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The Black Stage of the Philosopher’s Stone: a full exposure of where and why the islamic “relic” was stolen

Given that the Black Stone itself is stolen from our Philosopher’s Stone, the following are the exact quotes from which the whole story of its mysterious “blackening” and other all kinds of coloring is stolen.

“‘When the black stone descended, it was whiter than milk, but the sins of the sons of Adam made it black.'”
(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 877; Ahmad, 2792. Classed as saheeh by Ibn Khuzaymah, 4/219. Al-Haafiz ibn Hajar classed it as qawiy (strong) in Fath al-Baari, 3/462). ”

Original source:

(37) Now as to the colors, that which does not make black cannot make white, because blackness is the beginning of whiteness, and a sign of putrefaction and alteration, and that the body is now penetrated and mortified. From the putrefaction therefore in this water, there first appears blackness, like unto broth wherein some bloody thing is boiled. Secondly, the black earth by continual digestion is whitened, because the soul of the two bodies swims above upon the water, like white cream; and in this only whiteness, all the spirits are so united, that they can never fly one from another. And therefore the laton must be whitened, and its leaves unfolded, i.e., its body broken or opened, lest we labor in vain; for this whiteness is the perfect stone for the white work, and a body ennobled to that end; even a tincture of a most exuberant glory, and shining brightness, which never departs from the body it is once joined with. Therefore you must note here, that the spirits are not fixed but in the white color, which is more noble than the other colors, and is more vehemently to be desired, for that as it were the complement or perfection of the whole work.

(38) For our earth putrefies and becomes black, then it is putrefied in lifting up or separation; afterwards being dried, its blackness goes away from it, and then it is whitened, and the feminine dominion of the darkness and humidity perisheth; then also the white vapor penetrates through the new body, and the spirits are bound up or fixed in the dryness. And that which is corrupting, deformed and black through the moisture, vanishes away; so the new body rises again clear, pure, white and immortal, obtaining the victory over all its enemies. And as heat working upon that which is moist, causeth or generates blackness, which is the prime or first color, so always by decoction more and more heat working upon that which is dry begets whiteness, which is the second color; and then working upon that which is purely and perfectly dry, it produces citrinity and redness, thus much for colors. WE must know therefore, that thing which has its head red and white, but its feet white and afterwards red; and its eyes beforehand black, that this thing, I say, is the only matter of our magistery.
-The Secret Book of Artephius

Another description of the various stages of the Philosopher’s Stone:

Geber’s Discovery of Secrets
This Geber text was translated by Robert R. Steele from the original manuscript. It was the first work printed by the Geber Society in England. This has been transcribed by Antonio Balestra.
(On the Silvering of Copper and Iron)
atrributed to Geber

Abu Musa Djaber ibn Hayan El Azder El Kufi says: – You must value and not contradict what is written; remember
well how to manage without diminishing or augmenting, take as much as you wish of the stone mixed with its
mixture and grind it with some water, mixed with copperas and sal ammoniac until it becomes black. Then put it
very near a very slight heat until it smells like semen. When it has that smell take it away and wash it slowly with some clear water, and then roast it gently until you notice a visible vapour. In this way its water will be driven off, and the stone itself will become light, without losing its essence. Take it off and dip it again into water, powdering it under water, and roast it as before. Its blackness begins to diminish. Take off the stone when it is dry and its water absorbed. Grind it well in some clear water and roast it again. It begins to be green, and then this blackness will disappear. When you see the stone beginning to turn green, be sure you are in the right path. Move it then when it becomes quite green and has the appearance of verdigris. This will show that the process is right, and the stone has lost its sal ammoniac which would have corrupted it. After powdering it in some water, put it into a vessel well luted with plaster, place it on a gentle fire, and distil off all its water. Be patient and do not be in a hurry to increase the fire which will corrupt it; for you will repent, and your repentance will never be of avail. When you distil off all its water, take it off, and powder it in the same distilled water. Then return it to the vessel, and renew the distillation. I recommend you to distil it 700 times like the rods of myrtle, and Indian cane. I have not explained this hint in any one of my books, but in this only. I have told you the opinion of philosophers without diminishing or increase, and have not concealed anything from you. When the stone becomes green we call it myrtle, and when it returns to yellow, we give it the name of Indian cane. You must know that it becomes gradually black from the first to the last. It remains quite black from five to ten roastings; then it slowly becomes green, and has the colour completely in 50 or 70 roastings. This is the end. If the stone acquires these qualities, there will be no doubt of its goodness. Its yellow colour begins bye-and-bye to disappear and the stone will completely lose its clearness in 70 roastings. Then the stone will have the same degree as the sun, and similar coloured rays. It will burn, and become ashes. They are the same ashes mentioned in the books of philosophers. If you continue the same process, the ashes will become quite white. This is the fourth sign, which is the sign of perfection. Therefore you must continue to proceed as before without diminishing or increase. Then it is necessary to augment the fire just a little, and do not fear the corruption. If you continue to distil it you must return the distilled water on it, and in every distillation the water diminishes; therefore it is necessary, every ten distillations, to add some clear water to the distilled water with which you pulverize it. If the stone begins to turn white, you must continue the same process until it turns very white. This will be from 500 distillations. If the fire diminish, and the operator be clever, knowing well the quantity of fire, from 450 distillations (the total is 900 distillations), the stone, you may be sure, will have a complete and real whiteness. In this state you may operate for giving copper and iron a coating of silver. You can also operate on melted crystal, and pearls, and many other minerals, etc., etc.
-Geber’s Discovery of Secrets

As Umar ibn Al-Khattab said, “Verily, the foundations of islam will undone one by one if there arises in islam people who have never known ignorance.”

“The Gods also have advanced technology that stores information in Crystals and other materials, that cannot be destroyed, or diamonds. Therefore the Truth remains intact.”
– High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

The enemy has his “relics” all over the world, sucking the energy of millions and millions of pilgrims, licking and rubbing against them non-stop. You can always see lines of thousands at the Kaaba and all sorts of popular pilgrimage sites of the xians, moslens and buddhists, licking everything without end. All of these “relics” are artificial and man-made, such as the “heavenly fire” that is openly kindled from a candle standing there. It is also universally known that the Kaaba is not a megalith, but a late-made artificial object with an inner chamber, created by the moslens for worship, and the whole legend is completely stolen and perverted, as shown above.

In doing so, it is created “under” megaliths as a parody and perversion, as you can see real monolithic stone cubes all over the world. You can see that destruction and mockery of megalithic culture is typical enemy behavior.
THIS is inside the MAIN CHAMBER of Angkor Wat?

It is not the Ancient structures of our ancestors that we are licking, but the later perversions of the enemy built in their place and/or foundation, filling it with power and channeling the forces of the foundation and the Earth into it. An example would be all of Israel – it was never the “homeland of the Jews,” and on its ancient ruins of a perfectly different culture is superimposed where millions of pilgrims from all over the world carry their energy. As a result, the jews want to make it the center of their control of the world.


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The Secret Book of Artethius.
Geber’s Discovery of Secrets