing Christianity – Inquisition

In addition to wiping out many German towns and villages, the rest of Europe was victimized by the Christian Church as well. The Inquisition was a major attack on Europe.

Loss of human life:

Salzburg, Austria, 1677-1681 over 100 murdered

Basque region of the Pyrenees; 1608, Lawyer Pierre de Lancre was sent to the region to “root out and destroy those who worshipped Pagan Gods.” Over 600 tortured and murdered.

Witch judge Henri Boguet c. 1550-1619 sent some 600 victims to their deaths in Burgundy, many of them young children who were systematically tortured and then burned alive.

A pregnant woman was burned alive and from the trauma, she gave birth before she died. The baby was tossed back into the flames.

Swedish town of Mora, 1669, more than 300 murdered. Among them, 15 children. Thirty-six children between the ages of 9 and 15 were made to run the gauntlet and were beaten with rods upon their hands once a week for an entire year. Twenty of the youngest children, all under the age of 9 were whipped on their hands at the church door for 3 Sundays in succession. Many more were severely beaten for witchcraft offenses.

In Scotland, under the rule of Oliver Cromwell, a total of 120 in a single month were murdered in 1661. Estimates of the total dead have been as high as 17,000 between 1563 and 1603.

In Würzburg, Germany, the Chancellor wrote a graphic account in the year of 1629:

“…there are three hundred children of three or four years, who are said to have had intercourse with the Devil. I have seen children of seven put to death, and brave little scholars of ten, twelve, fourteen, and fifteen years of age…”

Between the years of 1623 and 1633, some 900 “witches” were put to death throughout Würzburg. This was largely maintained by the Jesuits.

The Chronicler of Treves reported in 1586 that the entire female population of two villages was wiped out by inquisitors. Only two women were left alive.

Noted cases included the Knights Templar, Joan of Arc who was chained by the neck, hands and feet and locked in a cramped iron cage, Galileo, who stated that the Earth revolved around the Sun and was not the center of the universe as the church taught (See above).
*The above accounts were taken from Cassel Dictionary of Witchcraft by David Pickering.

Satanic Holidays and celebrations have a very strong history in Europe and those directly associated with Satanism are European in origin. Germany has a strong and pronounced history of Black Masses.

Years ago, large Sabbats were held on the Summit of the Brocken in the Harz Mountains of Germany. A Black Mass, feasting and orgies lasted until dawn, with dancing around a huge bonfire, and intense celebrating.

The Feast of Valbörg is the celebration of fertility that has its origins with the Vikings. The festival spread throughout Europe. At this time, the veil between the Earth and the astral/spirit worlds is said to be very thin. What is done on this night, especially at midnight [April 30 – May 1st] has special significance. All rituals, magick, spirit communications and related are much more powerful on this sacred night.

Sweden, Lithuania, and other countries in Europe have held onto these traditions. Bon fires are lit and celebrated on the Solstices and Equinoxes amongst the main populace. In spite of all the slaughter and murder in attempts for the Jew to enforce their sick program of Christianity, many countries in Europe, notably Sweden, Germany, and Lithuania have kept their Pagan Traditions alive. There are others as well.

Beltane begins at sundown on the evening of, April 30. This custom originates with the Celts who always figured their days from sundown to sundown. Sundown was the time when Druid priests lit the Baal-fires on the tops of hills.

Joy of Satan – Satanic Hollidays – Beltane

Joy of Satan – Satanic Hollidays

The Satanic energies in Europe, and especially those concentrated in Germany paved the way for Hitler and the Third Reich to come to power. In addition to their revealing what the Jews are all about, Germany was viciously attacked as the goal of the Third Reich was to completely abolish Christianity and replace it with Paganism [Satanism]. The YouTube video below is very revealing. Of course they slander Satanist Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, but it does contain truths concerning where NS Germany was in regards to Satanism and the Jews know this.

Nazi Secrets Himmler’s SS Cult

The immigrant situation in Europe is intended to destroy mainly White Europeans. This is a fact, regardless of what some brainwashed people may refuse to believe. Satan is and always has been against race-mixing. This is not about supremacy, it is about preserving our cultures. The Jews always use the race issue as a tool to destroy all races, which is their ultimate goal. Everyone becomes just a number, a slave and has no idea of their past, their cultural heritage- nothing. The Jew rewrites history and becomes like they claim “The Chosen of God.” If they succeed in some of the Big Brother technology, then everyone will be completely fucked.

Satan and Lilith both told me that the world economy WILL collapse. Now, we are not dealing with say, a few hundred of these immigrants, but well into the millions. Many Europeans are already homeless and to make room for this influx, which the Jew created, even senior citizens are being kicked out of nursing homes in some countries. So… what is going to happen if the economy collapses and there isn’t enough food, shelter and other necessities by far to go around? You think crime is bad now? How about plague? This is REALITY. Far too many people have their heads up their asses, as they are too stupid and weak to face reality and see it for what it is. Few really have any real grasp of world history. People are so indoctrinated and dense, it just doesn’t sink in, even for many who have studied.

Satan and Lilith explained to me that in order for any real action to take place, peoples’ backs must be against the wall before many will wake up, face reality and react. Satan told me He, Himself is going to step in on this, along with our other Gods.

The Jew creates the problem, provokes the reaction, and then pushes the solution. In order to force these mass migrations to happen at this rate, the Jew works to make life unlivable in the countries these immigrants are coming from. The Jews have a long history of this sort of thing, one only needs to look to communism. They play both sides. On the other end, these migrants are told by the Jews in their home countries that they can get out [often by paying the Jew with their entire life savings] and live a much better life in Europe. The Jews work both ends.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich