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Black Cube of Saturn

All of John Dee and Edward Kelley’s so-called xian magic revolves around the Black Cube just as rapidly as the throngs of subhumans in Mecca.

What follows is an excerpt of an article from a xian site with excellent sources and an entirely silly conclusion, as xian sites usually do. As if it wasn’t these xian angels who once imposed a distorted Enochian language on the same John Dee and Edward Kelly. The xian “gabriel” is the islamic “jibrail” (thought-form he or whatever) and those alike dwell in the Kaaba cube, according to the jewish scriptures (see article Residency of the jewish god), which symbolically means it feeds them energy. Xian has been programmed not to see this connection because seeing it is a “sin.” As a result, all of this is brainlessly placed on Satan, even though Satan is Iblis, the main enemy of the jewish god allah/jehovah. Following is the text, my comments are in []

The exterior of the Ka’ba cube is covered with a large black cloth called kiswah (“dress”) with verses of the Qur’an embroidered on it.

“The kiswah is made of natural black silk. The verses of the shahad and the Qur’an are embroidered on it with gold thread. It consists of 41 parts. The kiswah is changed once a year.”
(Kaaba History, Sabir Khan)

Why is the Kaaba stone covered with a black cloth?

“The way belongs to Saturn, and Saturn’s color is black.”
(The Black Arts p. 47, The Occult, Colin Wilson p. 268)

“Saturn’s color, black, and its emblem, the sarcophagus, accompanies the soul as it experiences the planetary god’s intervention in the feminine principle.”
(Theosophy Trust, Saturn Pg. 2)

“Every planet and every god has its own color, Saturn’s color is black, so he was known as the Black or Dark Sun, and he is also the Black Square.”
(Saturn: Lord of Time, Worship of Saturn, Touching the Astrology of Saturn.)

[The Feminine Principle, Feminine Darkness, Moisture, and Saturn are referred to in some treatises as the Black Stage of Earth or Stone, the Decay Stage of Magnum Opus, or the Nigredo Stage. The Philosopher’s Stone, in the process of the Great Work, according to the Eastern alchemists of Islamic times, acquires different colors, the first of which is black, the color of Saturn. Saturn is also the planet of the lowest Chakra from which the Serpent’s ascent begins.

Sarcophagus is a similar allegory from ancient Egyptian funerary texts like the Litany of Ra, where Ra is referred to as the Light of the Sarcophagus. The whole allegory of dead bodies or sarcophagi, graves and humps is related to this initial stage.

The Philosopher’s Stone is known as the Black Sun, the White Firestone or Kip Stone among the Aryan peoples, because of its stadium nigredo it is often depicted as a skull. Black is the code word for all that is secret, unexplored and unknowable. Just as consciousness is enlightened and clarified in the course of the Great Work, the unknowable becomes cognizable, the Philosopher’s Stone is enlightened.

This whole story of the Black Cube or Black Square is actually stolen from the Black Sun, as it also has the image of the Philosopher’s Stone in many of our legends with its ability to transform and turn everything it touches into gold. Hence the habit of licking it and rubbing against it in the hope that this will “get rid of sins,” i.e. “sins” are stolen from the alchemical imperfection of energies or slag. Hence the tradition of seeking physical contact with various religious objects like statues or icons].

“In Enochian magic, the Saturn cube is depicted in the center with paths called ‘ethers,’ which surround the cube as if revolving around it, and each of its sides pointing in one of the main directions of light. The cube of the Kaaba in Mecca is also directed to the sides of the world.”

[You can see the original of this steal on the Tarot World card.

Taro World card

The card depicts a perfect man who has attained immortality and divinity. The judeo-pislamists have linked the energies of our ancient worship and unconscious memory to their object of sucking energy for their thoughtforms and magic.

The following is what is written on the scan]

“The Perfect Stone. The name that was often given to that cubic stone that was revealed in the Thirteenth Stage of Perfection, the tenth in the unspeakable series. Justice and firmness, with all the lessons of morality and obligation that the mystic stone is designed to teach us.”

[The Philosopher’s Stone, which is revealed in the Thirteenth Stage of Perfection, that is, in the thirteenth step of the Magnum Opus, is the immortality and deity depicted in the tarot card World. The Philosopher’s Stone is a man who has unleashed his divine potential and become God. The Jewmens have made the outward description of this process the basis of their lives, but without its original meaning. For them, the Black Cube must teach them the “morals” of Shariah, keeping them in bondage and misery until the end of their days, to be further consumed forever by this Cube – see The Afterlife of Dumb “goyim”]

“The Stone of Perfection” of the Freemasons.

[“Moral training” in its original sense is the contact of the Stone with the Chakras and the Soul to make it like itself, i.e., immortal and incorruptible. The Stone is made from the most purified matter of all spiritual matter and is specially prepared. And the alchemists describe the process of liberation of the Soul from the fetters of samsara as likening it to the purity of this Stone. Hence all the legends of brides and grooms, the union with whom grants ascension to a new level of existence, liberation from disease, suffering, and rebirth from death].

“Гексагон – это отображение в 2D двух тетраэдров, вставленных один в другой в 3D. Представьте себе это в виде изображения в 3D флага Израиля.”
(Richard C. Hoagland, Hyperdimensional Hexagon, Coast to Coast)

“A hexagon is a 2D mapping of two tetrahedrons pasted one into the other in 3D. Imagine this as a 3D representation of the flag of Israel.”
(Richard C. Hoagland, Hyperdimensional Hexagon, Coast to Coast)

“Today the hexagram is a popular jewish symbol around the world. It is known as the Star of David, Magen David, or Jewish star. But the irony is that David has nothing to do with it. And the Jews themselves began to have anything to do with it only in the 17th century.”

[It all started with the Jews stealing the Gentile symbol of the tree of life a little earlier in the 16th century.
See more article: The Big Jew Theory]

“The hexagram as a symbol of the Jewish people was proposed by the Venetian Jesuits in 1648 at the request of the German Emperor Ferdinand III, who wanted to pay a “flag of honor” to the Jews of Prague for their assistance in the Thirty Years War.”

[And so. Once again we are convinced that the center of the world’s xian mafia, the Vatican with its Jesuits, is in fact a jewish gangland in the service of the Jews, just as the 90’s OPG in Russia were in the service of the FSB]

“Muslims often point the finger at Israel by saying ‘Zionist Conspiracy,’ but it turns out that their own Kaaba Cube is nothing more than the Star of David in three-dimensional space.”

“The four elemental tablets of the Watchtower are conceived as the sides of a cosmic cube in the Enochian model of reality. Its top and bottom consist of Sigillum dei Aemeth and another pattern borrowed from John Dee magic. This cube is surrounded by thirty concentric spheres conceived as plans of existence.

“The Enochian Cube is a hexagonal cube with four Watchtower Mandalas on each of its four sides, the Tablet of Union on the top and the Tablet of Chaos on the bottom. Thus, the spiritual powers found in the Tablet of Union are balanced by the demonic powers found in the Tablet of Chaos. They are separated from each other by four watchtowers. The cube is thus a three-dimensional model of the entire magical universe as described in Enochian magic.”

The Pagan Soul is not three-dimensional, but four-dimensional, hence the number 4. The Watchtowers, which in number four can also be found in the Tarot fours and which underlie our architecture (see the castles of Europe), are pillars of the soul. The four directions of our body and soul. They are also expressed in the fact that the four branches surround the central chakra.

The plans of existence consist of our perfection. The Emerald Tablets say that they all exist in the same place, and only our level of development determines which one we are in. This explains why, according to the myths, those who have attained divinity, like the Gods themselves, leave this world, and why the Icelandic myths speak of death in the case of an attempted return descent into this world.

There are many legends according to which the city of Kitezh, the Chud people, the Elf peoples and many other peoples went underground, into the rocks, hills, over rocks and megaliths, but regardless of whether they then walked among us, we could not see them, and they were hidden from us by a Veil known also in Icelandic sagas as the Cloak of Manannan, which also means the ocean. All of this coincided with the introduction of xianity in Russia, and in Iceland. Death by descent back into the world is also described already in the xianity era. All this is a figurative description of the process of Earth sinking into a lower spiritual state, from where the Gods are no longer visible. We do not perceive the more subtle plane. HPS Maxine said that the Gods are closer than they seem.

