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The Leader of Libya

Gaddafi was toppled by the Jew World Order for going against them, they tried to kill him several times before over the decades but always failed. They also tried to frame him with the Panam flight attack which it was found the 4 people who claimed Gaddafi was involved where by their own confession paided millions to lie. The attack was done by others in revenge for the America’s shooting down an Iranian passager jet and killing all Iranian civilizans aboard.

Gaddafi had made the move to exchange oil for gold over Rothschild dollars that is when the staged uprising in the South started. The CIA spent decades building up islamic fanatics who hated Gaddafi because he kept the fundies at bay.

Having read Gaddafi’s Green Book and read the Human rights report from 2009 on Libya. He was an honest leader who raised his People out of misery and extreme poverty, created a working democratic nation. And created a Nation where electricity, school, healthcare and land if you wanted to farm where all free, as Gaddafi stated these where all fundimental human rights. The government would also pay the full bill if you needed healthcare or education aboard. Since Gaddafi also stated owning your own house and car was a human right the government would pay half the price on any car or home.

Gaddafi stated upon taking over he would house every Libyan even before his own parents and he did. He also brought about a lasting peace by bringing the over 2000 different tribes in Lybia together.

He had a jew free national bank that issued zero interest loans and a nation where the money was in abundence for the people. Everyone was well off. In the 1970’s he handed the main governing over to the Peoples Congress which was the Lybian democratic government.

Lybians also had a citizen army as all the people where given military training in school and armed.

During the air strikes on the Lybian captial 1/3 of the population showed up to rally in support of Gaddafi and thousands fought for him freely.

Gaddafi stayed true to his word and died fighting for his People against a Jew World Order invasion. Along with thousands of loyal Nationalists.

The first major thing the criminal cabal called the new government did. Was cancel the national bank and replaced it with a Rothschild one and elect a israeli jew to their government. And generally terrorize the innocent populace like fundimentalist islamic psychopaths do. Now declaring the only law Lybia will be based on is Sharia law of the Koran. Tearing down the secular and progressive system Gaddafi built.

I do believe this will bite big jew in the ass in the near future, as Gaddafi was a level headed and intelligent man who would extend the olive branch when it could. What they have down now is build another frankenstein monster.

Nothing happened in Greece but a lot of protesting and burning off steam, the Greeks are still under the same system. Italy same deal, Egypt seems to be a win against the jew, and is already shaking the jews up badly. The uprising in the Arabian nations where crushed by the Saudi’s the biggest jew puppets in the ME. Somebody is trying to topple Syria like Lybia. And the jews are pushing for war with Iran and starting one with Pakistan.

America is in a pickle as the jews are rolling thought with the problem, reaction, solution formula.

As I wrote before the occupy wall street movement is created by the banker jew Sorros, who is Rothschilds henchjew. And is being lead by jews at the top steering the goyium. Germany, Hungry, Italy, Spain and Russia where in the same situation in the last century. Millions of White Russians went down fighting the Jew World Order but lost their struggle. The rest of the nations almost went the same way but rallied under strong Nationalist leaders and threw the jew yoke off. Which lead to the second jew war.

From Wall Street With Guile

America and the rest of the West is in the identical situation today. America could become the next Russia. So we must always keep up the spiritual warfare against the jew and infomation struggle to educate as many as possible.

The price we pay for losing is extermination by the jew.

– High Priest Mageson 666