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Mars – Slavery, Dominion and Lower Chakras

There is a message from groups I would like to share. It is very revealing in regards to what is actually going on in Europe and in all the world right now – actually the opposite to the one we are made to believe by media – and how it works on the spiritual level. We are told bullshit about “religion of peace”, “loving one’s enemies”, “tolerance”, “dialogue”, while when we try to practice it in real life we find ourselves beaten into submission, robbed of everything we had, humiliated, raped and destroyed. Because energies and life do not work like kike-payed liers in TV tell us they do. Here is how they work in reality:

[Start of the quote]
“I recently have been a bit far from the groups. I feel I should post all of this as something I recently realized and I thik can be useful.

How can a being control another being? This happens all the time in nature, stronger animals dominate weaker animals, when two dogs meets each other it may happen they have a short fight to determine which one is the stronger and the weaker; the weaker one cannot even put his head on top of the stronger dog as the stronger one will complain and bark and growl again to subdue the second one. Later on, they will not fight anymore due to their established social positions. This happens all the time for humans too. I am not sure this is the best way to live or relate to others, as this happens often when is not needed and people dominate not for charisma but with psychological violence and fear, but actually it is the way it works mainly on the subconscious level. Not all beings do this, most likely the more aggressive ones.

I found out this “struggle for power” is most likely a “spiritual battle”, where both men/women use their lower chakras so that the person having the stronger 2nd chakra (Mars power, aggressivity) and 3rd chakra (will, Sun) will subdue the other one.

The world is spiritually on a very low level due to the presence of the jews, who are shits and are very spiritually POOR of any higher quality like justice, ethic, and so on. They polluted the mass mind to a level where people are constantly struggling to submit each other (this is most frequent in xian/muslim countries).

The jews do this all the time (I know for direct experience). They play a lot with lower chakras, mainly the 2nd chakra – they often will try to attach to your 2nd chakra to drain it, and let you without Mars attack/defence power, while arguing with you, so that they will put you “below” them.

The difference between dogs – acting to create a hyerarchy in their own species – and the jews is the jews are using this to create SLAVES, while dogs do not need slaves.

I’ve seen jews with my eyes submitting many Gentiles (obviously non Satanists, as it’s a bit HARDER to subdue us!) with this technique.

Xianity/Islam – the jews’ tools – put many many problems (sexual hang-ups) in the second chakra for this reason, to weaken it, block the Serpent and leave you as a slave.
Weak 2nd chakra = slavery
Weak 3rd chakra = cannot impose your will

Adolf Hitler wanted the Germans, mostly the youngs, to have sports every day, at least one hour. He wanted all the Germans to be happy and fulfilled, to have fun. For non-meditating people, this is the only way to empower their lower chakras: Mars = sport = 2nd chakra, and Sun = fun, wellbeing = 3rd chakra. These activities empower the related chakras.
So I believe Germany was able to overcome and subdue the jews also due to a global increase of lower chakras power (of course the add-on of the Nazi Advanced Souls Power and the Powers of Hell was very important).

I also noticed the groups are turning very “Mars” oriented recently, often talking about sport, heavy lifts, guns, martial arts … etc.
The enemy is attacking using Mars energies : look the immigrant hordes in Europe, they are overcharged with aggressive, sexual Mars energies, they are mostly male man, they are quite young and muscular, they are a big block of MARS energies.

Look how the immigrant criminals subdue White people: with aggressive, negative, strong Mars energies. No need for any smart, intelligent action (Mercury), no need to have social or economical power (Sun), no need to be kind, polite and with a nice appearance (Venus), they are only raw-negative-violent Mars energies. Nothing more than this.

I strongly believe we must fight back increasing our Mars energy to withstand this kind of aggression, this is basically the reason why I felt compelled to post this message.

I am also sure Saturn energies tie in all this process, however I am trying to channel more Mars energies to my 2n chakra avoiding Saturn energies if possible, by meditating the VAUM chant x108 eveny day on my 2nd chakra.

[End of the quote]