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The Islamic Conquest – the Bloodiest Chapter in Human History

It is time our Gentile People knew exactly what the extent of islams vile brutality is. The article is long, but please take the time to read it, and use it to educate those who still believe that islam is harmless or a “religion of peace”.

It is vital that we fight against this sick program!!

Islam is possibly the most sick and twisted of all of the abrahamic enemy programs and the one which has garnered the most bloodshed.

It has waged a war upon and grown like a cancer within the cells of Humanity since its inception. Violence, torture and brutality often come to mind when one thinks of islam and its vile quran, and this is validated by history itself.

Quran 22:19-22: “fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem” “for them (the unbelievers) garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods”

As a jewish program, islam has always displayed a morbid hatred for PAGAN Gentile Humanity. Remember, all Gentiles are Pagan by nature. The Abrahamic filth of the enemy is foreign to our Souls. The above verse, quoted from islams “book of peace” displays in vivid detail this intense hatred of Pagan Gentiles. Not only does it call for the murder of our Pagan People, but for the brutal TORTURE and murder of our Pagan People.

Well, islam has kept true to its word throughout the centuries, upholding this verse and others like it with a sick ferocity that comes so naturally to that tribe of delinquent, bandit thieves and parasites- the jews. Far from being the “religion of peace”, islam spread via means of physical force and coercion. There were basically two choices for you when islam infested your area:

1. Convert and give up your land and personal possessions to your new slave masters and live the rest of your life as a prisoner in your own homeland, paying daily and slavish worship to their alien “god” allah. I.E., your life was pretty crap from that point onwards and there was nothing you could do about it. If you did decide to change your mind somewhere along the line, well that brought you swiftly to choice number 2.

2. Be brutally, publically tortured and slaughtered along with your family and other loved ones.

As well as this, islam also eventually devised another means of forcing conversion: It worked to make life impossible and unbearable to any non-muslims residing in an area where it had spread its vile tentacles. Non-muslims were forbidden to own their own land, forbidden to legally own any possessions, to be involved in agriculture to feed themselves and their families, stripped of all rights and forced to pay exorbitant taxes to the islamic war lords, known as Jizya. They could essentially only be slaves, living imprisoned in the lands that they once built, owned and made to flourish.

This eventually broke the backs of many of the Gentile People who were struggling immensely day by day to feed and clothe their families, and they eventually gave in and converted to islam. (As we know, money and TAX have long been a means for the jews to control Gentile Humanity!) Life was literally a living nightmare under islam, as it still is today. The nightmare has yet to end.

Many who opposed islam and refused to convert soon learned the extent of “allahs love”. Let’s take a look at some examples of the “religion of peace” in action.

The islamic crusades
(aka Genocide of the Pagan East)

There is a mountain range called Hindu Kush in what is now Afghanistan, whose name can be translated as “Death Mountain” because of the amount of bloodshed and death that took place here during the islamic genocide in the 11th century. Here, Hindu referred to the inhabitants originating from the Indus Valley region. These Peoples were Pagans. Original inhabitants of the region were massacred by the hundreds of thousands, literally cut down by the blood thirsty muslim tyrants.

Those who were not slaughtered for whatever reason were taken into the lands that had been conquered by the muslim monsters and kept as slaves. Thousands more died of dehydration, starvation and hypothermia making the terrible journey through the mountain range once they had been captive and enslaved. The Pagan slaves were driven through ice and snow up dangerously steep pass ways with minimal clothing and often very little or no food and water. This was secondary slaughter as it was highly unlikely one would survive this journey in these conditions. If you did happen to survive, you were greeted on the other side by your new life as a slave of the worst kind, treated lower than a dog.

Hindu Kush is but one example. Eye witness accounts from the times of the islamic genocide state the green of the hills and the water running within the streams literally turned crimson with the blood of the murdered Pagan victims.

In 633, muslim lunatics invaded the Ancient City of Ullais situated along the Euphrates River (Modern day Iraq). They were led by a particularly blood thirsty schizo-proto jew by the name of Khalid Ibn Walid, who instructed them to massacre men, women and children mercilessly. Thousands were captured and beheaded and the blood happened to flow into a nearby canal, and was so plentiful that it caused the water to turn red. From this moment, it was nicknamed “blood canal ”or“ Blood River. So from Death Mountain we now move on to Blood Canal. Isn’t islam wonderful? Its historicity literally reads like a horror novel.

There was another muslim crypto jew war lord named Umar Ibn Al Khattab who had such a deep hatred for the Aryan Gentile People known as Airyanem Vaejah that he was recorded as saying he wished there was a mountain of fire between himself and them so that they would never have to meet.

He dedicated his entire life to the slaughter and destruction of these People. After slaughtering one of their tribes, he took a 3 YEAR OLD GIRL as a sex slave. Islam has always condoned and glorified paedophilia. Muhammad himself was said to have taken a 6 year old girl as his wife, sexually defiling her at the age of 9:

Paedophilia and rape: rife and accepted within islam

This deep seated hatred for and fear of Aryans is so typical of the jewish soul, and islam as we know is jewish to its very core.

Umar Ibn Al Khattab, after slaughtering thousands of the Aireyanem/Aryan Pagan People, sold their women as sex slaves in the islamic capital of Medina. This shows the extent of his sadistic and sick hatred of the Aryan Pagans.

The modern day Yezidi People of Iraq are distant descendants of these Airyanem Vaejah, illustrated in the fact that many of these men and women still exhibit the Aryan physical features such as blond hair and blue eyes:

Yazidi children
Yazidi children

Still today, Umar Ibns hatred of our Aryan Gentile People, or should I say the jewish hatred of our People, lives on as we can see in the islamic genocide of these Yazidi’s currently taking place today.

ISIS are guilty of war crimes and are carrying out a genocide of the Yazidi people in Iraq, say the UN

Note how they use rape and impregnation as a means of destruction. They are trying to eradicate the Aryan genes from Humanity altogether. They used the same tactics during the islamic conquests. Many of the women of the conquered lands who were not slaughtered were taken as sex slaves, impregnated and their genes destroyed. The jews often use this tactic to infiltrate, as I spoke about in more detail in my sermon about the true origins of islam. It is also why they encourage and push race mixing upon Gentile Humanity. This is systematic genocide!

The muslim conquest of India was particularly brutal and blood thirsty. India, along with Sri Lanka, are very Ancient and powerful Spiritual seats of Aryan Gentile Humanity. The Ancient Priesthood of India was an Aryan one that ruled under direct Guidance from our Gods. High Priest Mageson has written on this in-depth in many of his sermons, including the one about the True Atlantis.

See more about Atlantis
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It is for this reason that islam attacked India with such brutal ferocity. Historians have called the conquests of India the bloodiest chapter of human history.

As well as millions being tortured and slaughtered from the 6th all the way to the 12th centuries, thousands of Ancient Pagan Temples, Sacred Sites and Libraries containing Ancient Spiritual Knowledge were pillaged and burnt to the ground, totally destroyed. Whatever was not destroyed, was taken and kept as spoils of war by the barbaric invaders and used to their own ends.

In the year 997, an islamic “Sultan” by the name of Mahmud, who had seized control of a city in Afghanistan, led a violent rampage through India, slaughtering inhabitants of villages and stealing their possessions.

He began with Bhimnagar, slaughtering literally every single inhabitant of the village which numbered over 50 000. He emptied the homes and Temples of all valuables before burning them to the ground. He also stormed on Mathura, slaughtering all inhabitants and stealing all valuables. Before he left, he entered Mathura’s most sacred Temple, ordered his troops to take note of the architecture so that he could duplicate one exactly like it for his alien jewish “god”, and then ordered that it be soaked in naptha and set alight. Note the utter arrogance- stealing the architectural design of the Sacred Temple and then destroying it.

At Somnath, he killed 50 000 inhabitants and once again looted the homes and Temples for valuables and burnt them to the ground. There were many other villages that he seized and raised to the ground, and when he did not slaughter an inhabitant, he kept them to be sold as slaves. His greed for money and material possessions was so profound, yet not a cent of his wealth came via honest means. He ended up as one of the richest rulers in history because of the huge amounts he plundered from villages in India and money he made off of selling the captured Pagans as slaves. In turn, he also became one of the most prolific slave traders in Arabia at the time. It was also recorded that each time before he led his troop of barbarians into a village to begin a massacre, he knelt and prayed to his jewish-alien god “Allah”. This schizo-murderer and kleptomaniac was later canonized as a “saint” in islam and is still revered as one of their most beloved leaders. Go figure. The sicker and more twisted you are, the higher status you will have in islam.

