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Satan: The Father of all “Infidels” / White Race part 3. Children of «The Left Side»

The messenger asked:
– Tell me, which one of humans do you hate the most?
Shaitan answered:
– You, O Muhammad!

In Bereshit I, the first part of Zohar, we meet with such an appeal to the Jews: “It is you who are called “humans”, and not other nations, “ministers of stars and constellations.” “Ministers of stars and constellations” are also known as “Akumas”.

[My note, most Ancient language, the runes, was born out of Constellations and their symbols. Russian word Язычники [Yaazitchniki] (translation: Gentiles / Pagans) literally means “different tongue”, smb who speaks different tongue, alien, foreigner. Kikes identified alien blood with the language based on Stars and Constellations which refers to our, Gentiles’, most Ancient language.]

In “Bereshit III” “Rabbi Akiba said:” The living individual “is Israel, because they [the Jews] are the sons of the Holy One, if He is blessed, and from Him their souls come. But whence come the souls of the rest of the peoples, the Akum? Rabbi Eleazar replied: “They come from the” left side, “and all these nations are unclean and make all those who approach them impure.” It should be noted that in Kabbalah the term “left side” is almost equivalent to “the other side”, i.e. On the “left side” there are negative, negative and in the limit infernal aspects of creation. The “Left Side” is populated by Demons.

Somewhat below Rabbi Eleazar continues: “Living individuals” are the sons of Israel who constitute a living, holy and supreme individuality. “Animals, insects and wild animals” are all other peoples, idolaters who are not “living individuals”.

Elsewhere Zohar -Vayats-Rabbi Aba said: “Blessed is the share of Israelites who are placed above all other peoples, since the level of Israelites belongs to the upper world, and the level of all other peoples is to the lower world. The Israelites belong to the side of holiness, other peoples to the side of impurity. The Israelites are on the right; all the rest are on the left. ”

Mudslimes consider left hand “unclean”, use it for wiping their ass after defecation and punishes their own for using it for anything else. Xians make crosses on themselves only using their right hand. Kissing right hand of the preacher, etc.

According islamic texts, Satan does everything «with his left hand». Everyone who does anything with his left hand, “does it with Satan”, i.e. on Satan’s side.

“When one of you eats, let him eat with the right hand, and when he drinks, then he drinks with the righthand, because Shaytaan eats with his left hand and drinks with his left hand.” Muslim 3764

“He who eats with his left hand, the Shaytaan eats with him” (Tuhfat al Ahvazi, commentary on the hadith of 1721)

Hafsa, the wife of the prophet (let her memory be shamed) reported that the prophet (sperm and lice be unto him) used his right hand for food and drink, and dressing, and used the left for everything else. Abu Daoud, 30

An-Nawawi said:
“This is a clear rule in the Sharia. It should be performed at the following: dressing, entering the mosque, using the misfake, incantation with incense … combing your hair … shaving your head, salaam at the end of the prayer, ghusl and voodoo, going out of the toilet, drinking and eating, shaking hands, greeting Black Stone, etc. this is when we should use the right hand, start right.
The opposite (ie use of the left hand) is applied when: entering the toilet, leaving the mosque, removing the shirt, shoes and trousers, etc. In these cases, we should start on the left side and use the left hand. All this is done because of the honor to the right hand and the right side ”

“When a man ate with his left hand in his presence, the prophet (sperm and lice be unto him) said: “Eat with your right hand.” He said: “I can not” He said: “Let it be you could never!” Since nothing but stubborn ignorance prevented him [from obeying the prophet], he could never raise his right hand to his mouth.” Muslim, 3776

The last paragraph is very revealing regarding mental health of the prophet…

Mental health is severe problem for every muslim. If you notice, in muslim forums they have a lot of problems they dwell on which just do not exist for normal people. For example, they spend a lot of time discussing how to wipe your ass if you are left-handed. How to live not using left hand, how to avoid prison beating your wife, how to immigrate to civilized country with child wife etc.

The same with christians. They have Jehovah witnesses who wait for the end of the world every single minute. Every single day. They live in forests, bunkers, holes – like hobbits. Always try to hide somewhere. Mentally healthy people just can’t realize how dangerous and how apocalyptic it is around…

Less funny thing is that every such psychosis has additional reason aside of just mocking these deluded fools. And here is the one for bashing left hand.

Left hand is ruled by the Right side of the brain, which rules extraordinary abilities, creativity, intuition and prediction. Right side of the brain contains all memories of our past lives and possess the ability that provides access to all knowledge at all. Future, past and the present. It also possesses the ability to create Magnum Opus and attain physical immortality. It contains the Serpent.

Also, left side of the body and right side of the brain respectively, corresponds to the female energy channel, Ida, which starts at the Base and goes up to the Lunar chakra through the left. It is traditionally depicted black or very dark color. Blackness, darkness, is traditional symbol of everything mysterious, secret, unknown. Knowledge that was concealed because of the great Power it gives.

Brain is traditional seat of the soul according Celt mythology. And right side of the soul is traditional seat of Power.

This part of the Soul is the most cursed. Muslim attitude to women speaks for itself, due woman is a walking live symbol and incarnation of the Right Side of the soul, i.e. Left Side of the body, i.e. spiritual symbolism of the Left Hand.

Then Iblis said:
– Whatever the woman is and does … When she gets up from the place where she sat, Shaitan immediately sits down in her place … Each woman’s chest certainly has one Shaitan …

When muslim immigrants in Europe are discontent with their food, they usually say: “this food is not fit even for a dog. This is food for a woman”.

Women are “trap of Shaitan” according quran, and sometimes you will find more of Shaitan in a woman than in Shaitan Himself:

“The Messenger of allah, may his name be shamed, said:” Verily, the machinations of women are greater than the machinations of Shaitan, because allah Almighty says: “Truly, Shaytan’s machinations are weak” (An-Nisa, 4:76), and He Said: “Verily, your (women’s) machinations are great!” “This hadeeth brings in his tafsir al-Qurtubi in the interpretation of 28 verses from the surah “Yusuf.”

“Oh, women, give alms, for, verily, I saw that you are the majority of the inhabitants of hell!” – mohammed.

Wife beating:
But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them.
Quran 4:34

One of the obligatory part of 5 times mudslime prayer is such a blasphemous curse against Satan that I can’t even repeat, which prescribes the same treatment of Satan as the above mentioned of rebellious wives.

Women are very often mentioned in quran as a good substitute for Shaytan Himself and curses thrown on them two are very alike: beatings, throwing into Hell and residing there forever. In absolutely all Abrahamic programs these two share the same things: they both are “unclean”, they both “from birth belong to Hell”, they both “sin by their Beauty alone”, and they both are symbolic of the Kabbalistic “Left Side” or “Left Hand”.

“Left Hand Path” is the name of our religion, Satanism. We use this symbol when dedicate our souls to Satan, taking blood from our left index finger and writing our name with it in blood.

The denigration and exclusion of women in RHP religions is also for a specific purpose. As Thoth stated, everything comes in two’s for balance and harmony. Two is the creative force. The female energy within us all is the subconscious and the psyche. The female aspect connects us to the higher dimensions of the mind in balance to the male logical side of the brain. The two ideally, should work together in harmony. The kundalini energy is of the female part of the soul. By attacking and denigrating women, this further suppresses this energy subliminally.

Destroying this female energy is fundamental to the enemy agenda. Once this feminine energy is completely subdued, the intuition and higher consciousness are switched off and become dominated by the lower consciousness. The chakras below the heart, which is the switch off point and connector of the seven chakras, remain disconnected and a serious imbalance results. The Church and its controlling cohorts are well aware of the imbalance that occurs when this female energy is cut off. The chakras all work together.

What then occurs is a total loss of a much needed sense, also known as “the sixth sense.” Humanity is spiritually blind and through this, have become total victims. This is the goal of the Christian Church, to prepare Gentiles to be ignorant and unquestioning slaves who are unable to fight back at the hands of Jewish masters [the communist state]. For example, when an adept Jew throws a curse, the Gentile victim who has been indoctrinated with the lies of Christianity is helpless and succumbs to it. He/She can’t even see it coming, and doesn’t even know. This way, the Jews become “God.”

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich. Exposing Christianity website / e-book. Chapter Why Christianity Attacks and Suppresses Human Sexuality

The abomination is that, although the humiliation of women in Jewish religions is symbolic at its core and it has to do with the part of the soul, and not the person. You believe in it … you worship it… you put your spiritual power in it … and on the output you get it. The output is not just losing abilities of mind and soul, but also the humiliation of a real person, which symbolically, kabbalistically corresponds to these abilities. Shekinah – this is the container of jewish spiritual knowledge, the Jewish Shakti [“Shekinah” is our stolen word “Shakti”], the power of the Jewish soul, the alchemical Woman. For us, the symbol of such efforts is Lilith and other Goddesses. And Satan himself, who gave us this power. But those who pay the price are we: our mothers, sisters, daughters, loved ones.

We pay the price for the crime against the Left Side – The Shakti – and here is this price: (quotes of Satan, Hadith “Revelation of Satan”)

“The messenger (DUNG, URINE, SPERM AND LICE FOREVER BE UPON HIM!!) changed the subject of the conversation and asked:

– And tell me, what happens to you when my ummah stands up for salah?

– Oh Muhammad, I’m in a fever, I’m trembling all over.

– Why is this happening to you?

– Because the slave, bowing before allah, makes the soap and therefore rises one level higher.

– And when they are fasting, how do you feel?

– Then I am immobilized by fetters until they perform the Iftar.

– And when they make hajj, how do you feel?

– At this time I’m going crazy.

– What do you feel when they read the quran?

– Then I melt, just as lead is melted in the flames of fire.

– And how do you feel when they serve sadaqah (alms)?

– Yes, my condition then gets very hard. As if the one who falls down in sadaqah, is holding a saw and sawing me in two.

– And what melts your body?

– Repentance in sins.

– And what is it that breaks your liver, crushing it?

– Long repentance before allah, lasting days and nights.

– And what make your face twist?

– The alms given in secret.

– What blinds your eyes?

– Salah, performed at night.

– What makes you bow your head?

– Many prayers performed by jamaato.

– Who do you think is the happiest person?

– The one who deliberately stopped making salah.

When they steal our money, when they make us throw black magic against ourselves, undermine our own power and authority, when they force us to fall on the ground in front of the enemy and give it our last drop of Power in the middle of the night, Shaitan is in a fever, trembling all over and going crazy… Fools, this is not Shaitan … this is ourselves, our health, our energy, our vital reserves, whatever you want. You tear apart your own life. Your energy, that causes your blood run your veins and your brain wake up in the morning … it is not taken just out of nowhere, it is taken out of you – and you spend it on the enemy, on humiliating yourself in front of the enemy. Your energy is your alchemical Woman, your Spiritual Power, your ability to influence your own life – and you give it to the enemy. That’s what you do. You destroy yourself. YOU ARE SHAITAN ACCORDING QURAN!!!!

And the happiest person is the one who deliberately stopped performing salah, returned his Power, stopped feeding enemy god that seeks his humiliation, and forever stepped out of the worst curse ever, islam!

– Tell me, which one of humans do you hate the most?

– You, O Muhammad!

Tell me now only one thing, oh allah. How it came that machinations of us, humans, are greater than the machinations of Shaytan?? And how it came that in front of us, Shaytan’s machinations are weak?? …

“Ministers of stars and constellations” are also known as “Akumas”.

“They [Akumas] come from the “left side,” and all these nations are unclean and make all those who approach them impure.” It should be noted that in Kabbalah the term “left side” is almost equivalent to “the other side”, i.e. On the “left side” there are negative, negative and in the limit infernal aspects of creation. The “Left Side” is populated by Demons.

“The Israelites are on the right; all the rest are on the left. “.

BECAUSE WE ARE CHILDREN OF SHAITAN. Because it’s the only way to have so much of another being, even more of this being than this being has in himself – by being his blood.

“Jewish esotericism – Kabbalah – develops this topic in a mystical vein. According to Kabbalah, the entire structure of the universe has two poles – right and left. The right pole (right side) means goodness, mercy; Left (left side) – punishment, censure.

The right good side, through a series of rather complex Kabbalistic operations, is embodied in a special instance called “Sephira * Malkut *”, “Shekinah” * or “Soul of the World”.

This instance “Malkut” is embodied in the Jewish people, it is identified with its angel. Thus, Jews are interpreted as carriers of the “right side” energy. The rest of the nations (in Hebrew, “goyim”, literally, “peoples”, ie “non-Jews”, “pagans”) come from the energies of the “left side”, the “reverse side” (“siter aher” in Hebrew), from the regions of evil . Consequently, between the souls of Jews and non-Jews there is a deep ontological difference – no less (if not more) than the difference in the internal nature with which we encounter in a caste society. We can say that in this perspective we find the preconditions for “sacred racism”, which justifies ethnic inequality with fundamental metaphysical reasons. Since the Jews see the historical process as a dialectic of opposing the energies of the right and left sides, and more precisely, as the struggle of the “shekina” (“divine presence”) embodied in the Jewish people and their religious tradition, with the “reverse side forces” (represented by the Goy, “Trephine” peoples and kingdoms), then it is not difficult to draw a conclusion about how this affects the problem of interethnic relations in the Jewish context (which creates serious problems in modern Israel). ”

Religion, The Shekinah, is a Jewish racial soul, the “divine presence” embodied in the Hebrew people – is the life force of the Jewish people / race – is the energy potential generated by the biological existence of the Jewish people, which is embedded in genes and is transmitted with a genetic code. And every energy potential of each people lies in the genes of this people. Our energy potential, the life force of our people, is Shaitan. “Left side” is our genetic origin. It is also a source of supernatural abilities (the left side of the body and the right side of the brain), because they are in the blood and are inherited. The subconscious is in the blood.

The Gentile, who symbolically rejects his “left side” in islam, is the Gentile, is rejecting his own Life Force, and the genetic Source of this Life Force, Satan. And together with Satan he rejects his parents, ancestors, clan, hereditary talents and abilities, the homeland and the Earth. Because all of this is of Satan. It belongs to him, originates from Him, exists if and as long as He exists only. His Power is the Power standing behind all our Life.

Luke 4:5-7
And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, ALL shall be thine.

Devil is Devi, same as Shakti, Right side of the brain corresponding to the Left side of the body. Cursing Left Hand is cursing the Devil, cursing the Devil is cursing the Source of Life.

卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐

Sources: (topic showing how mudslimes are worried about toilet and right/left hand issues)
мечеть-мадина.рф/хадис-откровения-шайтана/ (this page is blasphemous to extreme, I did not find it in English. This is hadith called “Revelation of Satan” and is very revealing regarding what real proportions of damage our soul suffered because of islam and other jewish programs. “Shaitan” here is definitely a code word for our Gentile / Aryan Racial Soul and how it suffered at the hands of jewish people is described in this hadith)Недостаток_ума_у_женщин
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