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All islamic cosmology is stolen from Paganism

Islamic cosmogony is completely stolen and profanized from the Pagan Persian, Avestan, Tibetan, and Indian cosmologies that preceded it. The stolen islamic version is plucked and gutted so that all that remains are hints of the once complete and extensive descriptions of what belongs to the spiritual world.

For example, the mythical chain of Kaf mountains surrounding the sublunar world is stolen from the Lokaloka, such in ancient Indian cosmology. In fact, all ancient cosmologies recognize that the sublunar world is real only as far as limited human perception allows. Roughly material does not mean real. Hints of this wisdom have seeped into the qur’an as well, such as that the Jinns/Demons and the entire spiritual world can see us and we cannot see them, and that in general there is much beyond our perception that we cannot see and that is overwhelmingly silenced and concealed from us by the forces behind islam.

“…Verily he [Shaytan] and his Kabiluhu [his Warrior-Jinn of his tribe] see you from places where you cannot see them…” [al-A’raaf 7:27]

Baha’u’llah, in the work Seven Valleys and Four Valleys, writes that Kaf means “kuffi, that is, free yourself from the shrouds of limitation.” -Wikipedia, Mountains of Kaf

Said Umar ibn Khattab, “The loops of islam are torn one by one if one is born into islam who does not know ignorance.”
– Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

The chains of mountains surrounding the so-called observable universe are known from the folklore of the Middle East, one embodied in Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, and represented there by exactly what it is – surrounding the world of dreams, i.e. Bardo and unreality. To transcend it is to transcend one’s own illusions and limitations in order to know a larger world than that dictated by the confines of one’s mind.

The Bardo Thedol (Tibetan Book of the Dead) specializes in describing worlds accessible to human perception that is known for its imperfection and limits, which manifests negatively especially after death when one encounters the unknown, whether one likes it or not.

In particular, the various states of the islamic Barzah are completely stolen from the various states of the Tibetan Bardo.

The islamic Hell is also completely stolen from representations of India and Tibet, as well as from local Persian representations. The Sirat Bridge above it, as wide as a sword blade, is stolen directly from the Avestan Chinvat / Chinavet Bridge, it is also known as Gjallarbrú in Scandinavia, as Kalin Bridge to Slavs, as Maze Kamurj to Armenians. Yazidi know it as Silat: the Bridge between profane earthly world and sacred hidden world leading to the higher understanding. It is described as a superfine or generally intangible bridge that only sufficiently righteous Souls can cross, signifying a level of spiritual advancement. In other words, beyond a certain line of development and spirituality, the soul is disposable and simply perishes. In all legends it is firmly connected with the above-mentioned chain of mountains, which puts the possibility and depth of knowledge of the world in direct dependence on spiritual development.

The quantum, i.e., based on the perception of the Observer, nature of samsara is recognized even in the qur’an; in particular, it recognizes that the matter of hell itself will be the very imagination (qur’an, 21:98).

The lawless ones said among themselves in secret, “Is this not a man like you? Will you submit to the sorcery that you see with your own eyes?”
– the quran, surah 21

Sorcery is the control of Observation process that shapes the Observable universe, turning it into hell, as in this case.

In other words, the subtle intangible Bridge is the level of perception necessary not to descend into the sensual thrashing of one’s own imagination, which, being uncontrollable, can, first, become controlled by someone else from outside who possesses this science (as in the quote); second, a person with this negligible level of control over his own mind is a victim of any influence, and influence over mind determines the Observed universe, in other words, literally what world that person lives in.

The primordial non-biblical nature of hell and paradise is also evidenced by their numerology. They are characterized by 7 components, the presence of a tree, which corresponds to the number of human Chakras, which, being filled with Koranic and biblical curses, become the sources of suffering and samsara. In particular, the islamic Hell has the shape of a well (barkhut), with water as the elusive transparent liquid, which is the traditional representation of energy in the Ancient World.

Similarly, Hell was depicted by Botticelli when he gave it the form of a rotating Chakra. People and other beings seem to “merge” or descend to the tapering throat of the funnel or vortex.

Botticelli. Hell

The Ultimate Lotus, described as the crown of paradise or the highest circle, refers to the thousand-petal lotus of the Crown Chakra, which is the source of supreme bliss, and is where the jews have stolen and perverted all their concepts of god and the kingdom of god.

Heaven and hell are physical manifestation of human Mind which is contained in his seven Chakras, the quality of which determines his “rebirth” or “resurrection” into one of the worlds.

These worlds themselves correspond to the lokas of India and the various worlds of Tibetan mythology. One of these lokas is the Chakravala or Lokaloka already mentioned here, the fabulous mountain belt around the observable universe, which corresponds to the exit from illusion, and where the Observable universe is only the prison of one’s own mind, defined by it. Islam and xianity have stolen these lokas in the form of heaven and hell circles.

Excerpt from a conversation between the High Priestess Maxine and Father Satan:

[Then, I asked him, as I was interested, though not overly concerned about the experiences of many who think what they have seen is “Hell.”]

Father Satan: “There are [pockets]’vortexes’ of very destructive, negative energy.” “Hatred, anger, fear, murder, death, and every other [destructive] thing.” “These are like blackholes/wormholes.” “They accumulate negative energy like a vacuum.

When you meditate, notice a difference?

Maxine: “yes.”

Father Satan: “There are different planes of existence.” “When you meditate, you elevate to a higher plane.” “There are different levels and through meditation, you live on a higher plane than most others.” “People who are on an already lower level can get tied into this vortex of negative energy and pulled in.

Sources:Космология_исламского_Средневековья (here is a mention that hell is made of the materia of human imagination, which is not mentioned in English version