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Hassan al-Banna is a jew and Muslim Brotherhood is jewish front to undermine Libya, Egypt and other Gentile Nations of the East

After these news spread ADL burst with critics and any source providing proof was silenced. It was presented as “these Arabs are so corrupted with intolerance and antisemitism that they just can’t have their inner conflicts without calling each other a jew”. I would say Arab world is not that corrupted with tolerance… so if smb is really a jew their media are just not yet so corrupted to keep silent about it. Unlike the West.

So the story presented in liberal media as “yet another normal Arab/Egyptian antisemitism” is:

The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan El Banna, is a Jew. Both his parents are Moroccan Jews, and he was implanted by Zionists in Egypt in order to form the Muslim Brotherhood, as another government newspaper claims. As proof the newspaper offers numerous facts such as Banna’s being born in Behira governate, where most Jews lived; his being a Sufi and most Jews being Sufis; and his father’s profession of watch repair, which craft traditionally was exclusively Jewish. Nine months earlier, a former military general explained to Al Ahram that Banna is indeed Jewish and that establishing the Brotherhood was part of a Jewish conspiracy to create disorder among Muslims and divide Egypt so that Jews can occupy it.

Now is it so unproved? Let’s see. In Wikipedia we read:

The first Jews migrated to this area [Morocco] after the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem and settled among the Berbers. They were later met by a second wave of migration from the Iberian peninsula in the period immediately preceding and following the 1492 Alhambra Decree, when the Jews were expelled from kingdoms of Spain, and soon afterwards, from Portugal as well. This second immigration wave deeply modified Moroccan jewry, who largely embraced the Andalusian Sephardic liturgy, making the Moroccan Jews switch to a mostly Sephardic identity.

Now, investigating site Surname Albanna is is listed many times as Sephardic and originating from Spain……. “They were later met by a second wave of migration […] when the Jews were expelled from kingdoms of Spain […] This second immigration wave deeply modified Moroccan jewry, who largely embraced the Andalusian Sephardic liturgy, making the Moroccan Jews switch to a mostly Sephardic identity“…………

Medieval Sephardic Surnames [from the same source] are The Jewish Surnames in Medieval Spain that Survived in the Sephardic Diaspora originating from Spanish jews.

Surname Banna (for those who consider “al” Arabic prefix for “from” like French “de” and such) is also listed among Jewish surnames of Egypt Directory 1941, as being popular in the area of Egypt.

Now let’s see if it IS a jewish movement to undermine Egypt and Libya.

From Wikipedia:
“It is financed by members, who are required to allocate a portion of their income to the movement,[17] and was for many years financed by Saudi Arabia, with whom it shared some enemies and some points of doctrine…
…The Arab Spring brought it legalization and substantial political power at first, but as of 2013 it has suffered severe reversals. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was legalized in 2011 and won several elections… after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution”.

Well, Saudi Arabia IS jewish owned and works together with other jew powers in the East: Israel, Islamic State, Turkey:
The Jewish roots of the Saudi Royal Family

Arab Spring was the jewish answer to Qaddafi, who opposed the Jew World Order.

Actually Arab Spring, so aided by jew-owned puppets Obama and Clinton, started the main jewish terrorism and subversion of the East.

“NATO, you are bombing the Wall that protects you from terrorists of al-Qaeda. If Libya fall, Europe is the next. You are fools!”
– Qadaffi
Yes Libya was this Wall, and this was the main reason they bombed it. They are not fools, they are jews. Thanks them, now we have terrorism and Arab Spring in our countries: Europe, Russia, USA.

Muslim Brotherhood brought to action and produced Arab Spring which destroyed the Wall that protected White Nations of the West from terrorism. Which clearly means that the goal of Muslim Brotherhood is elimination of the White Race. As well as ISIL, as well as al-Qaeda, as well as KGB, ADL… and the rest of proxy Mossad in this world.

However, Al-Banna personage is not the only jew in the story of so called Muslim Brotherhood. Most prominent islamist jew Simon Elliot [aka “Abu Bakr al-baghdadi”] who is involved in both Islamic State and Al-Qaeda on top positions [see:
AL-QAEDA: Created by the Jewish Agency under Israeli Mossad. Adam Gadahn is a Jew by blood
“ISIS” and related terrorist groups created and run by jews!,
…happens to start his “career” at Muslim Brotherhood with a company of other [proxy jewish terrorists]. Here is the proof:

muslim brotherhood is jewish

Youssef Qaradawi Says ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Once Muslim Brotherhood; First English Translation Of Statement

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch 22 October 2014

“The GMBDW has discovered what appears to be the first English translation of the video in which Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi can be seen referring to what is almost certainly Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and explaining that he was once a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

At time 0:44 of the video, posted on the website, Qaradawi refers to “this youngster” who once belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood but desiring leadership and after a period in prison (al-Baghdadi is thought to have spent five years in an American detention facility) went on to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS).

It would appear that al-Baghdadi joins the ranks of other infamous terrorist leaders such as Ayman al-Zawahiri, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and Khalid Meshalal who once belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood before going on to joining leading terrorist organizations. In the video (time 1:12), Qaradawi also refers to unidentified “youngsters” from Qatar who also joined ISIS.”

Qaradawi: “Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi used to be with Muslim Brotherhood”

Moreover, Simon Elliot is also not the one whom Muslim Brotherhood’s list of prominent jews ends with. Tel-Aviv jew Adam Pearlman – also known as “Adam Yahiye Gadahn” – also happens to hang around in this company. According his biography he was first “introduced” into the terrorism by a mosque controlled by Muslim Brotherhood:

“Adam Gadahn provides a case study into the effects that violent ideology can have on marginalized youth. Growing up, he had very little access to the internet, so he did not become indoctrinated until he was able to begin attending a mosque that was under Muslim Brotherhood control.”

Looks like Muslim Brotherhood plaid the same role for judeo-islamic terrorism as Frankfurt School did for jewish communism (see Jewish communizing of America). Muslim Brotherhood is like Alma Mater where all most successful jewish terrorists came from. It is like a hornet queen for the Operation Hornet’s Nest.