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To NS Comrades…

This is a lot more serious than most people could imagine.

I know a lot of NS who know the truth and are with Satan just see deluded idiots who are Christians and claim to be NS as an annoyance.

In truth, these people are damned and fully under the control of the Jews. There are some beyond any hope, and there are others who with some education may see the truth.

Every NS should take time daily for meditation, cleaning his/her aura thoroughly, and building a strong aura of protection.

Breathing exercises, such as the sun/moon, serpent exercises (these can be done sitting in a chair); done consistently every single day, these will work to open your psyche (intuition, astral sight, etc).

If people could only see how NS are psychically attacked by the Jews, many would be shocked.

Those who are deluded into Christianity are sitting ducks, open wide to the enemy, just like a puppet.

Above all, NS people should be competent in spiritual warfare, knowledgeable regarding spirituality and the occult and fully capable of returning curses, bindings, destructive energies and hatred right back to the senders.

I can’t emphasize this enough. Countless of our people have been systematically destroyed by the Jews because of being deluded into Christianity, because of ignorance regarding the soul, Jewish knowledge of the occult and how they use it and so forth.

I’ve written many articles with the intention of getting JoS members to consistently meditate, but with our NS people, this is hundreds of times more serious. The Jews attack constantly. We must attack them right back and this begins with persistent aura cleaning, and consistently building and reinforcing our aura of protection.

The Jews have extensive occult knowledge at the higher levels and have used this to rip our people another asshole for centuries, when our own have had the lethal lie of Christianity jammed down their throats.

The more you open your mind and astral sight, what you will see is shocking.

Serpent exercises:
Kriya Basic Spinal Energy Series

Aura: thorough cleaning and protection:

卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich