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Never forget Our Gods

I already replied to a post on this, but another thing I want to add here… When I was very new to Satanism, one of the things our Gods impressed upon me was they did not want humanity to “forget them.” In other words, not know they ever existed. I wrote my best at the time in the Demons’ section of the JoS and how our people should promote our Gods in any way they can. IN songs, art work, band names and other things I suggested at that time in return for favors granted to us from our Gods.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have take steps in eliminating all of the holidays such as Xmas and Easter, even celebrating one’s birthday. This is because all of these holidays, as they will openly admit are Pagan. Other fundamentalist xian sects [xian = Christian for those who are new here] work to remove all of the Pagan celebrations and traditions from these holidays and replace them with that scumbag Nazarene; attacking Santa Claus, gift-giving, Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny etc. There are even xian placards that state “Easter is not about the Easter Bunny” for instance. Many are also deceived with the Jewish communist agenda that promotes atheism. Truth be known, communist countries are not all that harsh towards xianity and related Jewish filth. The end goal though is to remove all of the xian crap because it comes with the Pagan baggage. Xianity still has not completely disconnected itself from the STOLEN Pagan holidays, mala beads and many other things, as xianity has nothing of its own.

The Stolen Year

This here is exceptionally blatant. All of the truth and history is systematically being removed and replaced with lies, the most blatant ones being the Bible and the Koran. When all evidence is gone through deliberate destruction, the Jews are then at liberty to seal their agenda. An atheist knows nothing of spirituality and is helpless to fight back against forces he/she does not even believe to exist, let alone know how to. The Jews then become “God.” Anyone who poses a serious threat is dealt with through their version of black magick- child sacrifice…Jewish ritual murder.

The Christian Mass and How it Ties into Jewish Ritual Murder

All evidence is destroyed and the Jews replace it all with their lies. Like I already wrote, the Bible is very blatant as is the Koran.

One of the most important messages I ever received form our Gods is “Never let them forget us.” If we forget our True Gods and where we come from, then all is lost…

The Holy Bible: A Book of Jewish Witchcraft

-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich