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Islam VS The PC Jew Theocrats

I have been following what has been happening in Australia and Belgium and Europe in general with the Islamic attacks on Europeans from Islamic rape gangs to sex slave rings and on, especially the major one that was busted in Britain. I am still never surprised by ridiculous Liberals who rush to say that Islam is a religion of peace and those Muslims are some how not real Muslims.

Will the real Mohammed please stand up.

Where in the Koran does it say they are not following Islam? They are this is what Islam is and does just read the Koran. I am supposed to believe those millions of Muslim’s somehow don’t believe the Koran and just like the name? Because that is the only other alternative explanation left. We are then told by the Liberal freaks and their all too willing to lie Islam pretend pals. To point this out is racism or something, despite the fact Islam is not a race. Its somehow racism, well these people are just frustrated retards who can’t make a logical point because their whole worldview is illogical, retardation so they resort to screaming through criminal at the rest of us thinking sane people. That way they never have to explain.

Was this guy a pretend Muslim too?

Muslims are also lying assholes who have a Jew like system of lying and deceit to push Islam where they don’t have the power of the sword to impose it by slaughter and terror, called Tarqi, so anything they say is naturally like the Jews lies to promote their agenda. Islam divides the world into two part the Abode of Islam and the Abode of war, which continues till Islam conquerors. Naturally Jews are making this easier for them as this is their program and the Liberal tards and holding the door open as well. They like Jews love it when violent aliens rape, kill and attack White People. Which is why they scream racism at you if you don’t like Islamic immigration. Its part of their anti-White narrative to promote racially alien and hostile immigration to the White World. And they view Islam as part of this in this sphere. Their moronic knee jerk reaction actually shows their real intention the whole time. Destroy White People and Western Civilization. The non Whites that are peaceful immigrants and decent normal people, the Jews will try and make sure by the second generation of race baiting, anti-White, cultural Marxist propaganda. To try and change this as well.

Islam is a Jewish scam, Mohammed claimed to be the Messiah of the Jews first and foremost. The Koran built on the Book Of Moses. The Torah. And like Jewish Christianity its as fake as fuck and another way for the Jews to advance their murderous agenda on earth: Jews created christianity, islam also fake

Which is another reason the Jews are hated rat Kikes like this:

“Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural” … “We’re going to be part of that transformation which MUST take place” … “and jews will be resented because of their leading role” …

Are shipping this in by the millions to kill White People and race traitor Liberal freaks are holding the door open so their own daughters can get brutally beaten and raped in the streets as normal. As that change which MUST take place says kike rat.

Along with their sons being killed in broad daylight by Islamic’s as well.

The Jews and their lobbies have been behind every open immigration policy from the Islamic World into the White World. But never for Israel as they have race laws to prevent this. One standard for the Jew another for everyone else.

Thanks Jews.

– High Priest Mageson 666