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Spiritual Pollution

Most of us who are full adults know life is hard. There is unimaginable suffering in this world. Humanity tries to cope in many different ways, through religion, and many other programs that offer hope in alleviating, and explaining suffering. Live a certain way, behave a certain way, abstain from this and that and so forth…
All of these different programs exist with claims that following them will put an end to suffering.

I’ve asked Lilith about life as we know it here on earth and how bad things are. She told me there is always suffering in the universe, but much less in better worlds. There are degrees of suffering and here on this earth, its pretty awful. This affects most people and animals, the environment, etc.

When I was growing up in the 1970s, there was surge in books on witchcraft and the powers of the mind being published. This was never before available like this in what we know of history.

My mother had cancer and after reading a couple of these books, she healed herself totally. I remember she would always tell me when I was a teen, to watch my thinking; to always think positively. She warned me that what one always dwells on and thinks about, one attracts into their life.

I learned as I got older, this also has to do with the strength of one’s soul. The stronger one’s mind (focus and intent) and soul, the more powerful in attracting what one dwells upon into one’s life, whether one is aware of this or not. A strong soul is from previous lifetimes, regardless of what one may believe or adhere to in this lifetime.

Lilith has me studying Islam now. One of the biggest problems facing humanity is the lack of knowledge. Even worse, the most rotten programs that are of the enemy intentionally remove and restrict knowledge in order to brutalize humanity into a slave state. Slaves must be kept ignorant.

I was raised Catholic. Compulsory church, the confession box, Catholic school, etc. When I was 14, I attended a Halloween party at a school. There was a girl dressed up like a gypsy reading palms. She read mine. She gave me a bad reading. Of course at 14, this really upset me. This was a turning point in my life. After this reading (she was totally wrong), I began studying palmistry, astrology, the Tarot and more on my own.

To make a long story short, this knowledge exposed the lies of Christianity to me. Idiots were always pushing prayer, but I could see from an early age in knowing astrology, whether “god” would answer those prayers or not. I became an atheist. My mother also left Christianity as well.

Victims are warned and threatened to “have faith” “don’t question” and so forth. This “all knowing” “all powerful” so-called “God” MUST have continuous slavish worship, recognition, promotion, and total devotion in order for it to survive. Now that doesn’t sound very powerful to me. To need all that help from humans.

Though the average person by him/herself isn’t powerful alone, the mass mind is. What a people together dwell on, they draw into their lives. The Middle East for one is an example. As I’ve stated before, even as hideous, odious and repulsive as Christianity is, there isn’t anything more rotten than Islam. The Koran is full of the most profound rot imaginable. To say it’s “sick” is a gross understatement.

Most people here in the West don’t read it and the authentic is in Arabic. Now, when you have millions of people believing in, pushing, and putting their energies into this sick abominable filth every single day, this spiritual pollution and toxic filth affects the entire world and everything in it. The only thing is has in the way of being spiritual is spiritual toxic filth. There is nothing truly spiritual about it.

In addition to this, many Muslims like Christians do a lot of memorization. While Christians are in many cases forced to memorize scriptures, many Muslims memorize the total Koran.

This spiritual pollution becomes imbedded in the mind and soul. This in turn affects the entire world as there is strength in numbers. I remember reading, in regards to Christianity, one murdered, a devout Christian, who delighted in torturing and murdering “witches” read the Bible some 54 times, in its entirety.

Violence begets violence. The Middle East is a hot bed of it. Islam is violence. They attract violence as well as promote it. Islam doesn’t have a structured priesthood like Christianity from what I’ve been learning, but there are prominent recognized leaders.

I read where one, who runs a mosque in the UK, has both hands missing and only one eye. Courtesy of a bomb. There are differing accounts of what actually happened, but most agree this Islamic leader when attempting to construct the murderous device, got some wires crossed the wrong way. The Koran is known for its advice on cutting off hands. What he dwelt on, he attracted.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam, three of the most abominable and completely rotten programs spew their spiritual filth into the minds and souls of unsuspecting humanity, along with creating toxic waves of this malignant life hating fear filled energy on the astral, that has engulfed this planet in death energy of the ugliest kind.

The earth is dying. For centuries and centuries, Christianity has viciously and brutally attacked and held back science (so has Islam, though they lie and deny it), yet the average fundamentalist Christian makes full use of technology and modern conveniences to spew their foul lies all over this planet.

We have been held back dangerously. The enemy Greys who are behind these truly evil programs (in the Koran, it reads “We” many different times for that swine excrement Allah). The human hating Greys are way ahead in their technology. Our most advanced technology is like antiques in comparison. This is where we are at because of programs of toxic suicidal indoctrination murdering scientists, and viciously suppressing scientific thought and learning.

Spiritual pollution of the most toxic kind, spreads and permeates everything. The people of the Middle East for one, have suffered extreme violence, ugly wars, bombs, skulls blown open, grave injustices (like the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews), and this has its foundation in the Koran. They dwell on the Koran, the vile verses in it, that murderer and liar Allah, and this is where it gets them. The grave injustice and oppression of Sharia law, and they are forever having injustices perpetrated against them, as they bow down before injustice, violence, extreme hatred and negativity and worship it.

These programs permeate everything with their spiritual toxic filth. This entire world is so saturated with this spiritual pollution, that everyone suffers, even animal life.

Unless something is done to completely annihilate and destroy this spiritual vermin, no one has a chance.

In closing, I use the term “spiritual” to convey waves of toxic energy that is sent out on the astral through belief, slavish worship, dwelling on and promoting. In these programs, there is actually nothing spiritual. Just histories of fictitious assholes, advice on killing and warfare and related degenerate suicidal advice for humanity.

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High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Civilization isn’t something to take for granted.

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