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Muslim Threat is Proportional to White genocide

This is important and something to be aware of. Not too many people know of the power of Islam. Over the years, we have attacked and exposed Judaism and Christianity. Directly attacking Islam is another matter. That shit is pure evil. Enemy ETs really take notice, if you get what I mean. However, we will continue to work relentlessly to destroy this worst of plagues upon humanity.

High Priest Hooded Cobra mentioned how Christianity was basically created to deter Whites and forcibly remove our spiritual knowledge and abilities, while mass murdering our Pagan peoples. He also brought to our attention the connection between that Kaaba black box (which was originally Pagan, and was hijacked by Islam), and the black box orthodox Jews wear on their foreheads, again, creating a channel for slavish energies.

Islam, not Christianity, is the major bulwark for the Jews and enemy ETs. Muslims “pray” 5 times every single day. The energy that goes into Islam (mostly nonwhites), is way beyond that of Christianity.

Notice how Islam is being pushed real hard now on the populace? What was once White Europe? The more the nonwhite population continues to explode, the more the White population dwindles, and Islam is the enemy program of choice. The entire world of nonwhites, every single day, slavishly providing an energy supply to these assholes.

Most people here can see this. This Islam SHIT is more than most people have been aware of. My point is when we start getting into fighting it spiritually, we find it has much more purely evil power than we ever suspected.

Yom Kippur is coming up soon. We will be posting reminders to all of the groups for specific RTRs to do.

For some 16 years now, we have focused on exposing Christianity and its vile Jewish root. Islam is hundreds of times worse in destructive and totally evil energy.

Never underestimate this foul, rotten Islam or take it lightly. This is very serious. We must work to destroy it at all costs. I can’t impress upon everyone here, the deadly seriousness of this. Islam was the latest in coming from enemy ETs, which reared its ugly head in the 7th century. Like Christianity, everything it has was hijacked and corrupted in order to create a massive energy producing slave state for the Jews and enemy ET parasites too feed off of.

Islam put the cap on Christianity. We Whites are by nature, rebellious and we are NOT, servile. Nonwhites are servile by nature. Islam has targeted nonwhites for centuries. The enemy feeds off of them.

The more the White population dwindles, the more the enemy will push an Islamic takeover.

I also want to add here in closing, communism was aimed at mostly Whites. This stepping off point from Christianity finished the job of spiritual disarmament for Whites.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Civilization isn’t something to take for granted.