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Islam is a new cover for Mossad part 1: Mossad conducting muslim terrorism

Mossad Involvement In Munich And Nice

My note just like 911, the Subway and Bus bombings in Britain and on. Mossad, the hand of the Globalist Jewish Elites. Has its involvement in what might be total false flag attacks run by the Mossad in Nice and Munich.

The Jews are pushing things toward a dictatorship of permanent martial law in France by total destabilization of France, this is the plan all across Europe and in America with Jewish Elites like Soros admitting creation of a race war for the same purpose. Total chaos is the normal weapon of the Jew out of which they use to create their agenda of a Jewish dictatorship.

The Jews will use this permanent dictatorship to shut down all remaining freedoms in Europe, ban all Political Parties, media and movements they don’t like along with arrests and disappearing dissents. Along with bringing in the Orwellian surveillance state technology they have developed and ready to use.

And with this the Jews will keep open the gates to Europe from the third world till nothing is left. Which was the purpose of the Jewish run and built EU from the start. This ending of Europe is part of the creation of a Jewish Global Dictatorship they already tried to create with Communism.



The reason the Jews are jumping so fast into this now. Is they see the writing on the wall. The Nationalist’s in Europe are rising due to their increased invasion from the third world and they need to have a dictatorship now on the ground to stamp out all European resistance. Its no mistake the Nice attack happened around the same time the special police in Germany were arresting dozen’s of German Nationalists.

Martial law is not about the Muslim, the Jews are the ones who brought them in, they are the weapon and distraction for the big move. Its about shutting down the European reaction to the finalization of White Genocide and Jewish World Government.

– High Priest Mageson 666

The Nice Terror Attack: Towards a Permanent State of Emergency?

The death toll from the Nice attacks on the 14th of July, 2016 is rising.

Latest reports suggest 84 deaths and possibly one hundred more injured. There have been reports of gunfire and the driver of the truck which drove into the crowd near the beach in Nice is reported to have been shot dead.

Once again (as with the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks) there is no-one to stand trial and truthfully answer the questions that need to be asked – who and why?

At this point, there is not much that can be verified about the attack.

One cannot exclude the possibility that it may have simply been the action of an insane individual. Atrocities of that type are rare but have happened in the past. But there is, however, the strong suggestion and indeed likelihood that this atrocity is a terrorist attack by ‘Islamists’. So, what does all this mean?

French domestic intelligence (DGSI) chief Patrick Calvar warned on the 26th of June 2016 that an ‘Islamist’ attack on French children would be the trigger for a civil war. He said France was currently on the brink of that civil war. Calvar also predicted that ISIS (Da’esh) would use trucks as weapons. It is not unusual in the never-ending war on terror to hear accurate predictions by intelligence officials before attacks, with the same officials seemingly powerless to prevent them.

This ‘uncanny coincidence’ could be the defining event of our time.

French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls is on record stating that the state of emergency in France would be permanent.

There has been increasing pressure on the Hollande regime in France to change course in the Middle East. Attempts to reconcile with Russia and lift the sanctions have been blocked by Hollande and Valls.

I believe this is the trigger for a civil war French intelligence warned us about. The question is whether the war will become high intensity or continue on a relatively low-intensity trajectory. There have been police ‘whistleblowers’ in France who have warned of huge caches of arms in major cities, capable of arming hundreds of thousands of men. However, one must be cautious in referring to such ‘whistleblowers’ as they have proven to be highly unreliable and may be spreading disinformation.

In any case, the public’s belief that we are in a ‘state of war’ and that all military interventions abroad are therefore necessary will be enough to make citizens look to the state for protection – an oligarchic state which is currently pursuing a brutal class war against workers.

As 90 percent or more of intelligence operations today involve media disinformation, we cannot possibly assume that any of the reports we are hearing are accurate. However, it is hard to see how a psyop could have been carried out in the Promenade des Anglais which is so central in Nice. What we can say for sure is that the attack serves the two constants of the war on terror dialectic. The narrative would read as follows:

1. Make the state of emergency permanent, empowering the oligarchic state and further demoralising citizens by dividing the working class along religious and racial lines. This is part of NATO’s ‘strategy of tension’ in accordance with the longstanding intelligence operation Gladio. Citizens must turn to the anti-social state for ‘security’, thus precluding social revolt.

2. Justify an all out attack on Syria to finish the job of destroying Arab civilisation, in accordance with US-NATO-Israel geopolitical interests. Only the willfully ignorant could possibly believe that ISIS is an enemy of France when the French have never had better relations with the country which openly backs them – Saudi Arabia. The intelligence reports, declassified documents and admissions of the highest officials of the French and American governments all confirm that ISIS is Israel’s Arab legion

Both those two above-mentioned goals serve the interests of US-NATO-Israel and until the French people liberate themselves from its yoke, Zionism will continue to poison the minds of men, making them consent to policies that no honest and compassionate human being would countenance.

An awakening of working-class militancy is occurring but the labour movement in France remains divided and led by social-democratic reformists. Now, more than ever, seeing the link between terrorism and class war is essential if any political and social change is to occur. In an era of high-finance treason, oligarchy, austerity, and the triumph of avarice, terror increasingly becomes a feature of the normal rather than an exceptional exercise of state power.


Mossad Agent Films Staged Munich Shooting & Bastille Day Hoax

To quote Mossad agent Richard Gutjahr this video is like something “out of a bad movie” Gtujahr is married to Einat Wilf. Richard Gutjahr who filmed the Nice France Bastille Day Staged attack is married to Mossad agent and Knesset member Einat Wilf.

Wilf is a member of Ehud Barak’s breakaway HaAtzma’ut or Independence Faction in the 18th Kenesset. She served as a lieutenant with the IDF’s ‘Shmoneh Ma’atayim’ or Unit 8-200 in signals intelligence and decryption, holds a BA in Government and Fine Arts from Harvard University an MBA from SEAD in France and a PhD in Political Science from Cambridge University. She was a foreign policy adviser to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres. She replaced MK Ophir Pines-Paz as the 13th member of the Labor faction of 2009. MK Wilf has found herself at the center of controversy over Ehud Barak’s recent decision to break from the Labor Party.

Munich Shooting Does This Rate as the Greatest Coincidence Ever

Munich reporter Richard Gutjahr was the cameraman who filmed the now iconic footage of a Truck just before hitting a crowd in Nice. He just happened to be on a Westminster Hotel balcony at 10:30 PM and thought it was a good idea to film a truck driving past.

Less than a week later he is back home in Munich and just happens to be at the Munich McDonalds Shooting.


Whether he took the footage or not it would be the greatest coincidence that he would be right at both scenes 6 days apart in different countries.

One can only assume he knew beforehand what was to happen in both instances.

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