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Islam’s Greatest Weakness

Exposing islam for the horrendous lie and program of enslavement which it is may seem slightly harder than exposing the equally horrendous and enslaving lie of christianity, what with the vagueness added to it and seemingly better “tied up ends”. This is seen as islam’s strength by many who are fooled into following it and arguing for it, HOWEVER, Islam has one major weakness which it cannot and will never escape: Its total dependence and reliance on the Ka’aba situated in Mecca, its so-called “most sacred site”.

For one, the fact that islam chose the Ka’aba to be its prime site to which all of islamic worship and reverence is directed is a total and utter joke. Why? Because the Ka’aba was originally in fact a Pagan Temple. Like many other Pagan Temples of the area, it was built in the shape of a simple cube, each of its corners aligning to one of the Four Cardinal Points/Compass Points which held exceptional importance in Pagan Rituals and Rites. Before the “Islamic conquest”, it housed a number of statues depicting the Pagan Gods and was an important centre of Pagan worship and pilgrimage. It is a fact that islam stole this site and Temple, destroying the Pagan artefacts therein and proceeding to use it to its own benefit. However, this will be addressed in a separate article.

The other reason for this being a strong point of weakness is its easy destruction. This may seem an unlikely event to some, but it is in fact quite inevitable. There are many anti-islamic groups who have already spoken of the bombing of the Ka’aba and Mecca as a means of fighting islam and its terrorist “jihad” mentality. It is not unheard of and is alive as a possibility in the minds of many.

We have to remember that islam is nothing more than a program of the enemy and will soon become dispensable, once it has served its purpose. Its destruction will leave the people who once followed it with all their hearts completely demoralized and humiliated, and therefore severely weakened. This is the aim of the enemy, with both islam and xianity.

Why will the destruction of the Ka’aba mean the fall of islam? The answer to this question is that with the Ka’abas destruction, a huge chunk of islam itself will consequently die along with it.

Think of this:
Every muslim in the entire world directs their prayers, performed no less than five times a day, towards the “holiest” Ka’aba, as instructed by their qur’an. If it is destroyed, they have no object to which they can focus any of these prayers. It is gone. Five times a day prayers therefore become pointless, futile acts and die away completely.

The Ka’aba also houses the all important “Black Stone”, a vital part of islam which is seen as a gift straight from their so-called “god”. The muslim people believe it is a sacred duty to visit and kiss the Black Stone, an action supposedly performed by Muhammad. If the Ka’aba is destroyed, and therefore the Black Stone is destroyed, this “gift” is destroyed which will greatly disillusion many muslim people across the globe. This also makes the sacred practice of kissing the Black Stone and following in the footsteps of their beloved prophet impossible.

Furthermore, the Ka’aba is the centre of the whole islamic pilgrimage or Hajj which is called “The Fifth Pillar of Islam”. Every muslim is obligated to complete all Five of the Pillars in order to assure their place in paradise and please “god”. With the Ka’aba gone, the Fifth Pillar is consequently gone as well, along with their hopes of ever reaching “paradise”. What happens when you break down a supporting pillar of a building? Breaking down one of islam’s pillars is a defeat from which they will never recover. It is analogous to removing one of islam’s vital organs, without which it cannot survive.

Lastly and most importantly, the qur’an states that the Ka’aba is the house of god itself, and it is indestructible and untouchable to those considered outsiders. Non-muslims are not even allowed to step one foot within it. They see it as no less than the centre of the whole world. Imagine it is bombed and reduced to a pile of ashes? They will be completely disillusioned concerning their gods supposed “power”. How strong can he be if he cannot even protect his own sacred house from being destroyed? The statement of it being indestructible will also be blown right out of the water, which means that the words of allah himself have been blown right out of the water. Their centre of their world has been destroyed. The very Heart of islam has been annihilated, and muslims all over the world will begin to lose their hope and faith, and slowly, islam will crumble.

All it would take is one bomb. This is why the Ka’aba is islam’s greatest weakness. Bombing the Ka’aba is the equivalent of bombing islam itself.

Muslims all over the world will be shedding their burqas and prayer hats and turning their eyes to the sky, shouting “Fuck you Allah!”
I see a great Spiritual Warfare opportunity here!! Who says we cannot help this event along and shape it to fit our own will?

We must continue to fight this foul program that has enslaved Gentile people for far too long. It is a filthy rot and a cancer to our world.


-High Priestess Zildar Raasi