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With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations
3 days after upload, 130 civilians were murdered, 352 injured by Islamist attacks in Paris. ISIS terrorists mocked EU about how easy it was to enter as a Syrian “refugee”.

Here is another link to the video:

Spread, burn to disk, save in your computer, feel free to attach to your channels as much as you want, embed into your sites and blogs, and share it with the following statistics:

Exposing the hoax of the “pour third worlders immigrate to find a job because their countries are economically ruined (by the bad Western White man)”:

Sweden: Muslims make up the main core welfare recipients and tax drain
Germany: Statistics show majority of Muslim ‘refugees’ will never work
USA: Muslim “refugees” – 91.4% on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare
Muslim migrant ‘crisis’ (hijrah Jihad) to cost Germany €50 Bn by 2017
Sweden: 2015 Muslim hordes to cost 14x the National Defense budget
Sweden is forced to apply for EU emergency aid to afford basic needs for Muslim ‘refugees’
Gap Between Migrant Contribution and Migrant Cost to UK is £17 Billion
Denmark: 78% of criminals in capital are of “non-Western origin” and 84% of foreigners are unemployed
80% of Turkish Muslim Settlers in Germany Live off Welfare

Exposing the hoax of “muslim immigrants are just peaceful moderate civilians who just seek war asylum”:

Pew Data: More Than 60 Million Muslims Hold Favorable Views of ISIS
5,000 Islamic State Jihadi fighters running loose in Europe – Europol
UK Muslim survey: 76% of prominent Muslims ‘strongly’ support Jihad
UK: 45% of Muslims support hate preachers, 11% support jihad against the West – BBC Poll
UK: Medial poll show that 1.5 million British Muslims see themselves as supporters of ISIS
Pew poll: 63-287 million ISIS supporters in just 11 countries
Survey: 23% of Syrian refugees in Europe susceptible to Islamic State recruitment
“Allah has given us a safe haven in the infidel country, so we can rest and recover… For us you have opened a sanctuary where the brothers can rest until they return…”
Poll: 81% of Muslims surveyed support Islamic State slaughters – Al Jazeera Arabic Poll

Sermon 14 November 2015

There are quite a few things I need to mention here. I apologize that this is long, but please read through it. The reverse torah rituals are doing their job. The Jews are reacting in many different ways. For one, they are really on a blatant onslaught to destroy the White Race, which has been their age old enemy. What is happening in Europe is appalling. The Jews have always had a history of creating major distractions and also when possible, wars to divert attention off of them when too many Gentiles are aware. The most conspicuous was with WWII. The Third Reich was exposing the Jews to the world.

What is happening in Europe will result in catapulting National Socialism to power. Our Antichrist is waiting and will return. In the mean time, the Jews are working in a panic to start another world war. The ISIS situation and other serious problems serve as a distraction. The internet has exposed them and many different groups of all kinds are aware of the Jewish problem. The Jews themselves know this at the top and are and will be working overtime to destroy us all. I will have more reverse torah rituals coming soon. The focus in these will to try to prevent another war. As I have already stated many times, the blueprint for everything ugly and with a major focus on war, is in that filthy bible, and the “Old Testament” is the Torah. Christians and other deluded idiots are so brainwashed they cannot see this, nor are they willing to listen to reason. It is a very sad fact that a large portion of humanity is plain stupid.

I also want to mention another reaction is how Hollywood is creating and pushing endless movies about demonic possession and related in a last desperate effort to prop up failing Christianity. In these movies, Pagan Gods are viciously attacked in order to try to frighten vulnerable viewers. Always remember that the Jews work to confuse and to use fear in any way they can. That is what has kept them in power all of these centuries. Enemy spirits, no different from the obsessive/compulsive Christians who relentlessly push their lies, they also harass us.

The lies we have been force-fed are prolific. One major lie that is pushed on most of humanity, especially here in the “West” is that life is supposed to be a happy, successful, and rewarding experience. And even worse, if someone is having problems, then the Jewish psychological tactics come into play and the individual is blamed for their own misfortune. Enlightenment rips down the buffer barrier and exposes one to reality. So does knowledge of astrology and I can tell you, these people who claim to be completely happy and are very successful at masking their problems, one only needs to look to the Saturn. No one is exempt. What the above does is to open people to nervous breakdowns, suicides and also further victimize one to opening the vulnerable to the Jewish programs promising a paradise and utopia, of which there is none. The Jewish programs of communism, Christianity, Islam and more promise a paradise of endless bliss and happiness, free from any problems if one takes the bait. They remove spiritual knowledge, destroy communications and then use the resulting ignorance and unknowing of the populace to push these lies.

If one is in total denial of problems and refuses to acknowledge that this is not a perfect world, then problems quickly get out of hand and the brainwashed populace can only go on for so long denying until things are so far out of control that in extreme cases, civilization collapses. Television and the media also provide a major distraction and diversion for many so that they are not in reality. Any thinking person can see the unimaginable suffering in the world that has resulted from this. Ignoring and denying problems will not make them go away. They only get worse. By facing reality and seeing life and truth for what they are, in a positive sense, one can work on solving and correcting problems, not ignoring them to where they are so far out of hand that things become unsalvageable.

Another area the Jews work overtime with is along with the above lies, again, anyone who is having problems is often indoctrinated with the lie that this isn’t normal and that everyone should be happy [regardless of any awareness of just how bad things are in the world]. So, the Jew pushes all kinds of psychiatric drugs, often where none is needed. Most of these are extremely expensive and highly addictive. When not taken as prescribed, there is a backlash in the brain, notably with anti-depressants and the depression increases to where the victim often ends up committing suicide. The Jewish run medical profession makes trillions of dollars off of pushing and getting their victims addicted to all kinds of drugs. Other side-affects are aggressive and threatening thoughts. This could also be a significant factor in violent crimes. The changes one undergoes with taking these drugs are often irreversible in the brain. But, bear in mind for those of you who are taking medication, never just stop. Learn as much as you can before stopping the medications if you choose to do this, as quitting cold turkey like I mentioned in the above can be catastrophic.

Another one is the eating of meat. There are absolutely NO dietary laws or restrictions in Satanism. You are free to eat or not eat whatever you choose. The following is my own observation and opinion. Human beings are ideally omnivores. This means eating both meat and vegetables. If one studies the history of the Catholic Church, one will find that the church pushed veganism relentlessly. Lent, and many other fasting days enforced that no meat or dairy products be consumed. In addition to this, ashrams and communes where brainwashing is/was intense are/were all vegan. Vegetarianism opens one to being brainwashed and dominated. This is in history. Eating meat is a threat to the enemy. This is another reason for the Jewish invented industrial farming. People see this horror and stop eating meat. The Jew creates the problem, provokes the reaction, and pushes the solution. Jews also infest animal rights groups and further push their agenda therein. Veganism is now being pushed by a number of high profile animal rights organizations. However, I haven’t yet come across any articles condemning carnivorous animals such as tigers and lions for ripping their prey to shreds and eating it alive. This is in nature. No, it is not pleasant, but it is a fact. All food animals for human consumption should be treated very humanly and when the time comes for them to be killed, this should also be quick and painless as possible. The focus should be on completely destroying the Jewish institution of industrial farming, NOT pushing veganism. BTW, I NEVER buy “Tyson” as they are abominable for how they treat their animals with industrial farming. In addition to all of this, vegetables are not exempt form Jewish tainting, as GMOs and other poisons are prolific. The Jew also makes trillions of dollars off of selling bottled water, as their factories and other death dealing organizations have destroyed the environment to without the help of the Gods, this earth is unsalvageable. Most people while being entertained by the TV and other related, are unaware of just how far gone the environment is. It gets worse every day and the Jew profits.

Jews as we have seen blatantly under communism, persecute their own, as they are a very depraved, usurious and spiteful race. They don’t care how many of their own they have to sacrifice, let alone us Gentiles. This is in their nature.

What is going on in Europe is an attempt at the genocide of the civilized White Race, which is the direct descendents of Satan and the so-called “Fallen Angles” in the bible. The White Race descended from the Nordic Gods. The following video is a must-see and very highly recommended. Jewish controlled YouTube has muted most of the copies of this video, but this one here is working:

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations

This is extremely serious. This video exposes how Muslims intend to completely take over Europe and enslave everyone. The common practice of psychologically depraved and utterly sick in the head Muslim assholes, dowsing women and children with gasoline and setting them on fire is now manifesting in Europe. This malignant scum is and has been dowsing little White children with gasoline and setting them on fire and raping children as young as 7 years old. These are stinking pee-rag foul scum of so-called “humanity.” Pedophilic, animal-raping, violent women-hating, animal-hating, the dregs and filth, the utter dross of humanity they are pushing into Europe. The Jewish press and media push the lie that these parasites are looking for “a better life.” This is not true. They are looking to invade and to take over all of Europe. Only total fools and idiots fall for the sob stories, the misplaced sympathies and the suicidal compassion and furthermore, JUST WHAT DOES EUROPE *OWE* THEM? Why should this be Europe’s problem?

In addition Christianity has always worked to destroy the White Race and Europe as well, the Inquisition was another blatant example, where entire villages were wiped out. Islam is even worse. In the video, they make it plain that they WILL make all of Europe Muslim. The Catholic Church has numerous petitions online trying to push Europe into completely turning over everything to these Islamic parasites, whose sole purpose is to conquer through the most brutal methods and to destroy. This further reveals the true goals of that foul and most depraved and corrupt institution, which is and always has been communism and Jewish controlled. People read about the conspiracy of the Jesuits. As long as they are called “Jesuits” this is no problem with the Jewish controlled media, but expose them further and the Jesuits are and always have been mostly Jews. This stupid and the deluded erroneously believe that the problems with the Catholic Church are recent. This is not true. They have always been the same. They only have changed a bit here and there for the times, but their agenda has always been the same.

I strongly recommend everyone watch this in full as this WILL affect the entire world. Even any idiot can see this. The Jews are behind this all the way as they are in a panic and will fail miserably. Both Lilith and Satan have stated many times that peoples’ backs need to be pushed to the wall before a significant reaction will take place. I also asked concerning our dwindling numbers and Satan reassured me quite a few times, he, himself will be stepping in. I know the details on what is coming, but I can’t make this public yet.

Any idiot can plainly see that when these miserable hoards begin to starve [there is not enough to go around] and the economy collapses [anyone who has any common sense or knowledge of history can see this is inevitable], houses will be invaded [this is happening already], and many will be killed. The tragedy in Paris is a beginning. The virus has already fully infested Europe. Lilith told me “WE are the antibiotic.”

This situation will affect the entire world. The Jewish onslaught against Europe WILL FAIL MISERABLY. This can also be seen in Angela Merkel’s astrology chart. Any competent astrologer can see her future is completely fucked. I don’t know how else to say it. Transiting Saturn is hovering over her ascendant and will be entering her first house. This is the worst time in anyone’s life. After this, when transiting Saturn enters Capricorn, it will retrograde in opposition to her Cancer stellium and chart ruler. I do know when National Socialism comes to power, the will in all probability be charged with high treason. It is glaringly obvious she is an enemy of the German people, whom she is supposed to represent.

Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and the other Third Reich Leaders actually cared about the German people. They weren’t bought and paid for with Jewish money. They didn’t line their pockets with Jewish money like the majority of today’s politicians.

In closing, and I know this was way too long, I hope most of you read through this- for brothers and sisters in Europe, it is imperative to work on building an aura of protection every day. Raise your energies:

This can be as simple as vibrating SATANAS into your chakras every day and then affirm: “I am always safe, secure protected and fine in every way and at all times.” State this while visualizing a brilliant light engulfing your entire being. If you are new or have trouble visualizing, just do the best you can. This can also be adapted for loved ones, but make sure you are strong enough first and don’t spread your energies too thin.

Now for another… the astral line. I have done this myself and it definitely works. If you have more than one person, a coven, etc., you can do this with a perimeter around your entire house, but with one person, the output of energy may be too much.

Breathe in through your entire being and with your finger, direct the energy out and to the bottom of your main entrance, also any entrances that are used in your house or apartment.

Visualize strong, powerful white-gold light like the Sun emanating from your finer and drawing an astral line at the bottom of the entire door. Then program the energy. This will have to be done preferably during a waxing Moon every day and preferable during the day when the Sun is shining. When you have drawn the astral line, then visualize the light from the Sun further lighting it up and affirm:

“This line of light is constantly and continuously protecting my house/apartment/living area. This line is fully repelling and preventing any individuals who intend me any harm from entering this premises.” State this with focus and intent 10 times.

Then, visualize the Sun brightening the line more and more and affirm: “This light of this protective astral line is constantly and continuously being fully fed and replenished by the universal ocean of protective energy and light.” 10 times. Do this every day from a new Moon to a full Moon, ideally. Never start this on a void Moon.

I also want to expose here, the LIE that “Satanism is darkness.” Power is in the light, the enemy knows this and the Jews again have convinced many deluded individuals that Satanism is about darkness. This is to deprive you of knowledge and power. Our Gods were bound and deprived of light; thus deprived of power. The Jew enforced this through the erroneous notion that Satanism is darkness. Satanism is NOT about “darkness.”

What can you do? Spread the truth to as many people who will listen. The more people are aware of and know of this Jewish onslaught, the suffering will come to an end. People need to know the Jews are behind this, like every other ugly thing. People need to know Christianity is a swindle and a lie. There is plenty of proof all over the place. One only needs to tell the truth and make others aware. Awareness is the key…

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich