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The Moon God Hubal:
Satan, to whom Star, Crescent and the Elixir of Life rightfully belong

Statue of Moon deity from Stelae Temple, Hazor, Israel
(Right) Front view of the statue, showing the lunar deity emblem on its chest. (Left) Rear view of the statue.

There are xian idiots claiming all over the net “islam is not Abrahamic” because it stole its Arabian version from the Pagan Moon God Hubal. It is a major example how mind of these idiotic robots is completely owned by jews: jews release some of brain pathways while other pathways they shut close so that person realize one things and do not realize the other things needed to understand whole picture, thus see it in the light jew wants them to see it. Jews let xian fools realize that Hubal is Satan, yet somehow Hubal being Satan automatically categorizes him as evil because they brainlessly associate Satan with all evil. While neither Satan nor Hubal nor any other entity hostile to their mudgod never ever committed any evil against humans in absolutely all known Abrahamic sources. This creates very important subliminal message: if any entity benefitting humans is considered Adversary, and if the only reason this entity is considered Adversary is his/her benefitting humans, it logically means that HUMANS THEMSELVES are Adversary. Providing subconscious is very logic.

Now there is a difference between rewritten and STOLEN. By STOLEN this site/book and other Satanic resources means when smth is not just taken from somewhere but corrupted, i.e. its meaning is completely perverted, deprived of all original meaning and turned into its opposite, while claiming to be original and belonging to the one perverting it. That’s why when I say “islam is fully taken from the book of Enoch” I mean it is rewritten early jewish writing with the same message just with Arabized terms and names. While when I say it was STOLEN from Paganism I mean its message was perverted, deprived of all the original sense and turned into the complete opposite. Torah, book of Enoch and the ilk themselves were STOLEN. Then after message was already corrupted, it was just rewritten from one jews by other jews many times in different languages for different Gentiles.

Khashkhamer seal

Hubal was the original God of Mecca and Kaaba, STOLEN Pagan temple. He was also known as Moon God because Star and Crescent are his original symbolism, later STOLEN by mudcrap. Hu means “spirit”, Baal means “the lord”. Together these two gives us the very well-known in the Ancient World title STOLEN by the jewish g-d, “The Lord of the Spirits”, which is used all over the last book of jewish bible – Revelation of st. John. We have one thief, not two separate thieves.

The al-Ilah title meaning the same – “the God of Gods” or “the most high” – was stolen by this very same jewish deity and corrupted into its new nickname “allah” for judeo-islamic version and “Eloah / Elohim” – for judeo-xian version. Mudslime allah is Judaic eloah it’s the same word, originaled from Hebrew, pronounced in Arabic. Again one thief.

Mud also stole Caws Kuzah. Kuzah was Arabian Pagan Thunder God described as Shaitan. His symbol was a rainbow. Caws Kuzah literally means “rainbow” very popular allegory for the Magnum Opus stage of colors, also symbolyzed by a male peacock. Tabari says (Tafsir) that the Shaitan are those whom the infidels obeyed while disobeying God. The bow of Kuzah was afterwards called the bow of Shaitan and the two horns of Shaitan is a name for a phenomenon accompanying sunrise. Mudslimes stole this word and corrupted it into their submissive slavish nonsense like “bow of the prophet of g-d” or “bow of heaven”. They also corrupted him into an angel for their jewish g-d.

hubal 4

Now, this universal pedophile is also usually addressed in quran as “Ya-Sin” which is yet another stolen name of the Moon God Hubal, Sin.

Sin or Nanna was Mesopotamian God of the Moon of Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia. Nanna is commonly designated as En-zu, which means “lord of wisdom”. The two chief seats of Nanna’s/Sin’s worship were Ur in the south of Mesopotamia and Harran in the north. A Moon God by the same name was also worshipped in pre-Islamic South Arabia.

Al-Malik [Al-Maalik] literally meaning the King. Amalik or Amalek is a name of Satan and his White Race even in torah, very extensively used in bible, yet jew mudgod stole this one also. And this title ended up in the list of 99 fake names of islamic shit. And, as it should be since it is so in bible and torah and other jew literature, quran admits that no one of these 99 is actual name of their mudlord. Which logically means they all are STOLEN.

“According to a hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Masud, some of the names of God have also been hidden from mankind.”

The problem with their g-d is that it steals other Gods’ titles, takes them as “names” and collects them into some 42, 72 or 99 numerological number to enhance its power. From the very beginning it had no its own name so the only thing it could get were different titles stolen from other entities.

Another mudcrap’s title, the “all-merciful” (I would better call it “all-mud” since it created its people of dust and mud). It sounds “ar-rahmaan” in Arabic. Rahman or Rahim are two words derived from Ancient Hebrew r-h-m.

“Moreover, the Jews have a long history of using the name “ha-Raḥaman” in their liturgy.[43] Again ha-Raḥaman is the Hebrew equivalent of Sabaic Raḥmānān. The word rachuwm, meaning “merciful”, is also to be found in many instances in the Hebrew Bible and is only used as an attribute of God [Figure 4(a)]. It is derived from the root rchm, (identical to Arabic root: rḥm) which means “soft, compassion, mercy” [Figure 4(b)]. The following entries are from the Gesenius’s Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon To The Old Testament Scripture.

Figure 4: The meaning of word (a) rachuwm and (b) its root racham in the Hebrew Bible.[44]

Also, Hartwig Hirschfeld pointed out that the Syriac Christians employed Raḥmānā for Jesus.[45] It is not surprising that the Encyclopaedia Of Islam says:

That al-Raḥmān should have been the name of a single God in central and southern Arabia is in no way incompatible with the fact that, when adopted by Islam, it assumes a grammatical form of a word derived from the root RḤM.”

[3] ISLAMIC AWARENESS, Raḥmānān (RḤMNN) – An Ancient South Arabian Moon God?, M S M Saifullah & ʿAbdullah David, Available at [online] [Accessed] 19th July 2014
[43] “God, Names Of”, Encyclopedia Judaica, 1971, Volume 7, Encyclopaedia Judaica Jerusalem, col. 684. A detailed study on the use of ha-Raḥaman in Jewish liturgy was done by J. C. Greenfield, “From ’LH RḤMN To AL-RAḤMĀN: The Source Of A Divine Epithet” in B. H. Hary, J. L. Hayes & F. Astren (Eds.), Judaism And Islam: Boundaries, Communication And Interaction – Essays In Honor Of William M. Brinner, 2000, op. cit., pp. 381-393.
[44] S. P. Tregelles (Trans.), Gesenius’s Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon To The Old Testament Scripture: Translated With Additions And Corrections From The Author’s Thesaurus And Other Works, 1881, Samuel Bagster And Sons: London, for both rachuwm and racham see p. dcclxv; Also see F. Brown, S. Driver & C. Briggs, The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew And English Lexicon Coded With Strong’s Concordance Numbers, 2005 (9th Printing), Hendrickson Publishers: Peabody (MA), for rachuwm see p. 933, Strong’s Concordance Number 7349 and for racham see p. 933, Strong’s Concordance Number 7355.

Kikes used this title translated in Hebrew as “Lord of the Jews”, “Master of Heaven” and the “Praiseworthy One”.

STOLEN!! – by jews and only after passed from jews to muds.
[the start of the quote of judeo-xian missionaries thinking that mudslime mudgod is Moon God Rahman because “ar-rahman” title, but not knowing that this title also is kept by their own mudgod]
“The fact is that even ‘Allah’s’ most frequently used title, ar-Rahman (the Merciful) was known in South Arabia well before the advent of Islam, and signified a moon-god, whom Muhammed even occasionally confused with or used as a substitute for ‘Allah’. The Koran mentions ar-Rahman occasionally, for example in sura 43:19, which most translators have renamed as God or Allah, since they, found no difference between these two South Arabian moon-gods.

Horned stele with Qos-allah [God Quzah], Seal attributed to Edomite Qaush, Djin block (Glueck, Browning).
Statue of Moon deity from Stelae Temple, Hazor, Israel
Statue closer: note Crescent on the chest

According to the Koran, ‘Allah’ is one and no other god can be associated with him. This concept was most likely adopted from the South Arabian moon-god ar-Rahman (the Merciful), whose name was later adopted by Muslims as one of ‘Allah’s’ titles.

I further showed that one of the attributes and titles which the quran ascribes to allah, namely ar-Rahman or “the Merciful”, was also the name of a Pagan God worshiped in South Arabia….
[end of the quote]

Now, Rahman is STOLEN from Rammanu, the Assyrian god of wind, rain and storm!

It is also interesting to find that Rammanu, who was Rimmon of Assyria, Brahman of India, and [was stolen for] RAHMAN OF ISLAM, was also known in Babylon as IL-hallabu.
(Langdon, Stephen H, The Mythology of All Races, Vol V, Archeological Institute of America, Boston, 1931 pg. 39)

Islamic Sheikh, Ibrahim Al-Qattan, in a lecture given to the International Progress Association in Vienna, said:
The religion of Arabia can be traced by the epigraphic and inscription evidence back to 500 BC, or 1000 years before Muhammed. He said that they had gods named Baal Shamin, Dhu-Samawi, and Allah.
(Al-Qattan, Sheikh Ibrahim, Lecture on Monotheism, I P O Journal, Vienna, pg. 26-29)

Rimmon (stolen by jews as “pomegranate”), or when borrowed from Akkad, the thunderer (cf. Akkad. ramanu “to roar.” Rimmon must have been one of the leading gods of the Syrians worshipped in Damascus. He has been identified with Rammanu, the Assyrian god of wind, rain and storm. The name appears in the Syrian personal names HADADRIMMON and TABRIMMON (which see) and its meaning is dubious (ramamu, “to thunder”).


Now, we have islamic allah is jewish eloah (one of many, eloahim) both stolen from El meaning light. Islamic angels being “creatures of light”. In Hebrew known as michaEL, gabriEL, raphaEL etc. both stolen from Al-I-Lah, title of Moon God;
We have rain God Rammanu stolen by kikes later transmitted to muds as “merciful”;
We have al-Sin stolen from Moon God Sin;

Yet certain xian idiotic crack-heads discover that islamic jew is somehow other thing that their own xian jew, and is somehow Pagan because Arabian Pagan heritage being stolen and corrupted by it into its complete monotheistic opposite. They do not tell you their own xian jew stole this very same Syrian / Babylonian / Arabian / Indian heritage for their xian bible…

Now more jewish theft:

We have 72 of jewish g-d named “Ha-Shem” literally meaning “the name” in Hebrew and we have 99 names of islamic mudgod known as “Al-Hakeem” officially translated as “all wise” or so. Now ha-shem and ha-keem (al-ha-keem because we have Arabic here) sounds similar and are used for the same purpose. Both stolen from Sanskrit Soma literally translated as “liquid” or haoma (Avestan), from Proto-Indo-Iranian *sauma – Lunar / feminine elixir of life generated in 6th chakra by Pinal Gland.

Now I wish to clear up what actually is jewish word Shem and why in Arabic it means all-wise. Shem is STOLEN from Soma. I will quote the book named The Mythological Hebrew Terms Explained by the Sanskrit for you to understand this Ha-Shem / Shem nonsense from inside out.

[start of the quote]
“Shem, Cham, Japhet-Soma, Karn, Pra-Japati. The analogy of the linguistic and mythological facts becomes more evident, when we consider the sons of Noah, Shem, Cham, Japhet These three sons, it is said in Genesis, became the progenitors of the new mankind. Now let us compare them with the Aryan progenitors Soma, Karn or Kama and Pra-Japati (corresponding to the Babylonian Zorovanus, Titan and Japethostes) the three sons of the Hindu ark-preserved Manu.

136 THE MONIST. Kam or Kama, in Sanskrit, means: “he who follows the dic tates of passion or desire.” Kama is the god of love, Hebrew Cham “hot,” substantive “heat, ardor.” He represents the necessary heat for fecundation and generation, that is for Soma and Pra Japati. Soma represents the sacred liquor (of libation and fecundation) and the god himself. Soma means “to distil, to extract, to sprinkle, to generate,” the act of pressing out the Soma juice being compared to the act of begetting. (Sura, the sun, represents also the spirituous liquor.) Soma is therefore the life-giving god, the generator of mankind as Shem is said to be. Pra-Japati, lord of creatures, was an epithet originally applied to Savitri, Soma, Indra and Agni (all these gods represent the fire or the sun and are therefore generators), afterwards he became the name of a separate god presiding over procreation. Pra-Japati is Japhet. Noah himself is said to have been a wine-grower. In a moment of drunkenness, he uncovers his body. The nakedness of his father amuses Cham and he calls his brothers to see it. Noah curses Cham and makes him a servant of Shem and Japhet. This malediction has a natural significance. Love is the slave of passion and desire. Cham is the natural servant of Shem and Japhet. Like Soma in the Vedas, so Shem is the most important of Noah’s three sons. The blessing of Noah cannot be understood in any other way than this. “Blessed be the Lord, the God of Shem; “And let Canaan be his servant. “God enlarge Japhet and let him in the tents of Shem, “And let Canaan be his servant.” Canaan (Kamama) “the libidinous, the lustful,” is the eternal servant of the drunkenness of the senses, of passion and desire, of Soma, and of the final act of procreation, of Prajapati who as we saw is an epithet of Soma. “Let Japhet in the tenth of Shem” signifies “let Soma be Pra japati,” “let the sacred liquor of generation end in fecundation. A hymn in the Rig-Veda, which is addressed to Soma, says:
“Where there is happiness and delight,
Where joy and pleasure reside,
Where the desire of our desires is attained,
There make us immortal.”

CRITICISMS AND DISCUSSIONS. And another more significant hymn says:
“Thou Soma, guardian of our bodies,
Makest thy dwelling in each member.
Lord of heaven! Though we transgress
Thy firm decree so often, be merciful
To us and kind and gracious.”
“Soma, guardian of our bodies, dwelling in each member… is this not Shem who with his brother Pra-Japati is the guardian of the body of Noah whose nudity is mocked by the frivolous Cham, the libidinous god of love?”.
[end of the quote]

My note, whole legend of flood stolen from Brahma’s flood existing also in Babylonian legend of Baal / Enlil. Means flood of energies / liquids.

Hebrew/Hebrew-Originated-Arabic word Shem/Keem is “wise” or HaShem / haKeem is “all-wise” according islamic translation because it is STOLEN from Soma elixir of life (immortality), which is generated by the chakra / gland that gives wisdom and all-knowledge. Soma is elixir of eternal life, and kikes want our eternal life that’s why they stole it from us for their 72/99 names of g-d.

Xian crackheads would ask: what is the difference?

The difference is: in Pagan version we vibrate words of Power, including Soma, into our Pinal gland to stimulate the Soma, Feminine elixir or life in our body produced by this gland and thus get immortality. While in jewish version we slavishly worship the KGB agent №72 or №99 giving it our energy in prayer and it gets parasitic immortality while we are the ones who die.

This is the difference.

…………and that all the children of men may not perish through all the secret things that Watchers have disclosed and have taught their sons. And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azâzêl: to him ascribe all sin.’ And to Gabriel said the Lord: ‘Proceed against the b-s and the reprobates, and against the children of fornication: and destroy [the children of fornication and] of the Watchers from amongst men [and cause them to go forth] send them one against the other that they may destroy each other in battle: for length of days shall they not have. And no request that they (i.e. their fathers) make of thee shall be granted unto their fathers on their behalf; for they hope to live an eternal life…….
[The Book of Enoch]

卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐
And we have sought [to reach] the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames.
And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him”.
[The Qur’an 72:8-9]
“And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…..
So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life“.
[Genesis 3:22-24]
卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐

………… for they hope to live an eternal life………
[The Book of Enoch]

And We have protected it from every devil expelled…….
[Qur’an 15:17-18]
and placed Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life“.
[Genesis 3:22-24]

………… an eternal life …………
[The Book of Enoch]

Pedophilia is jewish. It is not Sumer, Akkad, Syrian, Babylonian or Arabian. It is jewish. It is jewish racial brain disease (and islam IS pedophilia). Does not matter how many Sumer, Akkad, Syrian, Babylonian or Arabian words and terms it stole to cover up. KGB agent 72 or 99 is one same KGB agent №9. Because both carry the same numerological number of 9. 7+2 = 9 and 9+9 = 18 = 1+8 = 9. The number of endings. The word “Uhud” also numerologically gives 9 which signifies the destruction of Pagan Mecca and Kaaba (thus the destruction of all Ancient Pagan Civilization of the Middle East – the Kingdom of Hubal) via Battle of Uhud in quran. Quran is all based on jewish gematria.

“As-salam”, another jew from 99 jew company, aka “all-peaceful” – STOLLEN!!
You probably frequently heard this Arabic greeting: ‘Salam aleikum’ meaning ‘Peace be unto you’. Hebrews also have this thing ‘shalom aleichem’. In the Gospels, Jesus often uses the greeting “Peace be unto you” (e.g., Matt 10:12), a translation of shalom aleichem. See Pax (liturgy). Shlomo, Solomon and other jewish names derived from the same source – Š-L-M – were STOLLEN from Ancient Ugarit God of Gusk!!

From Wikipedia:
[Start of the quote]
Š-L-M or Shin-Lamedh-Mem is the triconsonantal root of many Semitic words, and many of those words are used as names. The root meaning translates to “whole, safe, intact, unharmed, to go free, without blemish”. Its earliest known form is in the name of Shalim, the ancient God of Dusk of Ugarit. Derived from this are meanings of “to be safe, secure, at peace”, hence “well-being, health” and passively “to be secured, pacified, submitted”.

Arabic: س ل م‎‎ S-L-M (Maltese: S-L-M)
East Semitic S-L-M
South Semitic “S-L-M”
Ge’ez: ሰላም S-L-M
Northwest Semitic Š-L-M
Canaanite Š-L-M (c.f. Shalem)
Hebrew: שלם‎‎ Š-L-M
Aramaic:‎‎ Š-L-M

Arabic salām (سَلاَم‎), Maltese sliem, Hebrew Shalom (שָׁלוֹם‎), Ge’ez sälam (ሰላም), Syriac šlama (pronounced Shlama, or Shlomo in the Western Syriac dialect) are cognate Semitic terms for ‘peace’, deriving from a Proto-Semitic *šalām-.

Given names derived from the same root include Solomon (Süleyman), Selim, Salem, Salim, Salma, Salmah, Selimah, Shelimah, Salome, etc.
[end of the quote]

“Al-Aziz” aka “The Powerful” is derived from the root ʕ-z-z and Hebrew word oz – STOLLEN!!
Stolen from Palmyrian Azizos, God of the Morning Star.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[Start of the quote]
In ancient Levantine mythology, Azizos or Aziz is the Palmyran god of the morning star. He is usually portrayed as riding a camel with his twin brother Arsu. He was venerated separately in Syria as god of the morning star, in company with the astral god Monimos.

Azizos was identified as Ares by Julian in his work ‘Hymn to King Helios’. He says “Now I am aware that Ares, who is called Azizos by the Syrians who inhabit Emesa.”
[end of the quote]

“All-jabbar”- STOLLEN!!
Jabbar is an Arabic word meaning “giant” or “almighty”. Al-Jabbar is also the Arabic name of the constellation Orion. We already saw the almighty giants from Orion in jewish books:
That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose….
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
[Genesis 6:1-7]

You can yourself check the rest of 99 jews:

Just copy and paste any jew of 99 jews in google search and type “[one of 99 jews] meaning in hebrew”, then “[one of 99 jews] meaning in Sanskrit” or “[one of 99 jews] Ancient Arabian God” or such. Be creative and you will likely find 2 things:
1. they are all jews
2. they are all STOLLEN from Paganism, be it a name of a God or some meditation practice

You will see for yourself that not only one eloah crap was stolen from Hubal’s title Al-Ilah, but the rest of all 99 eloahim were also stolen. Be it 72 eloahim or 99 eloahim, it is eloachim, it addresses itself as “we” in both mudbooks.

Yet there is a reason why these “my jew is more jewish than your jew” crackheads are programmed to think that allah is not Abrahamic because it was stolen from Hubal or whomever. This reason is related in both jews: islamic jew (quran) and judeo-xian jew (torah/bible).

“The Prophet said, ‘None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind.’”
[Bukhari 1.14]
“O People who Believe! Do not consider your fathers and your brothers as your friends if they prefer disbelief over faith; and whoever among you befriends them – then it is he who is the unjust”
[Q9: 23]

The all-mud №99
And We said, “Go down, [all of you], as enemies to one another.
[Quran: 2:36]

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father and the daughter against her mother and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
[Matthew 10: 34-36]

The all-mud №72
“I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians”
[Isaiah 19:2-3]

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?
[Matthew 12:26]

Because jew creates different sects of the same jew to make you an enemy of your own household. Because thus only your kingdom can fall. And jews want it fall because it is a Kingdom of Hubal.

Now, there is an answer islamic texts give to these scullcracks, in regards of who exactly is Hubal the Moon God of Ancient pre-islamic Arabia: the main enemy of Muhammad and its “new religion”. These quotes refer to Hubal as the supreme God of all disbelievers, the Lord of Mecca and Kaaba and actually the Leader of the opposition to the all-mud, thus the Leader of Hell. All quran and all islamic texts are centered around the Battle of Uhud which is also a battle of Gods – “The War in Heaven”. Between Hubal and allah. Which is a subliminal message of the cosmic war between the Gentile and the Jew themselves. Jewish side being represented by muhammad.

See article:
Mohammed was full blood jew and his wives and close associates were jewish

“When Abu Sufyan wanted to leave he went to the top of the mountain and shouted loudly saying, ‘You have done a fine work; victory in war goes by turns. Today in exchange for the day (of Badr). Show your superiority, Hubal,’ i.e. vindicate your religion. The apostle told ‘Umar to get up and answer him and say, God [Allah] is most high and most glorious. We are not equal. Our dead are in paradise; your dead are in hell.”
[cf. Ibn Ishaq (1955) 380—388, cited in Peters (1994) p. 219]

Abdul-Muttalib [father of muhammad] said that he would make two arrows for the Ka’ba, two for them, and two for himself. The two arrows which came out from the quiver would determine to whom the property belonged. This was agreed, and accordingly he made two yellow arrows for the Ka’ba, two black ones for himself, and two white ones for Quraysh. They were then given to the priest in charge of the divinatory arrows, which were thrown beside Hubal. (Hubal was an image in the middle of the Ka’ba, indeed the greatest of their images. It is that referred to by Abu Sufyan ibn Harb at the battle of Uhud when he cried ‘Arise Hubal’, i.e. make your religion victorious!) Abdul-Muttalib began to pray to God, and when the priest threw the arrows the two yellow ones for the gazelles carne out in favour of the Ka’ba. The two black ones allotted the swords and coats of mail to Abdul-Muttalib, and the two arrows of Quraysh remained behind.
[A. Guillaume, The Life Of Muhammad: A Translation Of Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, p. 64]

Abu Sufyan ascended a high place and said, “Is Muhammad present amongst the people?” The Prophet said, “Do not answer him.” Abu Sufyan said, “Is the son of Abu Quhafa present among the people?” The Prophet said, “Do not answer him.” Abu Sufyan said, “Is the son of Al-Khattab amongst the people?” He then added, “All these people have been killed, for, were they alive, they would have replied.” On that, ‘Umar could not help saying, “You are a liar, O enemy of Allah! Allah has kept what will make you unhappy.” Abu Sufyan said, “Superior may be Hubal!” On that the Prophet said (to his companions), “Reply to him.” They asked, “What may we say?” He said, “Say: Allah is More Elevated and More Majestic!” Abu Sufyan said, “We have (the idol) al-‘Uzza, whereas you have no ‘Uzza!” The Prophet said (to his companions), “Reply to him.” They said, “What may we say?” The Prophet said, “Say: Allah is our Helper and you have no helper.”
[Islamic-Awareness, Reply To Robert Morey’s Moon-God Allah Myth: A Look At The Archaeological Evidence]

“On the authority of Abu Huraira: The people said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Shall we see our Lord on the Day of Resurrection?” The Prophet said, “Do you have any difficulty in seeing the moon on a full moon night?” They said, “No, O Allah’s Apostle.” He said, “Do you have any difficulty in seeing the sun when there are no clouds?” They said, “No, O Allah’s Apostle.” He said, “So you will see Him, like that. Allah will gather all the people on the Day of Resurrection, and say, ‘Whoever worshipped something (in the world) should follow (that thing),’ so, whoever worshipped the sun will follow the sun, and whoever worshiped the moon will follow the moon, and whoever used to worship certain (other false) deities, he will follow those deities…”
[Narrated `Ata’ bin Yazid Al-Laithi 532.1., Sahih Bukhari]

The Battle of Uhud, the center of all islamic writings, is yet a later version of the well-known jewish legend of Balaam, the Gentile prophet, related in absolutely all jewish and xian writings and is of special focus in The Book of Zohar.

The message of Balaam is one of the most revealing subliminal message of the battle between Gentile and the Jew in all jewish texts and jewish kabbala. Not only Balaam revealed the secret how to most effectively defeat the jew: through spiritual power. His idea to let the Jew curse itself was the blueprint of what we are doing now: reverse torah rituals – to defeat the jew using the jewish god, god being a code word for spiritual power of the people. In Zohar there is a subliminal message of shabez-goyimhood and different jewish curses to be cast on different types of Gentiles:

“Rabbi Chiya said in the name of Rabbi Simon: “Three were present during the consultation (with Pharaoh), Balaam, Job, and Jethro. Balaam, who advised (to kill the Jews) was killed, Job who was silent, was judged to suffer great pain, and Jethro who ran away was worthy to have (great) descendants …”
[Shmot Rabah 1:9, Sotah 11a]

One adviser was pro-jew liberal and jews treat him well. Second adviser was indifferent and jews tortured him. Balaam, the third one, was the Anti-Semite and a representation of National-Socialism. He was not only killed but tortured eternally in Hell.

According quran Balaam served Satan. And according other jewish rabbinical literature Balaam was taught black magic by Demons, which is a clear reference to the White Race descended from Satan, see the articles:

Satan: The Father of all “Infidels” / White Race. Admitted by all 3 abrahamic “faiths”.

Satan: The Father of all “Infidels” / White Race part 2. All jewish writings admit Satan created us to be like Gods and to live forever

Other related legend is Moses’ brother Aaron’s magical battle against Egyptian High Priests via their magic wands becoming Serpents, wands being spines, Serpents being Kundalini. Kundalini is the main Power of the soul. Jew and Gentile have different Serpents and the war of these Serpents is a cosmic war between Gentile and the Jew, that ends only with the death of one of them. And it is the Battle of Uhud.


According mudbook, Satan / Iblis was the first disbeliever, the first one who disobeyed the mudcrap g-d. the first Shaitan. After the first Shaitan mudcrap worshippers call the word Satan / Shaitan anyone who shows any sign of Free Will / disobedience to their all-mud. “You are Satan” – normal thing you may hear from a mud.

“We Whites are by nature, rebellious and we are NOT, servile. Nonwhites are servile by nature. Islam has targeted nonwhites for centuries. The enemy feeds off of them. The more the White population dwindles, the more the enemy will push an Islamic takeover.”
– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

From Wikipedia, my notes in []:

“In 2001, Osama bin Laden [the jew] called America the modern Hubal. He referred to allies of America as “hypocrites” who “all stood behind the head of global unbelief, the Hubal of the modern age, America and its supporters”. Al Qaeda’s then number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri [another jew], repeated the phrase (“hubal al-‘asr”) in describing America during his November 2008 message following Barack Obama’s election to the presidency.

According to Adnan A. Musallam, this use of Hubal as a symbol of the modern worship of “idols” as un-Islamic gods can be traced to one of the founders of radical Islamism, Sayyid Qutb [Marxist-leninist], who used the label to attack secular rulers such as Nasser. It may have been passed on to bin Laden by one of his teachers, Abdullah Azzam.”

More on American White Devils (and White Devils as a whole):

“Elijah Muhammad is the one who preached that the white man of America, number one, is the Devil!”

“Elijah Muhammad has been preaching that the white man of America – God taught him – is the blue-eyed, blond-headed Devil! No good in him, no justice, he’s gonna be destroyed!

“The white man is the Devil. We do believe that. We know it!”
– Malcolm X

No wonder they call America “Hubal”, the True God of Star and Crescent. Founding Fathers were Satanists and America was built as Satanic State and 99 jews realize it.

I am entirely with you – let’s bring down America, but first let’s stop slaughtering one another, and then we can attack America”.– TV Host: Swedish-Algerian Journalist Yahya Abu Zakariya

In the video on the right two muslims openly argue about how better and faster to bring down America. One complaining another that “refugees” waste time with infighting, enjoying welfare, rape and drugs instead of working hard on their direct mission they were sent for – takeover of the West.

“It has become a customary for the sheiks preaching in mosques to talk in their sermons and lectures about the “infiltrating infidel West”. I am entirely with you – let’s bring down America, but first let’s stop slaughtering one another, and then we can attack America“.
– TV Host: Swedish-Algerian Journalist Yahya Abu Zakariya.

Hubal / Satan is anyone who stands in the way of dust and mud. Because he places all-wisdom, immortality, and Lunar elixir of life back from 72/99 dung pile (KGB agent №9) to where it rightfully belongs – our body and soul. So that we, Gentiles, understand, that WE are Adversary of the jew.

Hail Satan!!!!!!!!!

卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐


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