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Jewish soul lacking parts 2

First off, and are working again.

Also, I want to add here, in the Talmud, it reads:
“God” studies the Torah.” “God keeps the sabbath.” “God puts on tallit and tefillin.” “God” is hidden.” etc.

This is glaringly obvious that so-called “God” is the Jewish people.

They drop hints like that for their own and rabbis reveal to their own with their oral Torah, the Talmud, etc.

In addition, their “Tree of Life” with the Adam Kadmon, the kether, malkhut, etc, is a vehicle for channeling energy to them.
“Malkhut which is also known as Shekhinah and Knesset Yisrael, the soul root Israel (which manifests in the form of the Jewish people).” (1)

I strongly advise to stay away from their Tree of Life and related. Their soul is NOT our soul.

The Jewish soul is not the same as the Gentile soul. They are an alien soul and we Gentiles have certain aspects of the soul that the Jews lack.

This is why all the emphasis on “love.” The Jewish soul is unfeeling and as most are familiar with Jewish communism, where mass murders and other atrocities went well past the 100+ million mark, Jews are capable of unbelievable cruelty and brutality.

Their insatiable greed has been responsible for usurping and hoarding occult/spiritual knowledge to the detriment of this entire world.

The creativity aspect is also missing on their soul. They have nothing of their own, any more than do their programs of Christianity and Islam, which were made up from stolen and corrupted concepts in Paganism, with the spirituality deliberately removed.

Anyone who is sensitive enough can sense the flat aura of the Jew. They suck energy like a parasite sucks blood.

There are aspects we have on our souls that the Jews totally lack.

Also, that “All is One” crap, along with the love bombing that the New Age is infested with… That’s Jewish as well and is of their Shema prayer of which is one of the most important in Judaism:

“Hear, O Israel: G‑d is our L‑rd, G‑d is one.”

This “All is One” crap goes with the monotheism.

In closing, I wrote this before and from what I’ve seen following, this really gets them.
The ubiquitous term “People’s” in communism, such as “People’s Republic of North Korea” etc, has the word “Chosen” dropped preceding it. Rabbi authors are now admitting this.

Many people have inquired on how to identify an Asian Jew. Kim Jong of North Korea is a prime example. Of course, they always try to deny and hide their Jewishness. Asian Jews like Jong are weird looking.

Pull up some images of Chinese Jews, etc on Google and see what I mean.

(1) Tree of Souls by Howard Schwartz

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich