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Satan, Demons, Races and the Kingdoms of the World

Greetings to our satanic people and comrades.

Now, that will touch on the subject that the title says exactly.

Satan and the Demons are and work as a team. Most of the Gods are Nordic, but there are also others, and there are also demigods or, better said, beings that were conceived by humans and the “Annunaki” (those who came from heaven to Earth – the “fallen demons”, likewise) .

The “72 Demons” are just a slight observation of this, as there are many more, because unfortunately Satanism was quite subverted by the enemy, but these “Demons” of Goetia are among the greatest in world affairs. The Jews who wrote this grimoire – given that the Jews are an international element – it seems that they were exactly around the world, stealing knowledge and the names of the deities by all the Gentiles they met, and after a few thousand years, tried a quick hit with that book.

Satan, as mentioned even in the Bible, is the King of Demons and also the King of this World. In Sumer, he is the King of the Earth, and the list goes on. Satan divided the world and gave parts of it to the Demons / Gods who preside over those territories. As for 72 Demons of Goetia, there are immense corruptions, things out of place and purposeful lies by the Jews, but that is only a general idea, which the Jews apparently understood also about Satan’s rule over the world.

There are Demons who were in Egypt and were worshiped as gods. These Gods presided over the land of Egypt and were placed there to observe, if we can say, the beginning of human history. This was their job, and if asked, it still is. Most of the Gods are white, but they have matters to attend to. There are also Gods who preside over the Asian peninsula and helped the Asian people to move forward. Aryans are a ruling and enlightening element, at least for those who seek enlightenment, and they created humanity and gave it life. Those who seek this received the approach of the Gods, who had them under their wings and became their friends, advanced them.

Gods perceive things differently, for they are beings millions of millions of times more intelligent, aware and understanding than humans. The best of humans are like little children compared to them at most.

Years ago I worked with Demon Dagon. On our first meeting, he showed himself to me and introduced himself. Dagon looked completely Arian, his hair was wavy and only slightly less than blond, his eyes were a penetrating blue. His skin was just a little tan. He’s really tall. Now, Dagon started talking to me, and he voiced his concern for his ‘people’. He has love for these people and still takes care of them in ways that they don’t directly understand.

His people are a tribe in the Middle East that was protected by him and was placed under his supervision by Satan and the Gods. As people here must know, Dagon is one of the hated Demons in the bible, and he also ended up in history as a “God of the Philistines”, who were obviously Gentile peoples with more than likely white roots, but a tribe of their own later. Dagon never had anything to do with the blasphemy put on his name. No doubt as to why the Jews are terrified of him, as he is one of their greatest enemies.

If I understand correctly, we have different races and ethnicities, and the Gods see races differently – for example, they do not see “Norwegians” or “Swedes”, they see the White Race when it comes to massive matters. His tribe was of mixed-race Aryans from the Middle East, and they are special to him, something like the Yezidis. He also told me emphatically that he is very angry about them (Jews destroy these people and still massacre them in many ways today). He talked about other things that he thought were important to me at the time and then he left.

Dagon is Arian. He has love and interest in these people and presides over their evolution for thousands of years in time. He is very attached and protective of whites too, the same with anyone who is dedicated to Satan and close to Dagon personally. He was very good to me, especially at that time. He will respond, help and coordinate Aryans and any Gentiles if they need to, BUT what stands out above all else, his tribe he protects, remains a fact for him. This is your duty. Dagon then mentioned about “his revenge” for the horrible things the enemy did to these innocent people. He will seek revenge, just like many others, and he will destroy those who have harmed these people, most of them Jews who were on an extermination agenda against them. Satan and the Gods protected the vast majority and many of them are still alive, although unaware of their ancestral roots and primordial Gods.

Gods see Jews among all races, because they see directly in the soul. This is the legitimate Jewish claim that anti-Semitism is actually Satanism. Because that is by definition. The Gods see directly in the racial soul. They see human groups differently, they do not see them because they are in a “locality”, for example.

A very important project for the Powers of Hell a few years ago, some VIP souls on our side demanded work to be done about things they wanted. I saw them with Sorath. Now, Sorath is strict when it comes to whites. He presides over the White Race – other gods apart – oversees them and works with those at the top, like Adolf Hitler. Sorath is not the person to talk about unnecessary things, he is quite strict and was one of the great Demons who presided over Nazi Germany. Sorath is so powerful and focused on work that it would be chilling for those who are not in ‘alliance’ or don’t understand this line of thought. He is as Nordic as possible, he cannot be “more Nordic” than that. Sorath is extremely superior in the Demonic hierarchy and he is the most severe Demon I have ever seen.

One can even touch by mistake what he protects and death, agony and pain follow. All those who dared to lift an eyelid against Hitler encountered death, disaster and all manner of destruction. Hitler survived hundreds of direct attacks on his life with mere scratches, and looking at it from a human point of view, together with the MILLIONS who attacked them psychically, we can imagine what types of powers were at their disposal. This was not even half of what is to come in the future, as the enemy still had immense power at that time. Back to Sorath, it is yes or no as to what he says, and he is RESOLUTE. Someone would prefer NOT to do anything that involves Sorath if they are not willing to follow through. Sorath presides over the white people. Astaroth and Satan, just as Lilith herself worked directly for the awakening of the White Race at that time, not unlike how they do it now.

Jews call Satan “The Spirit of Europe”. The rabbis declare that they want to destroy and crush Europe, but in the “heavens”, their alien company cannot overthrow the “Spirit of Europe” that has been protecting it ever since. The A-Malekim (the White Race) are their greatest enemies, as they themselves admit. Self explanatory. The “Amalekim” are the race of white people who are the only obstacle on the road between the Jews and “Zion / Israel”. This “Zion / Israel” is also a code name for many things, including the Jewish-ruled world empire that they and their aliens want to make of humanity. The “Amalekim” are an obstacle and the enemy wants them swept away.

IF a rabbi DOES NOT harm the Amalekim, kill their youth and destroy them, he is not a good rabbi or a good Jewish leader. It is a divine purpose to sweep the White Race in order to sweep “Satan’s influence in this world”.

Of the 613 Jews’ “mitzvit”:
598 Deut. 25:17 – Remember what Amalek did to the Israelites.
599 Deut. 25:19 – End the descendants of Amalek.
600 Deut. 25:19 – We must not forget the atrocities and the ambush of Amalek on our journey from Egypt through the desert.

Another God is Asmodeus. He was on Earth in ancient times, and probably in times “before history” when humanity was with the Gods. Asmodeus was in the physical territory around Greece. The ancient Greeks and their remains were entirely White / Aryan, and Asmodeus presided over them, taught them and guided them. Will Asmodeus answer those he considers worthy or dedicated Satanists? For sure. Is Asmodeus a Demon who rules over whites? For sure. His job, however, was to help and advance Greece in a more specific way.

There are also Gods who preside over the Asian people and such. Evidence also proved that in many Asian places, Gods are considered to be the creators of religious doctrines, just as other physical people who were white and went there in prehistory to help the advancement of this people. The Asian people chose to revere and conserve until death, and to loyally adhere for centuries after centuries, for their evolution, until the Jews came with communism and racial traitors to subjugate a vast portion to strange beliefs. Asians adjusted the Aryan religion to themselves and showed their racial importance as an Earth people. Jews still have grudges against Japanese people, who did not allow themselves to be assimilated and murdered by racial infiltration. The Chinese learned this lesson the hard way and suffered millions of deaths for not embracing “communism”, which is political Judaism.

“Lord Enlil / Beelzebub is the patron of my people and race, of which I feel very honored to be a part of.”
– High Priest Lucius Oria.

Racial hatred among Gentiles is largely a Jewish invention. The old ones had no problems with anything. They were fine with that, actually, because humanity was on a high spiritual level. Therefore, this period ended in all their respective cultures of civilized people as the “Golden Age”, when men and Gods lived side by side.

All the ancients had their ruling Pantheon focused on Satan and the Gods who are of high rank, as we know them today.

If we focus on the white people in recent history, we will see a clear conception of what is divine in both the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, etc. However, these are only shadows of the decaying civilizations of the Whites, who still preserved the greatest beauty and splendor. Northern paganism is also a representation of this. The root of all “religions” is what we can call SATYANISM, or very closely what in India was known as Sanatana Dharma. That is the root and the master key, and the great practitioners of all these ‘religions’ were in fact practicing the same thing. Ascend the Serpent and all the rest.

The Jews knew this, so they wrote in their book about what to exterminate, that is, their spiritual and racial integrity. In fact, that’s what they always had until the enemy arrived to demolish all of that.

It was no different with the Egyptians. However, when talking about an Aryan Egypt, one needs to look at primordial times and the predecessor history to see the white element in its pure form, not in recent years when Egypt was decaying in failure. The Greeks tried to save something from Egypt, but the damage that had already been done could not be corrected. Many others from other races (who were also welcome in Egypt to some extent, if they were respectful and accepted the Gods, etc.) were helped and advanced in Egypt, just as they were allowed to exist in the vicinity.

Others who were bestial and acted as such were simply thrown out. As such, Egypt is not the place to look at the Aryan religion in its pure ideals, unless you look at the oldest kingdoms, which, thanks to the Jews, nothing else exists and the evidence is suppressed. This was not entirely a black kingdom, but blacks had a place in places in late Egypt, and those who were selected by the Gods.

Not all people are equal and blacks also have their superior people, who have been advancing through the Gods and as such, seek to return to them, while others are playing the role of substitute Jews. The Gods they have been working with have never forgotten them. Every race has leading and superior souls who are the ones who put their best efforts forward. Gods protect their souls and help them to advance at their own pace. Naturally, these people are far ahead compared to their outcasts of the same race (as all of you here are compared to your friends, for example).

The Jews tried to hijack this before they had time, and with the enemies of the black race within it (perhaps mixed-race Jews or other enemies) to make them invalid by not even being able to return to their roots, make exaggerated claims (about their past) and the list is long. This is purposeful, so that blacks will never have the opportunity to advance and will therefore remain as slaves to the Jews. Jews went down to Africa to radicalize blacks with Christian and Islamic crap for a reason. This was systematic, as Jews want blacks to live and exist in the lowest form and at best to be used as puppets to destroy others. This is no different than how they treat everyone else. Jews are now trying to turn this return to the Egyptian Gods, which is a positive thing, into a criminal joke. This is purposeful.

The Gods that are invoked in the Ritual for Blacks are those who ruled over the African peninsula and region, and that does not mean being the “owner” of anyone, because the Gods do not belong to us, as they are not our creation as the Jewish thought-form “Jeová” – Ritual is meant rather to call the Egyptian Gods to awaken these people, because they are closer to them in racial memory than, say, Odin in a parallel sense. The Gods remain as they are. They do not belong to us as our instruments to do as ‘we want’. We can follow them and become better at the designs they chose for us.

Egypt was also intermediate after a point, having many people of mixed blood and the list goes on. This happened, this is history, etc., civilization was crushed and destroyed, especially after extreme Jewish influence more than anything, to the point that, in my view, it was some Jews at court who emphasized the mixture of races that destroyed Egypt, if it did happen and it was not a direct alien attack. When the Gods were on Earth, Demons that we now know as Egyptians presided over the African continent. There is no one more suitable to seek assistance on the subject, as the different black tribes did not have a “pan-African” religion that had not been left intact by the Jews, and the Egyptian can cover them enormously. When this is discovered or if it is put together, then the fog that the Jews have created can be cleared.

We must unite against the Jews because, otherwise, we will all go down the drain. Satanism is the master system for awakening all Gentiles.

Below I will be posting two images.

One is Narmer, the founder of the Egyptian religion, the first ruler of Egypt. Considering the Jewish timelines that were made to rhyme with the Torah and biblical farces, posing history, we can decipher that they are different timelines. The other is Akhenaton, who ruled after the enemy’s “war” against the Egyptians, who abhorred their religion and also ruined Egypt as far as history is concerned. The native Egyptians, according to the story we have, hated him beyond imagination because he attempted a coup to abolish the Gods. The difference here can be seen.

Respectful and dignified people of the black race are cared for and observed to advance by the Gods who were put by Satan to preside over the African region. The similar case was of Persians, Mexicans and the list goes on. The Gods are who they are and it does not diminish their connection with the white people or anyone dedicated under Satan, or whoever they are. It is their service, and they do it, and they have people who like it and put it above others who are destined for the leadership of the black people. Who, as an example, was ruled by extremely selfish and arrogant idiots for thousands of years, to the point that they never advanced. Blacks have their own history, and Mohammedanism has destroyed the African continent immensely, to the point that centuries later people do not even have water to drink. Blacks have their own sold traitors who don’t allow them to become better. The return to the roots can change that.

Finally, the Gods are FAIR. Justice is part of their high conception, and the Gods need not adhere to our moral system as the “Jehovah” thought-form. We should watch them and try to follow them instead of trying to treat them as our extension. Gods are not a joke that has to conform to our junk or personal beliefs, however. This is a major disrespect and this is how Jews see their own “gods”, because they are nothing but an extension of their own psychopathy. So the Jews have a pedophile, harassing and genocidal “god”. Is this a “god” who represents any healthy being?

Gods are FAIR.

It’s not like they’re going to put the “super pure” person above all else but practice racial mixing incessantly, blaspheme them, sell themselves to the enemy for shekels and have been working all their lives to exterminate their own race or to advance “Jehovah” and the Jews, to the detriment of the loyal worker of their cause who tries to bring back their order. This in itself proves an impure conscience and spirit with which the Gods of Hell are disgusted, for the Gods look directly INSIDE the soul, and nothing can be hidden from them. If we had the intelligence and knowledge of the Gods, our judgment would be different and we, therefore, cannot judge upon “my little emotions” on how the Gods view matters. Gods are wise. Gods have a different way of thinking and their judgment is perfect. Satan is the God of Justice, and Gods are just beings.

They treat the individual and the masses in the best and fairest way. Gentiles have nothing to worry about or fear. Jews, however, have serious punishments coming upon them, because they literally looted and destroyed all other peoples on Earth, which shouldn’t be surprising given their soul and alien origins. Gods and Satan can and have been helping us. Humanity must ask for their hand. If humanity does, it is helped. We are not the only ones in the Universe and we are not divas. When Satanism returns to full power as in ancient times, everything will be ordered in place in order to avoid unnecessary chaos and ruin as instigated by the enemy.

– High Priest Hooded Cobra 666