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Why the Koran is a more powerful tool than the Bible

It is not required of a person to live in the places where Islam has a tight grip on the people in order to understand how much of a filthy weapon their slimy book they call the Koran is. It is, in my opinion a power that is highly lethal and stages more stronger than what the bible is.

First it should be understood that the Arabic language, which is the language that the koran came in the format of, is of high spiritual power if known how to use it correctly, it is evident that the most original form of Arabic (not the one spoken by millions today) is of powerful significance as it strongly engraves energy into the soul. Arabic, as well as Hebrew, is derived from Sanskrit. The current day’s Arabic is very similar in some words to that of the Hebrew language.

Now once you open that filthy book, on the first chapter you are met with three Arabic letters, which are Aleph, Lam and Meem (equivelant in English is A, L and M). The delude muslims call this the ‘mystery’ letters since they do not understand. Aleph is the first letter of the Arabic Alphabet, Lam is the twelveth letter and meem is the thirteenth (this from the orignal arabic semetic alphabet which has been modernized now). 1 + 12 + 13 = 26 , 2 + 6 = 8. 8 incites intolerence and voilence. There you go, the first 3 letters in the ‘holy book’.

The way youg children are taugh to read the koran from when they are kids is reading via a way called ‘tagweed’, tagweed is the so called ‘correct’ way to pronounce the letters and the words in the koran. The letters of the Arabic language are like the runes and when vibrated through ‘tagweed’ it imprints it massively into the soul and injects the subliminal messages straight into the core of the soul like a venomous poison.

Of course the ‘correct’ way to read words off of the koran makes one sound slave like. It is similarized in my head as a cartoon I once watched when I was young of an ugly troll who sang to himself ‘I’m a bad Troll, a very bad Troll’, this enhances the slave mentality that is unprecedented in the Christian Bible.

The main islamic prayer is performed 5 times a day, morning prayer consists of 2 ‘rak’aas’, a rak’aa is the act of lying down on your knees, the afternoon prayer consists of 4 rak’aas, the late afternoon one of 4, the evening one of 3 and the late night one of 4. This adds up to 17, 7 +1 = 8. Again this number further causes and inflicts mayhem and insanity upon the psyche, it also incites voilence.

The opening ‘soora’ which is chapter is to be recited in the beginning of each ‘rak’aa’ per prayer, this opening soora consists of 8 ‘aya’s, which corresponds to total number of obligatory rakaa’s done per day (corresponding numbers greatly enhance magickal workings). This further curses the soul and enforces a slave mentality upon it.

The most obvious phrase you will hear from the islamic prayer is ‘allah akbar’, this means ‘god is great’, the number of times this is recited per rak’aa and before the majority of body movements in the prayer is 6, of course reciting that phrase and forcingly attaching in sublimanly to the psyche with the number 6, causes the soul to be truley a ‘slave to god’, since 6 is the number of hard labour and slavery.

The number of body positions in each rak’aa is 3, 3 x 17 = 51, 5 + 1 = 6 = total damnation upon the soul and total enslavement.

After every 2 rak’aa there is a movement by which the muslim recites a memorized phraze after every 2 rak’aas by lifting his finger up and saying ‘ashhad an la elah ella allah we an mohammed rasool allah’ which means ‘I witness that there is no god but allah and that mohammed is his prophet’, the number of words in this phrase is 11 (A very negative number), and we all know that a lifted finger is the act of invokation, this shows that the unknowing muslim is actually invoking filthy angelic energy and is exposing himself to an unprecedented degree.

‘allah’ has 99 names, 9 x 9 = 81, 8 + 1 = 9. Also 9 + 9 = 18 and again 8 + 1 = 9, the number 9 represents the last stage of the corner stone (the total enslavement of the gentiles) and they say that allah actually has 100 names but the last one cannot be known, this makes gentiles unknowling focus their energy into the completion of the jewish cornerstone.

– more on this soon, the book of islam (koran) is the filthiest creation on this Earth.

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By Kareem Zedan