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Jewish soul lacking parts

I would also like to add here just how spiritual this is.

There are racial differences in the soul. The Jews have completely alien souls. Their koshas (layers of the soul) for one are not normal. The Vijnanamaya, which has to do with conscious feeling in the way of healthy compassion for worthwhile life is more than likely missing. This would be necessary in order to have a mind hive, which they are. Ever know a Jew who isn’t a communist?

Many, many years ago, I worked a Halloween party as a psychic, Tarot reader, etc. It was in this expensive condo in the penthouse. There were other psychics with me. The party was nothing but Jews. I was very young, but I knew.

The Jewish aura is flat and sucks energy like a parasite. I could feel this. This definitely indicates certain parts of the soul are missing.

I left very late and got on the bus to go home. I spotted a Gentile woman on the bus ride home dressed in a Halloween costume and she was vibrant with positive energy. After getting out of that Jewish party, this was blatant and I will never forget it.

HP Hooded Cobra told me how Satan told him that one normally reincarnates into the same race. The enemy has been destroying our White race through genocide, and this impacts that there will be drastically fewer White bodies for White souls to reincarnate into.

In addition to this, Lilith told me more than once, that the ability to achieve physical immortality has to do with how White one is, in the way the White race has genes and potential from the Nordic Gods, that is not present in the other races.

Thoth also stated “People of the Blood” meaning Whites. Once the White seed is lost, what is remaining will be damned.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich