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On Race

I can see from the numerous posts here, not too many members know about race. This is a very extensive topic to cover. Before I go on, please remember that very few Whites are 100% pure anymore. The Jew pushes trying to destroy the few, as they have invaded Scandinavia with nonwhites. The Nordic countries.

Now, I won’t get into a long discussion here, but just to answer the latest threads. Regarding Slavic people… Slavic people are part Asiatic. Now, not every person who, for example is Russian and speaks the Slavic language is Slavic.

Some 1,000+ years ago, Ghengis Khan invaded Europe. This is why many Europeans/Whites have brown eyes, black hair. Pure 100% Whites have fine light blonde hair and blue eyes, BUT, know just because someone is blonde and blue, this does not automatically make them White. I’ve seen blonde haired, blue eyed Jews. Again, though, the other physical features come through.

Getting back to the Slavic people, they have large faces, like Native American Indians who are also Asiatic. The classic stocky babushka Russian woman is classic Slavic. Again, not all Russians are Slavic. Take Olympic gymnast Svetlana Khorkina, she is Russian, but not Slavic. She appears to have German and/or Scandinavian in her ancestry. Slavic people have the large faces and are usually built stocky.

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. My kids have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have seen many other women who had dark hair and eyes have children with blonde hair and blue eyes as well. In most cases, the father’s coloring determined the hair and eye color of the children.

On another note, regarding the strong influence of the father, I saw a young very dark black woman years ago when waiting for the bus. She had an infant in a carrier that appeared to be White. I asked her if her baby’s father was White and she said “yes.”

Upon looking at him closer, he had the negroid features and the coarse hair, but his skin was very white.

On another note, people with red hair and freckles are part black. I have seen several blacks who were light-skinned, freckled and had tinges of red hair.

Old time actor Gregory Peck was known as “Black Irish” though he didn’t have red hair or freckles.

You also need to know the history of a country to determine the racial makeup of its citizens. Like I said, very few are 100% pure. Race mixing in the examples above, they are classified as White.

People here need to know about race. Like I said, it is a very extensive topic to cover in just one post.

I will try to answer questions on race here.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

I need to clarify… Yes, Slavic peoples are classified as White, which they are mostly White. Also, people with red hair and freckles. The nonwhite genes go way, way back, and they are very mostly White. There are degrees of White.

The black woman with the very light skinned baby; the baby is not, nor ever can be White. He is mulatto.

Another black person who was often mistaken for being White was Lena Horne, by people who knew nothing of race.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Jewish slave owners owned ALOT of Irish slaves and because they were so much cheaper than importing black slaves, the slave owners would have their black male slaves rape multiple young Irish girls, aged as young as 12 to create plenty of slave children for themselves, this is where the ginger gene from blacks would have come from. However unlike the stereotype, very few Irish people are red heads. Most are blonde and brown haired and even in current red heads, their ginger genes are dying out, the red head gene is expected to become extinct in just a few generations.

You also have to take into account old European races also had auburn hair, something that gets mistaken for the red head gene which exists in Germanic and Nordic peoples.


Thank you for this. As I already wrote, few people are 100% pure anymore. Once the seed is lost, the entire race is lost. The Third Reich knew this and tried to prevent it.

As for yourselves, stop being self critical. I have dark brown, almost black hair (now grey), and brown eyes. I’ve never had any issue with it. I could care less.

Also, in response to another post here concerning Demons, many are of different ET races, who are friendly to humanity. Also, some were humans who achieved the Godhead, and are helping us by choice.

I didn’t post what I did to have people here being self critical in any way. Adolf Hitler had very dark brown hair and Heinrich Himmler had black hair and Josef Goebbels had black hair and brown eyes, just to mention a few, but the important thing they knew was the truth about race and they worked towards bringing our White race to perfection and breeding healthy people through eugenics.

Look to it for what it is for. And thank you again unidentified_druid, I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. You seem to be educated about race. This is important. I didn’t know the details about the Black Irish, other than actor Gregory Peck, his features could be mistaken for a Jew. That’s why it’s so important to know about race.

Again, knowing the history of a country sheds light on the racial makeup of its citizens.

If the Jewish filth hadn’t started WW2, Adolf Hitler could have wiped out nearly all genetic diseases within 2 generations through the use of eugenics.

Now, as the Jew works to exploit illnesses (a sick, drug dependant population is worth billions), the promotion of diseases is rampant. Incessant subliminals in the media, etc. The rape of the environment, GMOs, etc. All of these create a tremendous profit.

And AGAIN, STOP picking yourselves apart!!! I posted what I did to educate, not to have people here being self critical!!

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich


We should just draw the line somewhere like as long as someone is 85% White then they’re with us and it’s okay to date them, the rest of it we can fix through eugenics over time or even genetic engineering in the future or biokinesis, if you advance to that level you can do it yourself.

(That does NOT include Jewish mixed)


This is what I mean, 85- 90% White, which is what the ethnic people we have been discussing are. This is where most White people are at. White.

The point here, I’ve seen threads where members here don’t even know what pure White is. AGAIN, very few of us are, but in being White, this goes back hundreds of years in the case of some mixings, like with red hair and freckles. Yes, people with red hair and freckles are White. The reason I brought this up was because I remember a post some time ago in here where someone claimed this to be a White trait, which it is not. I have also seen others making similar claims as to other genetic traits. These go way back. Most people don’t know hardly anything about race.

Heinrich Himmler selected SS members where going back 300 years, they had to be 100% Aryan.

The most important thing, and the enemy knows this, is once the small minority of racially pure people are gone, the seed for the White race is gone forever. The Nazis knew this and this was why they tried to breed more blonde haired, blue eyed Aryan people. Blonde hair and blue eyes are the seed trait of the White race. This is from the Nordic Gods. Once this is lost, our race is lost forever.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich