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Jewish terrorism in Chechnya: all Wahhabis and FSB agents. Terrorist Shamil Basayev is a Jew

For those, who do not know, Shamil Salmanovich (Samuel Solomonovich) Basayev is a well known Chechnya terrorist and islamist who wanted to build Islamic State earlier than it was created in Iraq and Syria, but in Caucasis, and invite there all mudcrap from Rsusia to build an islamic army, but failed. This article will reveal his ties to FSB and jewish blood.

In the documents of the 19th century, a certain Shamil Basayev was found among the mountain Jews.

The material of cyclokipedia.
Mountain Jews in Chechnya


November 7, 1879

1879 November 7th day, we, the undersigned merchants and townspeople of the city of Grozny from the mountain Jews, gathered in the house occupied by our school with the permission of the “city government, where the question was discussed that there is no representatives of our society from us, we chose from the midst of the Grozny 1st guild merchant Nakhshun Nurilovich Isaev and the 2nd guild merchant Mikhail Gireyevich Shaulov, to whom we fully trust the petition concerning our Jewish community interests, to submit to all institutions from our Jewish community rosby, protect our public interest; receive all the papers relating to our society, give answers to these questions and questions, as we believe in them, and what will be legally done, we will not argue and contradict. That this verdict was drawn up and signed by the persons named in it, in that the Grozny municipal public administration testifies March 31 day / April 10 th 1880, Grozny.

City head candidate N. Chufrin, vowel A. Tkachenko, secretary of Lukashenko.

Seal, signature in Hebrew: Joseph Rezakov, kup. Sadik Isaevich, Abram Isayevich, mesh. Yukhanan Nisimov, merchant. Japar Babizhaev, b. Mikhail Nisimov, merchant. David Shakhshalov Bagatyrev, b. Ali Khaninaev, Ikhan Khaninaev, Israel Ifraimov, kup. Zarbail Khanukaev, Dan Zarbonilov, merchant. Abram Shcherbatov, b. Shimshun Imanugasov, Imai Danilov, Azor Avadiev, Gabriel Rakhmilov Ilyasov, Melikhov, the merchant. Nukhov Alkhazov, b. Ildat Popukshev, Hasim Yununov, Yunus Rakhmilov, Kukulu Melikhov, Rakhmil Nisinov, mesh. Ulias Ismanov, Avnil Goev Yakubov, Amirzhan Sheliev, Yakov Yakubov, Rakhamil Ilazarov, kup. Uvaf Adamovich Ashurov, mesh. Alhas Betsielov, Shabatoy Nisanov, Hanuka Jambekov, Nazir Alkhazov, Mirzakhan Alkhazovich Shaulov, kup. Mushail Mukhailov Kudainatov, b. Shimel Rabayev, Shamil Basayev, b. Hanan Davidov, merchant. Ilyas Debirov Shaulov, b. Safani Naftaliev, Mada Shaulov, Efit Khaimov, Dalai Manashirov, kup. Rahman Adinaguev Kukuliev, David Ekhavov, Gishai Khaimov, merchant. Rakhava Bisaraev, b. Ikhiya Avishaev Yakubov, Hanan Lalaev, David Iliev, Isaak Rezakov, Imanil Dakhavov, Berzil Da-havov, Bahd Azariev, Nuril Isaakov, bishop. Guluk Rakhmilov, merchant. Dasanhuvat Isaac, Meshch. Tonkhum Yunupov, Imanuel Rakhmilov Nisanov, Avnil Mushailov, Akkam Azariev, Khudadat Egudaev, Shomil Shcherbatov, Moitai Zarbashev Khanov Khudainatov, Iphraim Mushailov, Don Yusupov, Ashir Naftaliyev Shchubayev, Mytai Azarov, Khanuka Iosifov, Agavia Nazarov, Chemi Safaniev, Daisey Naftaliev Shaulov, Mashlakh Masandilov, Grozny bourgeois artist Yemelyan Rafailev. Rabbi Shimen Darmanayev Yakubov of the city of Grozny.

I, the undersigned, certify the fidelity of this copy with the original of it, submitted to me, Nikolai Danilovich Prokhorov, Vladikavkaz notary, in my office, located the first part of Aleksandrovsky Avenue in house No. 4, Grozny Mountain Jew Mikhail Girevich Shaulov, who lives in the second part the city of Vladikavkaz in Kovylin’s house.

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According to Basayev, his father was a hardcore Communist and taught him the same. From the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, he and his friends planned to build an Islamic state under the command of Tel-Aviv jew, Osama Bin Laden.

Osama Bin Laden the jew

Basayev’s connection with FSB / KGB: Basayev was an officer in the GRU [Main Intelligence Agency of USSR, then the same of Russian Federation]

Shamil Basayev GRU FSB agent, in uniform

Wikipedia material

According to some statements, during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict the Chechen volunteers were trained with the participation of Russian military specialists. Konstantin Nikitin, a former officer of the special forces unit “B” of the Federal Counterintelligence Service, claims that Basayev was trained as a sabotage officer by the GRU officers on the basis of the 345th Airborne Regiment (according to the then Georgian parliament, at the GRU Maykop base). The former head of the FSB’s Public Relations Center, Alexander Mikhailov, stated that “Russian military experts and advisers working on the Abkhaz side made a big contribution to the formation of Basayev as a military specialist and professional saboteur.” Chairman of the People’s Assembly of Chechnya Duk-Vakha Abdurakhmanov claimed that Basayev was a regular officer of the GRU; similar statements were also made by Ruslan Aushev and Alexander Lebed. Major General of the KGB of the USSR retired Yu. I. Drozdov noted that Basayev was one of the leaders of the special purpose unit involved in the military.

“The state has become legitimate. Elections started, democracy appeared. And special services with their mentality, with their forms, methods, became illegitimate. In other words, the special service, in order to legalize itself, to become legitimate, must make illegitimate authority, so that the authorities are illegitimate and create laws for them under which they can act legitimately. And to make democratic power illegitimate, what must be done? – It is necessary to bleed it. Political provocation. War. ”
– Alexander Litvinenko.

“There were plans to bring troops into the territory of Chechnya. Sebastianov and Stepashin recruited soldiers and organized this entry of the opposition in 1994 – you remember when the tank column was burned? In other words, they were deliberately drove into Grozny tank column. And no one could understand why they had gone there and just stood. They were burnt and destroyed. And Yeltsin was shown: look, they killed our servicemen. They started a war against us. Then the State Duma deputies were going to go to Chechnya to negotiate so that there was no war. And just in this period explosions bursted out. Before that, there were statements that according to operative data there was a group of these terrorist infiltrators on the territory of Moscow, and then explosions began. In other words, first public opinion was prepared, and only then explosions began ”
– Alexander Litvinenko.

“According to polls, about 50%, and according to the latest even 60% of people believe that FSB was the one behind blowing up buildings. The only argument the FSB gave in its defense was “we did not blow up the building, because we could do it.”
– Alexander Litvinenko.

A.Litvinenko: Gochiyaev “worked in the dark” with the FSB
[my note, Gochiyaev was a terrorist who organized putting a bomb under the apartment building]
Today at a meeting of the public commission to investigate the circumstances of the apartment bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk that occurred in the fall of 1999, a teleconference “Moscow-London” was held. The former FSB lieutenant-colonel Alexander Litvinenko, who received political asylum in the UK, released the testimony of Achimez Gochiyayev, whom Russian special services suspect of organizing these terrorist attacks.

During the teleconference Alexander Litvinenko said that from the testimony of Achimez Gochiyaev it follows: the explosions were organized at the direction of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Gochiyaev was allegedly used by a “dark” FSB agent.

According to this version, the agent allegedly suggested that Gochiyaev rent basements on Kashirsky highway, Guryanov street, in Kapotny and Borisov ponds. After the explosions of apartment buildings on Kashirskoye highway and Guryanov street, Gochiyaev told the police about other addresses where new terrorist attacks could occur. It was as a result of this, according to Alexander Litvinenko, explosives and six timers were found in Kapotny and on Borisov ponds.

The commission intends to conduct an examination to identify the identity of Gochiyaev and the man depicted next to the famous terrorist Khattab in a photo posted on the official website of the FSB. Recall, according to the FSB, Gochiyaev organized and carried out the terrorist attacks in Moscow exactly at the direction of Khattab.

More on Russian newsletter РБК

Khattab also participated in the destabilization of Tajikistan (see Psychological warfare and subversion video with Bezmenov). Since the days of Andropov, the KGB has been destabilizing the countries of both blocs, such as India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Rhodesia, etc. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the FSB continued to destabilize the former republics, incl. Chechnya and Tajikistan, in order to strengthen the power of the FSB there.

“According to the arguments of the former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky, Russia is constantly working on preparing terrorists for both internal and external purposes.” Ayman al-Zawahiri, first deputy and now head of Al-Qaeda, was an agent of the FSB and trained in Russia in the 90’s, before joining Osama bin Laden. ” – Professor Janusz Bugajski.

Terrorists-agents of the FSB honestly admit that they are agents of the FSB:

“In Khan’s gang, under the direction of “Uncle” (Tataev), there is an FSB agent named Gaytukaev, and his nick name there is Lom-Ali. He was a member of the Lazaniev criminal group at the time of its heyday. When he was arrested in Ukraine with some other executors of contract killings of entrepreneurs, whose elimination was economically beneficial to the Kremlin, and even a businessman who was related to Khan’s gang was shot right in front of the courthouse to hide the ends in the water. Gaitukayev, apparently, after waiting in vain for help from his command from Lubyanka, openly stated at the trial that he was a FSB agent, and in Ukraine he was fulfilling the tasks of their leadership. ”
– Russian Mafia – FSB

By order or with the consent of the Jewish FSB, Basayev and other Jews created a number of terrorist organizations whose purpose was to create an Islamic State on the territory of Russia, Caucasus, the former Soviet republics and other territories populated by muslims.
“Knowing that we are Muslims, knowing that all this is entrusted to us by Allah, and today with all who are next to us, be it a Chechen or an Arab, together we will create a perfect Islamic State. “
– Printing an audio message from Aslan Maskhad to Movladi Udugov (September 2002)

These terrorist organizations included: The Congress of the Peoples of Ichkeria and Dagestan (KNID), the Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IMMB) and the Supreme Military Majlisul Shura (Supreme Council) of the United Mujahideen of the Caucasus. Tel Aviv Jew Osama bin Laden appointed Khattab and Basayev to be leaders of the last one. These organizations worked closely with the jewish terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, its head, jew Osama bin Laden, and the Muslim Brotherhood (the same thing as Arab Spring, the murderers of Qaddafi), in which one of their leaders, Abu al-Walid, participated. The IMMB flag is very similar to the ISIL flag, it seems the Caucasus was their first attempt to create a “hornet’s nest”.

To create the ISP, they also tried to use Dagestan:”On August 7, 1999, a group of armed militants led by Basayev and Khattab invaded Chechnya from the territory of Dagestan and attempted to capture two villages – Rakhata and Ansalt of Botlikhsky District.” The purpose of the invasion was the establishment of an Islamic state in Dagestan“. The so-called “Islamic Shura of Dagestan” oedained Basayev to be “amir” (that is, the supreme leader) of the combined forces of the Mujahideen of Dagestan. ” –

Another one, also Wahhabi, Barayev, the most bloodthirsty of them all, was famous for trying to build a “Shariah state” on the territory of Chechnya itself, and for this sake he terrorized people of Chechnya. He preached Sharia and Wahhabism.

Almost all of them were Wahhabis, Basayev himself, Baraev, Khattab, their ideologist Kebedov. The Wahhabi doctrine was created by a jew, Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab, the founding father of the dynasty of Jewish monarchs of Saudi Arabia, that rules Saudi Arabia to this day. That is why this country is a world hotbed and sponsor of terrorism, an ally of Israel and ISIL.

The Jewish roots of the Saudi Royal Family

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