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Satan, Aryanism, and The Al-Jilwah

Satan is Sanat Kumara/Melek Taus, the Peacock King of the Sanatana Dharmic Aryans of Vedic-Hindu India. India and Tibet were populated by the Native Aryan Race before the uncivilized mud races came and waged war against Satan’s people–our people. This was when our Race went west to Sumeria, Babylon, and Egypt, as well as Northern and Western Europe.

As other Joy of Satan/Black Sun High Priests have stated, Satan means Eternal Truth in Sanskrit–one of the earliest languages, common among both humans and the White Gods. However, it is Vedic Sanatana Dharma Hinduism that is Satanic, and it predates the non-White, Kosher, corrupted piss and shit that we see associated with “Hinduism” today. Regardless, unlike the labyrinth of mystical paths with only a flickering candle that is offered to light the way on the cobwebbed path to enlightenment in the Western Mysteries, the Far East, where there are still very strong Satanic Aryan energies, there are answers that are readily available for the Aryans who have eyes to see and ears to listen.

The point of this statement, is that, like Thoth’s statements about “those of the blood” and how certain mud races are completely hopeless when it comes to any attempt at civilizing them, Satan gave us the same warning in The Al-Jilwah. I am currently writing a sermon that briefly mentions how the White Aryan Race used to be Gods and Goddesses, but the *true* “Fall” occurred when inter-breeding occurred between Aryans and the lesser races. This is Satan’s message in The Al-Jilwah.

For those of you who don’t already know, or had guessed, but weren’t sure in regards to what Satan says in the Al-Jilwah… Yes, the three things that Satan says are against him are the Jews, the Christians [deluded White Gentiles, mostly], and Muslims [mostly Islamic racial scum], Satan told me that, in the Al-Jilwah, when he states that he does not allow friendly association with other people, this was a warning to us that if we get on friendly terms with outside races other than for public relations, then miscegenation and race wars, as well as the eventual complete extinction of our bloodline that originated from Satan, himself will be the result, and it would be the Jews who are once again the victors, with their Jewish King, the equivalent of the fictitious Jesus of the Gospels ruling from his Jerusalem headquarters. When Satan clarified that statement from the Al-Jilwah, is when he told me that when people reincarnate, the souls of each individual choose a body that is of the same race and gender, as from their previous lives. The corrupted concept of “Karma” can try to say that some people can reincarnate as animals or a tree branch or a stone, but none of this is true. Satan knows what he is talking about.

The most important thing that I can state for this message right now is that any White Aryan person who is against the Jewish people and will fight to the death for Satan, is themselves, *a Satan,* since the name that means Eternal Truth in Sanskrit means Enemy and Adversary of the Jewish people in Hebrew. While it is HaSatan [the Satan/Enki-Samael] whom the Jewish people fear the most, it is a united White Aryan Race that has returned to its Pagan roots that bring out the Satan that is within all of us–the enlightened Serpent, if you will. It is the Fuhrer who will rise again, not the fictional messiah of the Jewish people.

Do you want to be *a Satan*–an enemy and adversary of the Jews? Fight for Satan, but do what Satan would do… PUT YOUR RACE FIRST AND EVERYTHING ELSE SECOND!! This does NOT mean to skip meditations and other methods to perfect your individual soul, but it does mean that there may come a time that you will have to put away the amusements and distractions that the Jews have hooked us into their domestication “farm” with for two goddamned seconds, such as iPhones, iPods, nicotine, drugs, alcohol, porn, and related guilty pleasures and vices. While I would never personally wish to treat such vices as “sinful,” I am speaking about the health and well-being of one’s entire race, rather than just the individual. More about this in just a short while…

While the homosexual population has a lot of work to do in order to detoxify from the egalitarian, politically correct Christos-Marxist lies, as well as behavior that puts the White Aryan Race in danger because of animal-like promiscuity [not all third sex people are like this], and drug and alcohol abuse, it is just as much the fault of “White Evangelical Christianity” that is to blame for the third sex to leave their posts of protecting the Family and grow up to learn how to be father and mother figures for entire Nations. There will also be some third sex individuals who will be able to procreate, but pressure cannot be put upon a person to perform such a task. It would be just like trying to force a person to meditate under gunpoint. The people who call themselves Satanists, but see ALL homosexuals to be “dirty subhuman queers” are NOT Satanists! They are the Christians who still have moral and religious issues about homosexuality, but grasp at invisible straw men “arguments” to come up with a fake “racial” reason to be against it. Regardless, like I have already stated, all of this is two-sided. The homosexual population needs to wake up just as much as the Christos evangelicals.

In response to something High Priestess Maxine Dietrich stated earlier in a reply to someone here, RACIAL BLOOD IS SPIRITUAL!! The Jews have trained our people to have sympathy and compassion towards inferior races. I used to be open about some of my knowledge [as opposed to “beliefs”] with certain friends and relatives, but needless to say, that didn’t go over to well. However, my father is a Patriotic, pro-White, but also, unfortunately, pro-Christian atheist. I just ordered a copy of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth and The Lost Book of Enki for him so he can compare and contrast what he thought he knew in comparison with the facts. Luckily, he is open-minded.

When I finally read Alfred Rosenberg’s The Myth of the Twentieth Century, despite his bullshit about “Negative [Jewish/oriental] Christianity” versus “Positive Aryan [Pagan] Christianity,” last February, I was in complete awe because I knew from the depths of my deepest soul that he was in communication with Satan about many of the things that he did get right, namely many events of Aryan history, and the FACT that we DO have a collective Aryan soul.

It is my Satanic inner knowing that Satanic hedonistic individualism can only go so far unchecked without there being a penalty. This isn’t about “sinfulness versus righteousness” or any other Christian SHIT! What this IS about is the fact that every individual Aryan is like a “stream” while the actual Aryan Race is more like an “ocean.” Each individual stream pours into the ocean…the larger picture. With drugs, miscegenation, rape, violence, murder, pedophilia, and related vices are acted upon enough times by individuals of a race, these vices CONTAMINATE/POISON/TAINT our collective blood. When it comes time for an Aryan soul to reincarnate, there are fewer and fewer Aryan bodies to choose from. As this degeneration progresses, eventually, the very memory of planet Earth’s Race of Creators, Civilization-builders and Culture-bearers gets utterly blotted out.

We still have Satan and we still have hope on our side. There is still enough for us to go around, but if we keep wasting it, we will never get it back. For anyone who says, “But High Priest Jake Carlson is a homosexual! What could his sex life possibly have to offer our race when he speaks of putting Race first?” Well, that is easy. I am an Aryanist. Aryan = [White] Satanist and I will be accepting my rightful place as an Aryan Leader. While I am in a life-long relationship, I still would have more time on my hands than a heterosexual couple who has their responsibilities including children to raise. Although none of this is anybody’s business in the first place, many people forget that although Adolf Hitler is heterosexual, he was a Leader and a father for an entire Nation, rather than a father of biological children. Such will be the position of some individuals who are what the Hindu scriptures refer to as “impotent with the opposite sex.”

Satanism is the Racial Religion that many of us here know to be called ARYANISM. If you know anyone who is racially alert, but is a closed-minded asshole when it comes to Satanism, press their buttons subtly, but surely, until they KNOW that Satanism and Aryanism are not in any way separate, but are 100% identical.

Always remember that while Satan is flesh and blood *real,* as well as is to be taken literally, he is also the foundation of the Aryan Race. Putting your Race first and foremost is to put Satan first and foremost, and putting Satan first, in an Aryanist context, is to put your Race right where it’s supposed to be…FIRST!



-High Priest Jake Carlson