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We were warned about the European crisis for centuries

Make no mistake, the jews have been planning their method of systematic destruction of Europe, and thus the Satanic World, for centuries now. The current influx of refugees is them putting this plan in physical motion. This is all ties into hundreds of years of efforts on their part for the enactment of their agenda- going back to their creation of islam. Islam, as possibly the most violent and aggressive of the enemy doctrines, has been pumped into the minds and Souls of the third-world vehemently, arming them with a truly psychopathic and destructive mind-set.

Xianity has worked to break the backs of our Western People, pacify our men and women and relegate them to virtual dolts, teaching submission, apathy and a suicidal mentality of “turn the other cheek”, “love your enemy”, “we are all one”, and so it goes on. Islam on the other hand has worked to fuel the East with a morbid hatred for the West and sick, violent blood lust directed against anyone who does not conform to their insanity, glorifying acts of terrorism and destruction as something “holy” and desirable, and in fact as something necessary. And then they flood the pacified West with this insane violence. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Both Xianity and islam are jewish programs, and both have the aim of destruction of humanity. They are both based on STOLEN and corrupted material, and both seek to brainwash our Gentile People and give power to the jews. Although they work in slightly different ways. Neither one is “better”, they are just as vile as each other. I want to make that very clear.

But it is no accident that the vast majority of the “refugees” who are flooding Europe are muslims. The jews are hoping for the islamisation of the West, and to bring the West under Sharia Law, which essentially is jewish communism. If this had to happen, it would be the end of Gentile Humanity and the world would literally be a global slave state, with the jews as “god”. After all, this is what the quran tells us about the jews:

“O Children of Israel, remember My blessings which I bestowed upon you, and that I favoured you over all peoples.” 2:47

This is their ultimate goal. The violence of islam is what they will use to achieve it. As always, the jews get Gentiles to do their dirty work for them.

Many in the past tried to prevent exactly what is happening now, from happening, and many predicted it. They predicted that if the jews were allowed to remain in control and measures were not taken against them, that Europe and the West would be flooded with hundreds of thousands of illegal third world migrants who would wreak untold havoc and destruction upon Europe, its Culture and its People.

Incidentally, Muammar Gadaffi warned White Europeans of exactly this in a speech he made back in 2011. He stated that Europe would become “another Africa”, if Europeans did not do something fast and if he was ousted from power, as he had been working hard to keep illegal people smugglers at bay.

He warned that Libya would become an open gate for all sorts of migrants to flood through into Europe, via the Mediterranean. He also stated that many of these individuals would NOT be desperate refugees seeking asylum, but rather criminals and delinquents who were seeking better, more comfortable lives at the expense of European hosts. Criminals who could afford to pay exorbitant amounts of cash to be trafficked into Europe. So much for being poor and desperate. So naturally, he was assassinated by jews a year later. And now here we sit, in 2015, as Europe is facing the worst immigration crisis in history.

Moammar Gaddafi warned Europe, “If I go down, Europe goes black”

The link does contain some misinformation, so use your Satanic judgement when reading it.

But Gadaffi was by no means the first to see this coming.

The Nazi’s foretold that this is exactly what the jews would do to Europe if they were not defeated.


The following are excerpts from a letter from Nazi Party Leader and Head of the Luftwaffe, Herr Hermann Göring, to kike-drunkard Winston Churchill, who pretty much handed the head of Europe to his fellow kikes on a silver platter. This letter came following the end of the war, and in it, Herr Göring blasts Churchill for the lying, scheming bastard that he is and outlines that it was his actions that would doom Germany, Great Britain and Europe as a whole.

“However, as it is the obvious and announced intention of their administration of the law to throw the very German people into the abyss of illegality and to rob them once and for all of a future possibility to defend themselves by the removal of the responsible men of the National Socialist state, I have to add a few words to the historic subject of the verdict, premeditated by you and your allies…..”

– Herr Göring is stating that only with a system of National Socialism can Europe survive. National Socialism means the right to defend your Nation against the invasion of foreigners, and the right to keep your Nation pure.

“I direct these remarks to you, since you are one of the best informed ones regarding the true underlying reasons for this war and the possibility of avoiding the same; in at least a manner bearable to the European future; and yet refused your testimony and your oath to your own high court of justice.”

– Note here, “the true underlying reasons for this war”. He is calling Churchill out as he knows that Churchill is very aware of the fact that the reasons for the war as promoted by the jewish media were FALSE.

“Therefore, I shall not fail, while there is still time, to call you before the tribunal of history and direct my statements to you, because I know that this tribunal will expose you some day as that man, who with ambition, intelligence and energy has thrown the fate of the European nations under the heels of foreign world powers.”

-The fate of Europe is no longer in the hands of the White European People, but the jews and a free for all for non-White invaders. The selling out of Europe to the jews lead to this directly.

“In you I identify before history the man who will be unable to raise the shield protectively against the invasion of Europe by the Asiatics (non-Whites).”

– No one will be there to defend Europe when it is invaded by the non-Whites, if the jews are in power. The only way to regain Europe is to fight the jews and to return to National Socialism.

“You will have to answer for the fact that the bloody war of yesterday will be followed by a still greater one and that the European nations will not rule at the Volga, but at the Pyrenees mountains.”

“It is my deepest wish that you may at least live to see the day on which the world, and the western nations in particular, will become aware of the bitter truth that it was you and your friend Roosevelt who sold the future to Bolshevism (the jews) for a cheap personal triumph over nationalistic Germany……..”

“The devastated regions of the European culture and robbed treasures give still today testimony of your embittered despair with which a great and proud people yesterday, with unparalleled readiness to make sacrifices fought for its existence. Tomorrow they will testify that alone the overpowering might, led by you in the field, was able to cause the subjection and deprivation of their rights.”

“………You and your hand will soon harvest the fruits of your political art. What you as an experienced Cynic will not admit toward us – namely that our fight in the East was an act of urgent self-defense, and not alone for Germany but for all of Europe; and that the Germans fighting this war; which you constantly condemned, therefore was justified. – Hermann Goering. October 10, 1946”

– The fight in the East refers to the fight against the spread of communism/bolshevism, which sought to remove European Culture and Racial Pride, thus leaving Europe open for alien invasion.


This is something which our People have been working to prevent for centuries, and it is up to us to continue the fight. National Socialism is for all Gentile Races, and it is the responsibility of all Gentile Races to fight for their Race and fight the jewish plan for amalgamation and thus dissolution of the Gentile Races.

Communism, Xianity, sharia law- it doesn’t matter what you call it- it is all different faces of the same thing: Jewish plan for destruction of Gentile Humanity. Make people aware! I will do a separate article on communism and sharia law, and how this ties into what is busy happening.

What is happening is NOT a random occurrence. It is planned and systematic destruction that has been coming for centuries. It is very important that our People wake up to this fact. For to understand the true reasons behind it and understand what led to it, will be to understand the true nature of the jews and their intentions. And this will mean to EXPOSE them and remove their power and control.

– High Priestess Zildar Raasi