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Ibn Taymiyyah reported: Umar ibn Al-Khattab said, “Verily, the foundations of islam will undone one by one if there arises in islam people who have never known ignorance.”

Source: Majmu’ Al-Fatawa

Islam: the religion of the Jew

Muslim [Jewish] Threat

Islam is anti-White and Jihad is White Genocide

The Black Cube Kaaba

Islam and the Third Sex People

All terrorism is Jewish:
Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring, Osama Bin Laden and the ilk are all jew-owned, jew-run, jew-paid, and jew-packed on the top levels – full proof.

Jewish gematria in quran: the numerology of terrorism

Islam is all stolen and corrupted from Paganism

Islamic Destruction of the East – all Owned and Ruled by Jews​

Islamic Destruction of the West – all Owned and Ruled by Jews​

Gentile Heroes fighting for our Heritage against Islamic Jew

Islam, Christianity and Communism work together for the purpose of White Genocide

Melek Taus’ Heritage

White Supremacy

White Race must know

White Death of islam