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All terrorism is Jewish: Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring, Osama Bin Laden and the ilk are all jew-owned, jew-run, jew-paid, and jew-packed on the top levels – full proof.

Long before the creation of ISIS in 2006, this C-Span TV interview from 1990 shows that the terrorist organization was actually created by Israel.

Here’s a C-Span TV interview video from August 5, 1990 admitting that Israel (Mossad) is “ISIS”.

Dan Raviv explains that when the jews of Mossad were to decide how they will call themselves when communicate with their jewish brethren from CIA, they asked Prime Minister of Israel, because he is a head of Mossad. And he proposed to call it “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” aka “ISIS”.

This is how Islamic State of Iraq and Syria came to existence. No wonder it was always ruled strictly by Mossad agents.
“ISIS” and related terroroist groups created and run by jews!