The Philosopher’s Stone at their center and surrounded by them symbolizes man himself, since it was used as an allegory of the perfection of his Soul and Body. It is the key to other worlds, as different stages of perfection allow one to match the vibrations of different worlds and be in them. This explains why returning to this world means death – this journey lays not through space and time, but along the axis of one’s own perfection.

As for the bottom and the top being separated by “Towers,” this is a terrible perversion of the Higher and Lower Chakras. Chaos at the bottom and Union at the top arise due to unmanageable energies at the early stage of work, and their being in order and union at the later stage, which is symbolized by the connection of two Serpents in the Chakra (Pyramid) of the Moon in the Wand of Hermes.

The religion of the jews is artificial and molded from the remnants of other people’s stolen corpses, killed by jews as well, as shows their golem. In order for it to get life, they had to channel enormous amounts of energy into it, which they themselves do not have. So they tied literally every detail of it to the important allegories of our own religion that they stole. The cube, as Plato’s body, is the Earth element and Saturn as the foundation of all alchemical work. It is described as a black and wet earth, which is still almost a complete slag and which needs to go through many tests to become pure gold or a wonderful silvery powder. You see this cube almost everywhere in their utensils. They want our energies to remain at the level of complete or total slag and never move on. This symbolically means locking the Serpent under the Base Chakra, whose element is Earth, without even allowing it to rise to it alone. They do this by redirecting the energies while still in this stage into their thoughtforms already and distracting us from it. They literally keep us at the level of the initial caste of shudras and slaves to build their “kingdom of god”.

The New Jerusalem Measured by Angels, by B. Facundus, 1047.

The monk of the monastery depicted the very angels who gave John Dee the image and description of the cube. The image depicts their “new Jerusalem.”

Countless other Hsian utensils have cubic shapes, in particular, the altar of both the Jewish synagogue and the Hsian church has always been cubic:

There is even such a Jenchian society, the Order of the Cubic Stone; they literally worship the Jewish racial soul and insult our Demons with their “ceremonial magic,” which is all stolen and perverted from our Gentile spiritual allegories. And here is their utensil that they worship:

The Altar of the Order of the Cube Stone.

They worship their own death, no wonder their leader ended in misfortune.

Here is a Masonic image of the Cube Stone with seven eyes and a pentagram, and an ancient Sumerian pictograph that meant shekel or shackle / ‘shackle’ i.e. ‘prison’.

The shekel is known to be Jewish money. 7 eyes, obviously in the original, 7 chakras full of the elixir of immortality. Prison means seal. This is the true meaning of the seven seals – it is putting shackles on the chakras with the help of financial power among other things.

A typical altar for a Enochian ritual.

From these same enemy Gentile sources came all the so-called “esoteric” of the Golden Dawn and many of its popular offshoots, such as “telema” and all sorts of other popularization of the Jewish Kabbalah. And much of its popularity is due to the Tarot cards stolen from us and the genius of some of the Gentile artists “taken into financial custody” by these false organizations – hence the forced Jewish letters on the Senior Arcana. Now, thanks to the Internet, Satanic Tarot knowledge has found freedom, and talented people can create their ingenious decks without the vile Jewish symbols and letters of the Jewish alphabet.

Altar of the Golden Dawn.

The Enochian Cube is also their Year Zero with which they poisoned Cambodia, it is also their lying Big Bang Theory with which they poisoned astrophysics, as both of these things are designed to cut us off from our past at the stage of this semi-animal underdone state that they have fixed us on. They call this the “end and beginning of time,” hence the expression “Year Zero” of reference and the concept of “our era. Without the knowledge and legacy of our Gods, their instructions, we cannot move forward. And the Communist Parties are good at making sure that no “superfluous” knowledge seeps into the population:
The Inquisition is not over yet.

“Do not ask me for secret knowledge, for it is known only to me.
Do not ask me for eternal life, for I alone am eternal.
The book “Anwarul-ashikyn.”


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