Many of his successors followed his shining example, gathering their wealth by no means other than pillaging villages and slaughtering their innocent Pagan inhabitants.

The Ancient City of Delhi was stormed by a muslim tribe from Afghanistan called the Ghuri in 1186. They slaughtered the best of the inhabitants to destroy its livelihood, and the rest they kept as slaves. They trashed the Ancient Temples, smashed statues of the Gods and burnt literature, before seizing the Palaces and taking up residence in them. From here, they distributed the stolen wealth amongst themselves and enforced islamic rule by pain of torture and death. Here, an estimated 50 000 Pagans were chained into lives of slavery in the land they had once called home. It is recorded that 100 000 more were slaughtered.

One of the “Sultans” of Delhi, Bulban’s favourite past time was to have Pagans and others who refused to convert to islam, trampled under the feet of Elephants, their skins removed and had them stuffed with straw to be hung from the Palace Gates to set an example to any who were thinking of standing up against islam.

Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlak was so brutal and enjoyed slaughtering Pagans so much that he was known for having a pile of dead bodies outside his court every single day. It was so bad that his workers complained of being exhausted from transporting all the corpses every day. He also killed a young boy who dared to rebel against him and his islamic rule, and proceeded to force feed his flesh to his mother and family. A blind man once defied one of his orders, and he had him dragged behind a horse ridden from Delhi to Daulatabad, so that only one leg remained of the man when the journey had ended.

Needless to say, this horrific pig is now considered a hero in islam. To any normal person, he would be considered an abominable savage of the worst kind, but in islam he is considered a saint.

Bengal was later besieged under the rule of Sultan Firoz Shah. He offered a huge monetary reward to anyone who killed a Pagan. Better yet if it was done brutally. 180 000 Pagans were killed by muslim savages as prizes.

Sultan Ahmed Khah, his successor, declared celebratory feasts and parties that went on for 3 days every time the number of Pagans slaughtered in one day in any village in India exceeded that of 20 000. This was an incentive to encourage his bands of savages to slaughter Pagans indiscriminately. The islamic world very literally celebrated every drop of blood shed by our Gentile Pagan People.

This is just the tip of the ice berg. A few examples of the bloodshed that took place in India under during the rampage of islam. Over 500 000 Pagans were slaughtered brutally in their own homes. Women were raped before being killed or taken as sex slaves. Children were slaughtered or sold as slaves. India was literally painted red with the blood of our People and the sacred Knowledge given to us as gifts from our Gods was defiled and burned. All in the name of islams jewish alien “god” allah.

The conquests of Egypt and Spain were just as brutal and bloody. Muslim conquests of Egypt led to the final and total destruction of the Ancient Egyptian People and their Sacred Pagan Culture. The sick state that Egypt is in today, rife with poverty, destruction and disease, is a direct result of the islamic conquest. As High Priest Mageson has already written on, Egypt had already been targeted by the enemy from the inside, and had already contracted a cancer that was in the process of eating it away from the inside. This cancer was the jews and their creation of Alexandrian christianity. The jewish program of islam was the final nail in the coffin that sealed the fate of Ancient Egypt for good.

Anyone who knows the above and still considers islam to be a religion of peace is quite simply either mentally unstable or an outright sociopath. Or both. Islam is possibly the finest example of the sick and twisted inner workings of the jewish mind in action. A morbid obsession with torture, blood and death, paedophilia, rape and theft. This is what islam is built on. A river of blood and tears flows beneath its foundation, and it is the blood and tears of our Pagan Gentile People!

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich as well as High Priest Hooded Cobra have written about the parasitic magick of the jews, and how they use blood to feed their rituals. The same goes for fear. Fear is an exceptionally powerful energy. The islamic conquests were literally a gigantic blood sacrifice ritual, dedicated to the jewish thoutform “god” allah.

It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of fighting against this vile program, and working to expose it before the eyes of our Gentile People, for what is truly is! A death machine.

Much more will be added to this article over time. As I said, this is only the tip of the ice berg regarding the bloodshed caused by islam.

Please make our People aware of this!

We must stand and fight against it for the memories of our Pagan Ancestors that were so brutally slaughtered because they refused to convert to the jewish filth of islam, for the future of our world and for the Truth of our God Satan!

Hail Father Satan!!
Hail Beelzebub!!
Hail Lilith!!

Heil Hitler!!
Heil Heinrich Himmler!!

-High Priestess Zildar Raasi

Joy of Satan Ministries